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Hi. What planets in 12th house do you consider being fluid and planets more hard to deal with ? Thank you

This is a very deep and profound topic to discuss…the nature of the 12th house is so grand that the human mind can’t even begin to understand it’s lack of boundaries…in the 12th house there is no “best” or “worst” expression of any of these planets….Any of the planets here can be used for the good of all mankind or for the destruction and ending of the self….They all have equal potential in their own ways….

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune all have an ability to heal on a great lever due to their compassionate nature of being linked to the 12th house.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and it rules over the 12th house naturally.  Neptune is of course naturally at home in the 12th and really stresses the good and the bad. Jupiter is anciently ruled by Pisces which is at home in the 12th due to it’s link to spirituality, religion and faith in general.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto tend to struggle more, especially the inner planets.  If you ever wondered how a 12th house planet manifests just think of the sign that rules that planet…..those are the traits that are confused and lost in the 12th house and struggle to come outward in the behavior.

Sun in 12 for instance is like a virgo ascendant with leo in 12….Struggles with having fun, confused about the sense of self.  In a sense it causes the person to work, work, work but for what reason it feels always lost to them.  Moon in 12 is like Like a Leo ascendant with cancer in 12…Troubles showing the emotions outward, recognizing their importance and place….Leo is king and needs to stand tall no matter what over the kingdom…..Mercury in 12 is like having either a Cancer Ascendant or Libra Ascendant.  In terms of cancer ascendant the thoughts are reserved for the end of the day when they have nurtured everyone else.  In similarity to libra ascendant, taking care of the self is reserved for alone time after they are done mingling out in the world and experiencing life through others.

Mars in 12….is like a taurus ascendant.  Anger is confusing, aggression is withheld internally.  Sometimes there is abuse in life in the early years that restricts the vital energy from flowing outward.  Uranus in 12 is like Pisces Ascendant.  Confusion and struggles with the individuality lead to a sense of dissolving with everything.  The subconscious here is riddled with the need to change or give the individuality away towards the benefit of all.  This is why pisces ascendant has a chameleon like appearance.  

Saturn in 12 is a bit more confusing as it outs like a pisces ascendant too. There is a larger overwhelming guilt complex floating around the subconscious where a person has trouble showing their ambitious and focused sides in life. You can see it act out like both capricorn and aquarius in 12; as it also has a bit of the flavoring of uranus in 12.  There is a desire to help underprivileged people due to feeling the guilt of the suffering of the masses;  Afterall classically Saturn classically rules over the impoverished (depressed) masses.  Finally pluto in 12….Quite a tough one.  Like a Sagittarius Ascendant, pluto in 12 shows traits of scorpio in 12.  The willful and intense side is internalized, sometimes confusing.  The need to understand the self and others is given way to the need for freedom and not being held back by the thought of being tied down (by the process of death and intimacy.)

The trick for the planets that struggle in the 12th house listed above is to realize their true potential by connecting with the source.  By researching astrology you see the confusion is only a shield created by the fog of neptune in the 12th house.  Former renowned psychic Edward Cayce shared that all of the planets have souls….by getting in touch with the soul traits of these hidden planets and understanding them we can give them to the greater good of everyone. 

Believe it or not the 12th house is without a doubt the most blessed gift in the entire horoscope…the only problem is you have to see past your own suffering and ego and merge with the ideas suffering is necessary for a great connection to everything.  Since the 12th house is the last house below the horizon before you were born, the souls of these planets were the last ones you took in with you before you were born.  You were given a gift by the universe to be something greater then the physical plane has to offer…you just have to grow into the spiritual mold and understand this through time.

One must remember the 12th house teaches us the most important lessons of all.  Life is not just us, it is everyone and everything.  Letting go of self and ego and understanding all of the struggles on the physical plane are just that…struggles and temporary.


I’ve been thinking for a while about reopening my ask box because I really need some inspiration and I’m more than sure that you guys could help me.

So if you want me to draw something (headcanons, aus, concepts…) just send me your request and I’ll draw it. Remember that I won’t draw anything you will send me, so please be serious about it. If your request won’t be drawn, remember that I’m doing this for free and since I’m the artist I think I have the right to decide what I want to and not want to draw (I’m saying this because in the past some people complained. These are requests, I’m not doing commissions).



- Voltron


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Synastry placements that would make him/her be mesmerized,hypnotized by him/her?

especially the hard aspects between these planets can have more effect on the whole mesmerized thing, it’s more intense

venus/mars-Neptune aspects (the neptune person can really idealize the venus/mars person and put them on a pedestal, the venus/mars person can also lie to be who neptune thinks they are)

venus-pluto aspects (there can be a mutual intense attraction but unlike the Neptune aspects, people in this aspect can usually see each other’s flaws and choose to ignore it. It’s a really “i’d do anything for you” kind of thing going on especially on pluto’s part usually) 

Venus in 12th house (the 12th house person can be very attracted to the venus person and can be willing to blindly follow them, the venus person can easily take advantage if they wanted to) 


Hey guys! So apparently I can’t write drabbles because every time I try, they turn into full blown fics. Here’s another one of those (I promise to write more drabbles so I can post more). I’m excited to share this one! I hope you guys like it. It’s my first 40s Bucky fic! As always, feedback is welcome! Happy Saturday guys! 

No Warnings 

Pair: 40′s Bucky Barnes x Reader

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When you left your house an hour ago, it was a beautiful day. Sure, there was a little wind, just enough to pull some of your locks out of its clip, but the sky was clear and the sun was bright. 

Now, it was starting to rain and you had no umbrella and ten more blocks to go until you would reach your apartment. You walked a little faster down the city sidewalk and you felt your feet starting to slip and slosh in your wet shoes. You winced as you thought of how your sister would react when you returned them to her later that day.

Your hair had started to droop and drip down your neck as you passed another crosswalk. You were seriously debating calling a cab, but with the rain you guessed they would all be full and you didn’t have the money to pay the driver anyway. As a last resort, you pulled your thin jacket off your arms and held it above your head, trying to turn it into an umbrella. 

You reached the end of the block and stood on the sidewalk, waiting for the signal to cross the busy street. You felt drops of water seep through your dress and your stockings and you prayed that you wouldn’t wake up with a cold the next day. That was the last thing you needed. 

When all your hope started to wash away, you looked up to see navy blue fabric shielding you from the rain. Your eyes ran down its handle and up its owner’s arm until you met the stranger’s grin. Even on this grey day, you were sure his smile could replace the sun.

“Please let me walk you to where you’re going,” he pleaded with a small smirk. “I can’t bear to think of you walking alone in this weather for another minute.”

You opened your mouth to answer but you weren’t entirely sure what to say. You weren’t sure if you should trust a stranger to walk you home, even in the daylight.

But he seemed normal enough. You noticed the rain drop marks on the shoulders of his shirt and how his top button was undone. But that was the only part of him that seemed out of place. 

Your eyes quickly flickered down his large figure. He was nicely dressed, like he was coming from work or church. His suspenders were relaxed against his chest, attached to his ironed, high waist trousers. Despite the rain, his dark hair was perfectly parted and slicked, pushed behind his ears and complimenting his light skin.

You could only imagine what you looked like. You felt your hair falling out of its do, and your mascara was probably running and pooling around your eyes. And your once puffy dress was now soaking wet, clinging to your figure. The thought of how it looked made you extremely self conscious.

You were running your hands down your skirt as he continued to speak. “I don’t mean to be too forward, I just noticed you were walkin’ alone without an umbrella, and not many people are on the streets right now…”

You cleared your throat and watched the cars pass by as you spoke, hoping the distraction would allow you to form a coherent sentence. “Thank you, I would appreciate the company.”

“Alright,” he nodded. “After you,” he said as there was finally a break in the passing cars, allowing you to cross the street. You avoided the puddles as you quietly answered his questions and continued the small talk that came with meeting a handsome stranger. 

“So what brought you out into the rain today?” He asked. 

“I had to pick up some groceries for my grandmother,” you answered, gesturing to the cloth bag hanging off your arm.

“You couldn’t have waited until the rain stopped?” he chuckled, pulling his free hand out of his pocket and holding it out for the rain to drip on, like he was proving his point. 

“Well, it wasn’t raining earlier!” you laughed. “It was gorgeous this morning, didn’t you notice?”

“Nah, I’ve been inside since before dawn. I work mornings at the A&P.”  

“Really? Which one?” you asked. 

“The one on 12th.”

“That’s where I go! I must have seen you before, then.”

“No, I don’t think so,” he said as you both crossed another street.

“How do you know? Half of Brooklyn goes to that store. It’s easy to forget one face when you see hundreds a day.”

“I wouldn’t forget a face like yours,” he said.

You quickly looked across the street so he wouldn’t see the blush he put on your cheeks. But you knew he noticed when you heard him breathe out a laugh.

After a few silent steps, he cleared his throat and asked, “So, how come your boyfriend let you walk to the store all alone?”

“I don’t mind walking alone,” you answered simply. 

You came up to a large puddle on the ground and braced yourself to jump over it. You felt the handsome stranger’s strong arms hold you around your waist as he easily lifted you over the water. Once you landed, you continued. “And I don’t have a boyfriend.”

You didn’t miss the bright smile he tried to hide by licking his lips. You grinned a little, proud of your teasing, but your smile fell when you saw your apartment only a half a block away. Your time with the handsome stranger was ending. You debated lying about where you lived just to spend more time with him, but you knew taking advantage of his kindness wouldn’t do you any good.

You walked up to the dirty red stairs of your apartment and turned to face him, readjusting your bag on your shoulder. “This is my stop,” you said.

“Darn,” he said, not taking his eyes off yours, like he was memorizing the way the light bounced off them just in case he never saw you again. The intense contact made you blush and he chuckled at your reaction. 

“Thank you for walking me back.”

“My pleasure…”

“(Y/N).” You finished for him.

“Bucky.” He stuck out his hand for you to take. Your lean fingers easily slipped into his larger ones and he pulled your hand to his mouth, placing a light kiss on your knuckles. 

You left him on the street as you walked up the stairs and fished your keys out of your bag. As the front door swung open, Bucky’s voice stopped you from going inside. 

“Hey look, it stopped raining.”

You turned around to see his arms stretched out and his eyes closed as he looked to the sky that now held a rainbow. You shook your head at him and giggled, the sound making him smile brightly and turn to look at you.

“Wanna go for a walk?” he asked, cocking his head toward the sidewalk.

You smiled. “Lemme change,” you said, pulling at the wet skirt clinging to your legs. 

He nodded and leaned on the railing, a promise to be there when you returned. 



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Hey! I heard that Pluto in the 12th is one of the most horrible placements to have. It can indicate a traumatic birth experience, near death experiences, hidden enemies, rape and general depression/psychological issues. I know a lot of healing may be involved with a person who has this placement. Now is it possible to completely avoid those horrible things I just listed above and only experience the positives? What ARE the positives that could manifest from Pluto 12th? I guess I'm being hopeful

No placement has to be wholly negative. It’s easy to read a description and focus on the negatives, I think when the 12th house is involved, or Pluto, or Saturn, more negatives will pop up in the descriptions. But really your destiny is up to you, of course there are events that seem fateful, certain milestones in our lives, but none of those things you listed have to happen to you. I personally focus on the personality aspect of astrology, not the predictive. Of course the latter springs out of the former. Any placement can bring ‘challenges’ and it’s not about avoiding the bad, as much as understanding that particular energy and how it plays out in our lives. I believe the better we understand it and the more love we shower it with the less ‘bad’ stuff it will ‘bring’ us (aka the less bad stuff we will personally manifest because of our unconsciousness / our beliefs). The 12th house is an unconscious house so it’s easy to have Pluto (the shadow) be unconscious to the point of external events coming your way to reveal your true nature.

Anyways I’ll stop rambling, if I had Pluto in the 12th I would think of it as this: a deep psychological power to understand the spiritual realm. This may come from traumatic experiences or experiences with death, but it doesn’t have to. You could just be born being more intuitive than others, having a psychic awareness of the hidden realms. Basically Pluto, the shadow, is making its way into your life through the spirit realm or the unconscious. And so it is good to become familiar with these realms, or at least to become familiar with your shadow, so that you can befriend it. The shadow is your dark side and the parts of you that are repressed. The 12th house is also what we hide from others / what is hidden from us (because it’s unconscious) and so this dark side might not be perceptible in you, but it is still there, everyone has a shadow. There might be a fear of going mad or crazy, coming undone. A desire to have control over the unconscious. And so the more you can explore it, the more power you will have, because your shadow/unconscious will not have power over you. You might also benefit from periods of reflective solitude.

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Do you know why the 12th house is called the house of serial killers? :l

Astrologer Bob Marks circulated a philosophy that the 12th house stellium people are either very sensitive people or mass murdering serial types.  I don’t believe this.  You can look at this study Study HERE for some interesting analysis.  It seems to indicate Moon, Venus and Saturn especially play a tremendous role in the serial killer archetype.  I suppose it makes sense when you consider moon is emotions, venus may stimulate jealousy and Saturn is the original sign of Death in Astrology.

For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste.
In solitude, they will discover the love that might otherwise arrive unnoticed.
In solitude, they will understand and respect the love that left them.
In solitude, they will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or if they should simply let it go and set off along a new path.
In solitude, they will learn that saying ‘No’ does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying ‘Yes’ is not always a virtue.
And those who are alone at this moment, need never be frightened by the words of the devil: ‘You’re wasting your time.’
Or by the chief demon’s even more potent words: ‘No one cares about you.’
The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing.
And when we achieve that harmony, we receive more than we asked for

Paulo Coehlo


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Can sun in 12 house make someone really day dreamy and other worldly? Always seem like theyre in another world..

Definitely.  The ego with Sun in 12 resides in the house ruled by Neptune and it’s otherworldly realm.  Not only is the 12th house famous for seclusion but it’s very well known for it’s dreamy, imaginative and spiritual qualities.  Put the Ego here and the person is far from reality and the physical entrance (the 1st house) into the world.

Often Sun in 12 people have a slow start but finish strong.  As they age they gain strength as the sun progresses into the 1st and 2nd houses  (and 3rd if live long enough)  as time goes on.  It’s a perpetual placement for finding out who you are in the world, creating yourself, finding your own values….Then in old age teaching and communicating what you know.

Ask meh

Hey~ I would absolutely l o v e to answer your asks, also I’m feeling quite horrible sadly, so maybe you want to know something??? Just rant?? Tell me about your crush and their zodiac sign??? Requests??? Just for fun?? You can ask literally anything! Stay hydrated~

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Hi! I have a question. I have a my Venus in my 12th, but my Venus conjuncts my ascendant too. Which is Virgo (rising and Venus). How does having the sign virgo impact this?

virgo in the 12th can make you very analytical and EXTREMELY critical of other people and especially yourself. having venus in the 12th can mean that showing love and flirting is something rare for you, in that love is something sort of secretive

For @natural–blues, who asked for 12 x Rose + 24

Spoilers for series 10 of Doctor Who, episodes 5 & 6 (Oxygen, Extremis)

“Maybe you should stop treating her like a kid.”

The Doctor scowled and looked up from where he’d been fiddling with his sonic. “I don’t know what you mean,” he responded in the vague direction of where Rose was. He wasn’t wearing his sunglasses, and so had to rely on his sense of hearing alone.

Rose sighed, and pushed away from the TARDIS doorway and crossed his office. She’d left Nardole in the TARDIS, complaining that the Doctor wouldn’t listen.

“Bill,” Rose reminded him calmly. “I know you don’t want to admit to her that you still can’t see, but she’s not stupid, Doctor. Just be honest with her.”

It was the Doctor’s turn to sigh then. “It’s not that simple, Rose.”

“I know that,” Rose assured him, perching on the edge of his desk, taking his hand in hers. “But she’s not all that different to how I was when you first met me. I wasn’t stupid, and neither’s she. She knows what happened to you, and by not telling her you’re just pushing her away.”

He said nothing, and she felt him tense up in his chair.

“Come to think of it,” Rose continued, her tone playful but with an underlying seriousness, “you can stop pushing me and Nardole away too.”

“I’m not-” the Doctor began.

But Rose spoke over him. “You are. You keep pushng me away. Let me help you, Doctor.” She paused. “Let me love you.” 

He sat in silence for several long moments, and then, just as Rose thought he’d brush her words off, he squeezed her hand.

“I can’t promise anything,” he said after a while. “but I’ll try, Rose. And I’ll speak to Bill.”

Rose squeezed his hand back, and gave him a smile even though she knew he couldn’t see it.

“Just try, Doctor. For me.”

send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a short fic.

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i honestly struggle to see the importance of the 12th house in life it just pisses me off i think cause it hides things and if there are planets there they still are there but it is harder to see their affects and take advantage of them in your life

the 12th house is about the things you do alone that you don’t accomplish in your regular everyday life.  So the sign and element on the house cusp gives you details on what exactly those things are.  For instance a water sign might deal with their emotions when they are alone, a fire sign might be ambitious or competitive, an earth sign may be more contemplative on the practicality of things and air signs on the cusp may do more reading or communicating in their alone time. 

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How does the expression of Ni differ between an INTJ and an INFJ?

Expression could mean a number of things. I will address the two ways I can see this word meaning in this context.

1. Does Ni operate differently as a dominant function within INTJ and INFJ differently? No. The dominant function and inferior function of INTJ and INFJ operate in the same way.

2. The other meaning of this is, how does Ni express itself in the physical/outer/objective world and how does it differ between INTJ and INFJ? This comes down to their auxiliary function. For the INTJ that is Te and for the INFJ that is Fe. This is where the INJ focuses their Ni and this is the function in which the INJ deals with others and the world outside of their inner world. 

For the INTJ their Te puts their Ni expression not on people but on logical principles and systems. Unlike, their ENTJ counter parts who use dominant Te, the INTJ’s Ni is not as rigid when it comes to using Te principles and will pick and choose rules, laws, etc that work with their Ni preconcieved notions. If we look at the Twelth Doctor from Doctor Who we can see this in action.

Like any INFJ the 12th Doctor has his own inner world of Ni that puts him at a distance from reality as it is outside of himself. He is watching life from a distance rather than being a player in life. But when we see him interact witht hte outer world it is with Te, with proven principles. This is seen in his INTJ stubborness in his encounter with Robin Hood. 12 knows that Robin Hood isn’t real. He trusts his Ni intuition with this perception and uses Te, scientific and logical principles to prove that this Ni assumption is true. His Te makes him a skeptical person that needs hard evidence in order to sway his Ni perception of reality. This can be a problem for many INJs in general, as Ni is a receptive function and takes time to come to conclusions, but once the INJ has come to this conclusion they trust their Ni world without question pushing everything to fit this preconeived individual reality. This reality is true until proven otherwise. (Very different from how any INTP operates, which many people mistype the 12th doctor as.)

Something to keep in mind for the 12th Doctor and for all INTJs is that because of Te, an INTJ does not seek approval from others about their NI ideas and assumptions. Hence, why 12 really doesn’t care what anyone around him is saying when he is trying to dissprove Robin Hood’s existence in human histroy. Very few people’s opinions matter to an INTJ, and those people have to prove their competetence to be in the INTJ’s inner circle. (For 12 that is Clara.)

Meanwhile, the INFJ has Fe which gives them a people-focus for their Ni, and with it more of a need for approval of their Ni assumptions than the INTJ craves. (Also, this doesn’t mean the INTJ doesn’t want any approval, just that the approval they crave is one in which their Ni is proven true and is functioning in the outside world. More of a satisfaction of being right rather than a need for public approval). How Fe specifically expresses  the Ni of an INFJ can be seen more in Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons. 

Fe focuses less on the objective principles, rules, hierachies, etc. and more on people and cultural topics. The INFJ is far more likely to be a culture snob than the INTJ. We see this in Lisa Simpson. The INFJ can be skeptical, but not until engaging in a healthy manner with their tertiary Ti. The INFJ in compaison with the INTJ skeptic is a far bigger romantic and given to far more idealistic tendencies. Their Ni is focused on people in some way and the INFJ needs far more postive feedback about their Ni ideas than the INTJ would. 

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