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Do you have any tips on how to tell people apart from forty snakes in a trench coat?

We get this question a lot. Here’s a helpful guide for the many of us who would be considered a threat to homeland security without it.

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lizard asks: talk about your...
  • bearded dragon: sleep schedule
  • leopard gecko: pets
  • basilisk lizard: health/athleticism
  • crested gecko: makeup
  • horned toad lizard: injuries
  • jackson's chameleon: eyesight
  • tokay gecko: favorite sounds
  • mole lizard: flexibility
  • panther chameleon: favorite colors
  • frilled lizard: clothing
  • day gecko: car(s)
  • armadillo lizard: fears
  • komodo dragon: diet
  • beaded lizard: jewelry

anonymous asked:

Hello Gladiolus. I heard from a friend of mine that you're rather fond of lizards. Is this true?

Dammit, Prompto looked over my shoulder just as I started answering this and sent me this stupid picture all “Look, it’s you!”


…He thinks it’s cute. Of course he does. And as a “gift” he gave me an Iris lizard.

Fine, she’ll love the stupid thing. I’ll forgive him THIS TIME.

deadbison  asked:

Do lizards make sounds?

Absolutely! Geckos are by far the noisiest, making tons of chirps, barks, and even growls

That being said, most lizards can make sound, even if its just a smol hiss

The Macaulay Library is a great resource if you want to hear calls of pretty much every animal, and they have a fairly large database of squamates. Or, you can just listen to this great lizard song


Redid the references for the DisCourt short as part of my senior film pitch.I changed up the character’s proportions along with DisCourt’s colors. I’m still waiting on the results that’ll let me know if the film got picked up and if it does judging by some of the good reviews and suggestions I’ve gotten some things are probably going to change.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated. Thanks again for all of your support <X)


Especially you, @jesse-the-keyblade-guardian!
Thanks for ask

I think that not all of this dorks know eactly how to charm a lady. But well, they all tried.

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Do you have any blog recs?

 ok so i see loads of these around but no one actually says why you should follow them? so imma be extra and give you a quick run down of the following blogs 

if i forget you, message me n ill add you you can also spray me with cold water 

lets do this 

a month without uploa- oh wait wrong post

blogs !! in no particular order: 

@opaquehowell: i love emer a lot shes one of my best mutuals!! She does lovely moodboards and we have a lot of conspiracy theories ask her about dnp being lizards and or furries . Emer also sends me pics of dogs all the time maybe if you ask her nicely shell send u a doggo

@thephansplosionfan: Mac is my girlfriend so obvs gunna reck her. shes always in my asks with some stupid but adorable shit. She has such a pretty aesthetic which consists of slytherine and nature (basically dark green). Also has an obsession with Kate McKinnon and ruby rose. Love her a lot and she deserves the world

@softdnp: noah is my son i will protect him forever. If you want some quality gifs and good dnp posts in general follow this prince. Also another good blog for moodboards 

@princessdan: mo is a gooden, such a gooden.Very positive posts and is in a really cute relationship with @astronautdan 

speaking of, @astronautdan: soph is the bomb who makes really cute edits (esp URL edits) and has a really cute theme im lob 

@molliaphan: literally everyone on there is a gem (special shoutout to @deadnotsleepdeprived and @philledwithpuns), Seriously every blog on there is just goals 

@dantea: ryanne is a bean who needs to not eat ice cream on her bed (tut tut) but really shes has really cool posts and a cute aesthetic 

@dnjhwll: adelyn, oh adelyn, An actual angel with a blog too good for this world. Dnp posts with a hint of dodie, all you need in life really 

@satansglabellas: i follow zoe on instagram bc her videos are funny as hell, her tumblr posts are aesthetic as and on the whole is a gooden of a blog

@calmlester: i always see cat popping up in my feed and her art is so beautiful, esp the one of phil holding a cactus i wept

@phanniephil: sophia is an angel and is really lovely to chat to, and her theme is so calming and aesthetic

@succlester:  a dodie yellow theme will always win my heart, Lee is a soft flower who needs to be appreciated more. 10/10 posting as always 

@dantlers: a bean with a great theme, gray reblogs the best and cutest gifs ever. gray also makes gifs which is noice go check em out 

@phtl: monique is a blessing to us all, giffing the best and cutest moments of dnp. Another person with a theme im jealous of 

@prettydan: kelsey is the bestest can we please appreciate that her theme turns her asks into little poems?? (or at least i read them as little poems) 

@heckdan: sarah has THE CUTEST theme ever space is the best, she also gives us dem sweet n spicy dnp memes 

@philtrashblr: van is so sweet im lov her a lot, also her theme gives you a tiny cursor and that brings me so much joy her blog is a gooden

@omega-dan: Olly is the strongest lil boi i know, his writing is SO good and he deserves a lot of love and respect

@plantpot-phil: sarah is heckin rad with such a cool theme, she also does really cute doodles and she animates yo!! 

@energeticwarrior: nikki is my daughter i will protect her forever. Jer content is great like her :))))

thats all my heckie recs, again im very sorry if i left you out please PLEASE message me if we are mutuals and i forgot you im so so sorry if i did

also drop me an ask is you followed one of these blogs cuz of me it would be rad if ya did