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i recently came out to my friends with a pun (i know a horse named ace so i sent a pic and said 'hes Ace and so am i') and so at 2 am last night i woke up to a phone full of ace puns from my best friend for me because 'you love puns and i love u' which was awesome idk i wanted to share this

That’s so pure and good omg. My coming out actually went really similar to that, it’s truly an amazing thing to be accepted so easily:) 


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Still about Conan and Phoenix Wright. Conan is like "you don't ask the autopsy report?" And Nick is like "No" "Why?" "Because if I have one now, SOMEONE will have a updated autopsy report during the trial"

I made an autopsy report jab once or twice on this au already lfmao, but he’d still need it at least for prep, so it’s not like it’d be a wasted effort to ask for it, tbh (being that at least he’d know what the case is about). If anything, Conan would be surprised how little the initial reports give when trial is already underway. From what he’s seen of the court with Eri, that usually doesn’t change unless there was a critical mistake in forensics.

So for him incomplete autopsy reports are baffling, and probably just the prosecutors playing dirty, so

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Hey! Please don't use the word a-spec! It does not mean ace spectrum! It was a word taken from the autistic community and the ace community decided to grab it for some reason and start using it.

oh my god i can’t believe i’m getting this ask

it literally has never, even once, referred to the autism spectrum. The Spectrum, capitalized with no definers, refers to ASD. a-spec does not. a-spec was coined by an asexual person in like 2015 (i think? correct me if my dates are wrong) to refer to people under the spectrum of asexuality and aromanticism

please, do some research before speaking over actual autistic people, including me, who can and have said exactly what i just said

(puts paper towel tube around mouth)

if you rp m/m or f/f ships and infantilize everything they do or only rp them for sex and smut and The Fetishes ™

u are fetishizing them.

it doesn’t matter that it’s Just RP it’s the same as consuming incredibly slanted porn only probably worse because you’re justifying it to yourself as “ok” because it’s fiction and as we all know fiction does not allowance make.

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My little brother came out to me as ace accidentally today. He'd been in the bathroom and I needed to pee. When I barged in, I found that he had used binary fission to create a clone of himself in the bathroom. That's when I grabbed the ACE ERASE(R) and shot him and his clone, erasing them from this reality. It hurt me a lot having to erase my own brother -- do you have any suggestions about how to move on?



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Hey so I really like your blog but I'm a panromantic (girl leaning pan) ace and I'd like to ask your stance on the ace discourse, more specifically if you're for or against aces??

not to be rude but i say to read my about before you follow me and all that info is in there

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Hey, do you guys do questions about gender identity and nonbinary gender stuff? Because I need somebody to ask and you guys are a comfort to me ^^'

Sure thing, we´ll just tag it as not ace related then we should be all good, but the main focus is asexuality and ace positivity

- Paula 

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How did ur asexual survey go?

Hey! I got a huge response to the survey, so thanks to everyone that participated. No thanks to the girl who submitted the exact same answers five (5) times in a row and thought I wouldn’t notice.

First of all, the big question: Is asexuality an LGBT identity? 39% said yes, 61% said no.

Interestingly, whether or not someone thought asexuality was LGBT didn’t depend on whether or not they were asexual. I found no correlation between being asexual and choosing one way or the other. But I did find another interesting fact.

100% of people who did NOT identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans, non-binary or agender (ie cis straight people) think that asexual IS an LGBT identity. Either that or they were unsure (about 3 people).

On the other hand, if you are LGBT you’re much less likely to view asexual as an LGBT+ identity.

33% of gay men, bi and trans people (not including trans lesbians) thought asexuality is LGBT. 67% did not. 6 were unsure. Only 13% of cis lesbians think asexuality is LGBT. 86% don’t. 1 person was unsure. And, overwhelmingly, 100% of trans lesbians think that asexuality is NOT and LGBT identity. 0 were unsure.

So from the first part of the survey, we can see that if you are a lesbian, gay, bi, or trans you are much less likely to think that asexual people are LGBT, with cis & trans lesbians being the least likely. The conclusion: the overwhelming majority of LGBT people don’t think asexuals are LGBT. Cis straight people do.

18% of asexual people reported that they felt their asexuality puts them in danger of being physically or sexually assaulted. However, only 2 people said they had been assaulted (less than 1% of responses).

I included the following questions in response to a common thing I’ve heard: that asexual people are LGBT+ because they face many of the same issues. I also got A LOT of people saying this on the survey. So, I decided to include some common issues that threaten LGBT people to see whether the issues are comparable.

0 people were aware of any laws that discriminate against asexual people.

2 people (less than 1%) said they were less likely to be hired due to their asexual identity. 0 people reported losing their job or being denied a job due to their asexual identity.

3 people said they’ve been to conversion therapy in order to change (or “cure”) their asexuality. 2 people said this was because they didn’t want to be asexual. The third person didn’t specify why.

0 people reported being denied shelter/kicked out because they are ace.

If I’ve missed something, or you want more details on a specific question, please let me know!

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Heyy so I have a question.. I've identified as lesbian for some time now (never had a gf or had sex or anything tho) but reading your blog I'm starting to think I'm more like homoromantic asexual. So I was just wondering what would be the "short" version of saying it? Would I still be called lesbian ace or something else? Thank you very much for answering!!

Both homoromantic ace and lesbian ace would work, it entirely depends on which you’re most comfortable with! And if you don’t mind which is used, you can use them interchangeably, because they both mean the same thing:)