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Remember those handcuff things Coran had in episode 2? Well what if the reader and their crush of choice accidentally get stuck in that (planned by someone else of course)

Planned by Coran, himself… the one and only… of course… 


-Hunk wouldn’t know how to handle himself tbh

    -One second he’s having a pleasant conversation and the next he’s legitimately a nervous wreck 

-Will do a double take in every direction after s/o has already accepted their fate

    -”Uhhhh… any plans?” 

-Would go to every paladin for help but it turns out they all were on in it 

-Super gentle to make sure he doesn’t walk too fast or slow for s/o or hurt their arm 

-Clueless, wandering mess

-After walking around the entire castle for three or four hours they’ll sit down and immediately have to use the bathroom 

-Hunk will eventually use s/o’s adorable puppy eyes or terrifying intimidation technique to get the keys for the cuffs 


-Doesn’t even take him a second to realize what’s happened and pummels s/o into a wall chasing Coran

    -”CORAN YOU *insert various swearing here*!!!!

    -”Oh. Sorry s/o…” 

    -S/o is on the ground contemplating why they’re alive

-Will not stop until he finds that fucker even if means carrying s/o 

    -”Keeeith c’mon, I’m getting tired…” 

    -”Then let me carry you so I can find this shithead.” 

    -He doesn’t even hesitate and won’t understand why s/o is a blushing mess

-The two of them will probably hear Coran snickering behind a wall and Keith will knock him clean out 


-S/o is probably watching Pidge at her computer when Coran does it

    -”Pidge… Pidge… Pidge…Pidge… Pidge…” 

-She’ll eventually look down and be so confused poor concentrated thing

    -dafuuuuuq s/o??? 

-Pidge shuts down the entire castle and starts WWIII 

    -Brings out gear no one knew she had

-S/o has trouble keeping up with this raging bean and Coran is fucking terrified 

-Pidge is too busy muttering to herself for s/o to get through to her

-She knows where Coran hides. She knows his every move and I can guarantee you he’s dead

    -Has s/o or another paladin kick down the door for her epic entry and reigns empress 


-Keith will probably do it as a prank and boiii will it backfire

    -S/o is freaking out as Lance just chills out and looks at them

-”Well hello there…” 

-Keith is looking at him in the background like what the fuuuck Lance??? 


-”I don’t get what you’re so worried about…” 

-Probably asks s/o if they want to go swimming and gets punched in the face

-After a few hours he’ll feel bad for s/o and tattletale to Shiro

-Keith is grounded for the next two months 


-Pidge and Allura would be the only ones with the skill to pull this off 

    -Allura distracts them and Pidge commences the cuffs 

-The two of them will probably take a few minutes to even notice 

-Shiro has never wanted to be dead more but at least it’s with s/o 

    -He’ll give up right then and there

    -Shiro knows how to make basic everyday living in this situation work relatively well 

-Pidge and Allura will be so disappointed 

-S/o and him will find the mice and bribe them with something to get the key

    -The two of them will be out for revenge for weeks 

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Could I have your ps4 game recommendations? The more the merrier. any and all you can suggest? THanks

I’m the Anon asking about ps4 recommendations. I wanted to ask that I’d especially appreciate game suggestions with female leads or Poc leads. Danke.

horizon zero dawn: female lead great story and fun addicting combat
tomb raider remastered: female lead and you just being an overall badass
the last of us remastered: refer to blog title 
transistor: female lead GREAT music great story 
bloodborne: customizable character you murder things and die a lot 10/10 
ac syndicate: playable female (w/ twin brother as other protag) bringing ac back to its roots i really enjoyed this one 
uncharted: male protag but a REALLY great game like stunning 
the walking dead game: female poc killing zombies proteCT HER

Like, can I just ramble for a second about the child empress and why playing as Emily is just so thematically pleasing.

Emily Kaldwin has been through some shit. There’s no denying that. Her mother was killed in front of her. She was kidnapped. Her father was arrested for the murder and kidnapping and she was told he was executed. She is locked in an attic room of a brothel for months. Then she gets rescued and brought to a “safe” place only to find herself surrounded by just as terrible people and is kidnapped again before finally being rescued again, and she’s just ten years old.

But the thing is, her life was never really in danger then.

No one who wanted any semblance of authority is going to kill Emily Kaldwin. Hiram Burrows isn’t going to kill her, at least not until his rule is secure and she proves that she won’t be his pawn. The Loyalists won’t kill her because again, pawn. Emily might be locked in a room, neglected, lied to, and fed all kinds of propaganda, but no one is going to kill her. No one is going to harm her in any kind of physical sense. They need her to be her puppet if they want any kind of legitimacy. And honestly, a ten year old Empress is almost certainly someone’s puppet.

But she’s not. Corvo saves the day and she’s put on the throne with guardians who plan to and eventually do step down once she’s old enough to rule on her own. But’s she’s still Empress. She’s a ten year old who is the face of four nations and is privy to every political happening. Even if she doesn’t have absolute power and can’t just do whatever she wants, she’s in a position a ten year old should definitely not be in and has burdens most adults don’t face. And this is immediately after witnessing her mother’s murder and every other horrible thing that happened to her. That’s a hell of a way to grow up fast.

She asks her father to teach her how to kill people because she knows one day he’ll be dead too and she’ll be alone again. She sleeps in the safe room that only she and Corvo has a key to, where she could survive in for a month if she needs to.

What was left of Emily’s childhood was taken up by getting a crash course on how to be ruler she’s already supposed to be, how to not get stabbed in the heart, and expecting something bad to happen at any moment.

So Dishonored 2, Emily is 25. She’s 15 years into her reign and has been Empress longer than not. She doesn’t remember what her mother looks like most days and doubts she’s living up to be the person Jessamine wanted her to be. She has exactly one family member living, who before she couldn’t even refer to as her father. She’s seven years younger than Jessamine was when she died, but she’s been Empress for two years longer than her mother’s reign. There’s been peace, but there was peace when Hiram Burrows brought over diseased rats and hired Daud to kill her mother. Something is going to happen.

In short, Delilah happens. Unlike the Loyalists and Hiram Burrows and his conspirators, Delilah doesn’t need a child empress. A dead empress is more suitable. A dead empress leaves no opposition and no one to deny her claims, and a empress executed in a “just” trial, an empress who has killed several of her political rivals and who wasn’t even supposed to be empress is the empress Delilah needs.

There’s just Emily at this point. Corvo is trapped, indefinitely to her knowledge. Wyman is away in Morely. Alexi is killed by traitors. There’s just Emily and a whole bunch of people who want Emily dead.

The one person she has to turn to is a complete stranger who had a very direct hand in killing her mother, though she isn’t aware of that at the time. She has her father’s sword which he used to rescue her and avenge her mother ten years ago, then she has the “gifts” from the outsider.

She has the literal spirit of her mother in one hand and the metaphorical spirit of her father in the other–through his sword and training–and she has to go out and decide whether she’s going to be the empress her people need or the empress who Delilah and her conspirators made her out to be. Her mother might be there in a vague sense, but she tells Emily that she’ll get no guidance. She’s on her own. She’s not the child empress that had to be hastily guided in how to rule. She’s not her father’s pupil that is being trained in a safe environment where she cannot and will not be actually hurt. She’s not the puppet of a conspiracy that is being kept alive to put on a show of legitimacy.

She’s just Emily Kaldwin. Possibly the Empress of the Isles, but she has to decide that for herself and figure out what the means.

“The Empress of Mars” (spoilers)

Doctor Who, S10E09

- Bill’s hair is fantastic even if I am not a fan of that style.

- Bill is the companion New Who has needed from the beginning.

- I really liked the queen asking for Bill’s opinion as another woman surrounded by men.

- This episode was okay. 

- From what I’ve heard, the ice warriors are a Classic Who thing and that is not for me.

- Those soldiers had dead meat written all over them.

- I don’t trust Missy at all.

I am very surprised that no one has asked about this yet, but: 

Obi-Wan in the Empress Amidala AU. 

Because Vader ran him through and left him for dead, yes, but he didn’t die any more than canon!Anakin did. And getting scooped up by Yoda and Bail led to a much better class of medical treatment than Palpatine provided Vader with, obviously, but Obi-Wan still needed a couple essentially-vaporized organs replaced and, you know, there were some terrible burns involved both internal and external. He can’t eat too much, for example, and what he CAN eat is only very specific things. There’s scars stretching up his legs and back and down his arms and neck and piercing his gut and framing his face, pulling tight and running dangerously close to restricting his movement, making his default expression even duller and more tired than it would already be. The pain from it all put gray in his hair early and age on his face with the scars, but (ironically, in a way he’ll never know is ironic) he’s still less damaged than canon Vader, physically speaking. 

He’s exactly as despairing as him, though.  

They told Obi-Wan that Vader killed Palpatine and he had one stupid, stupid flash of hope–and then they told him that Vader went down on one knee in the Senate and swore himself, his men, and the entire galaxy to Empress Amidala, and she stepped forward and accepted it all. 

He did not feel hope again, after that. 

The hiss of Obi-Wan’s respirator is a familiar sound in the halls of the Rebellion bases in their early days, but he doesn’t stay. There’s no fight in him, not anymore. This Obi-Wan wouldn’t be able to survive on Tatooine, though–the respirator would never be able to handle all that sand, to say nothing of getting food he could stomach–and this Obi-Wan has no Luke to look after anyway. He wanders, because no one is looking for him anyway. Vader and Amidala think he is dead, and he’s burned and scarred and tired enough that no one sees The Negotiator in his face anymore. 

There are other Jedi survivors, or so the Rebels told him. Obi-Wan could look for them. Could go to them. Could–

Obi-Wan wanders, because no one is looking for him anyway. 

And then …? 


Get to Known me Meme, Royalist Edition

[12/15] Memorable Royal Moments - The Assassination of Empress Elisabeth

Elisabeth of Bavaria, popularly known as Sisi/Sissi, was the famously beautiful but deeply troubled wife of Franz Joseph I. She had a very informal upbringing, and the rigidity of court life was stifling to her. She became obsessive over her health and appearance, exercising constantly. She had to be sewn into her tight corsets and spent hours daily on her hair.

After the death of her only son, Crown Prince Rudolf, in 1889, she sank into an even deeper depression. She wore mourning for the rest of her life and spent increasing amounts of time travelling abroad. In 1898 Elisabeth travelled incognito to Geneva, Switzerland, despite rumours of assassination attempts.

On September 10th, she and her lady in waiting left their hotel to catch a steamship bound for Montreux. While walking there, she was approached by 25-year-old Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni, who proceeded to stab her with a sharpened file. Lucheni would alter say he’d come to Geneva to kill a sovereign, and it didn’t matter who it was. His initial target was the Duke of Orléans,but he had left the city and so he settled on Elisabeth instead.

After being stabbed,Elisabeth collapsed but was helped to her feet and managed to get to the ship. She lost consciousness on the ship again, and her lady in waiting cut the laces of her tight corset so she could breathe. The Empress revived long enough to say she wasn’t in pain and ask what happened, before collapsing yet again. A brown stain was then noticed on her left breast, and the ship was turned back towards port. By the time they’d carried her back to the hotel, Elisabeth was dead. Lucheni was apprehended and sentenced to life in prison, but was found hanged in his cell, an apparent suicide, in 1910.

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couldn't Dirk just get better control of his powers and put souls back into bodies? I mean, if he can tear them out... As long as there was a body, forever revivable. Aranea could heal the dead, and dirk could replace the souls.

Princes destroy their aspects.  Maybe a Maid or Sylph of Heart could do what you’re describing but definitely not Dirk.

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I have to admit, what you're saying is exactly what I was explaining to my friend (who isn't in the fandom) - no matter what he does, people will be unhappy, but this allows the most people to decide for themselves how their character arcs ended all around. As a writer, I'm already pondering which of the threads I wanna follow first, though tbh I'm heavily biased towards the fight with English because I want Meenah to kick LE's ass and earn her right to life again as HIC lost hers.

Edgy new Homestuck theory: Meenah survives the fight and then channels her energy outward, finding the Condesce, and steals her life (as a Theif of Life is wont to do). She ganks that life force and immortality just as Roxy lines up her shot, and as a result, the kids get a victory and Meenah gets a fuckton of life, the title of Empress, and a “curse” that doesn’t mean shit now that the person she’d have to serve is dead and gone.

I don’t actually know if that’s at all realistic or supported by the mechanics of Homestuck, but… the sky’s the limit, man. Have fun doing what you want!

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I imagine Emily wouldn't use The Heart on Corvo for a long time, she’d be afraid of the secrets her father hides, the most dangerous man in the empire even before he got his dark powers, what terrible feats did he achieve to become the first foreign royal protector? What awful things did he do for queen and country? the things he did to rescue her, the rumors of her parentage… he’d been her father either way but that just makes it all the harder in the end doesn’t it?

[dead empress voice]  damn that ass still so fine


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i just realized something, the stuffing corpses thign was a family tradition, but Jades grandpa was raised by Condy, doesent that mean shes the one to start it? stuffign her dead husbands body, or maybe she did that before, with all the dead heriesses, and the empresses that came before

What’s got me is that Jade has the skills and know how to preform rather excellent taxidermy on a human.
On the latter note, imagine a hall of taxidermied heiressess lines up in pretty rows.
Imagine a court taxidermist
Some guy who taxidermies the dead princesses.

Anyway I wouldn’t be too worried about Dirk or Jane being dead or Roxy being cursed, considering they all show up in the claymation - although maybe that’s a diff timeline, idk - but if anything does permanently inconvenience them, you can comfortably blame Vriska. They had the matriorb, its caretaker, and a common enemy - they probably could’ve negotiated with the Empress. And they had a common enemy and a prior working relationship with Slick - they probably could have negotiated with him too. If Vriska hadn’t insisted everyone fight first and ask questions later, many of these things could’ve been avoided. I almost hope she gets burned somehow for her crappy strategy, if only because the alternative (validating retcon Vriska’s continued bullying and abusive behavior) is worse.

But anyway, I must go get a snack before I hit the gym.