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describe your relationship with the other yordles!!

Oh sure!! I’ll try to keep it short and simple! :3

Okay, so tristy! Well for starters, we’re pretty close! She’s been my best friend since the day I got back and one of the very first people to actually talk to me after getting kicked out of my own home. She’s honest and earnest plus she likes to play the “Tough guy” act but really, at the end of the day – when all the guns and army stuff are gone, she knows how to be a soft dork too. Well, not as much as me or Pop but yeah. She’s mostly my confidante, like a sister and the one I’d run to when things just aren’t going my way.

Next is Pop! She lives in demacia so there’s really not much leeway to see her but when I do, oh boy, IT IS A RIOT! We would normally hold sleepovers with tristy and share stuff—pop is a bit of a daze sometimes but she gets her point across just fine. Our relationship, I guess, I would identify as another friend, a distant sister who always knows how to have a good time… and well, she comforts me better than trist but only because she’s (Trist) the voice of reason and she’s the slap I need to snap out of it. Pop is more like – the pillow.

Veigar! — ohhh boy, alright, well for one, I’m very attracted to him. Attracted in a sense that I’m interested. He’s one of the few yordles who actually makes use of magic? Just like me! I feel like there’s much to be learned from Veigar since he surely is a lot powerful but I feel like I could show him a few things too. I want to get closer to him so teasing him and what not is my way of doing it. However, I DO KNOW when to keep my distance. Our relationship? It’s quite unclear really whether he sees me as a friend or not.

GNAR! Ohh boy, another one. Well for one, gnar’s this cheerful little ball of sunshine. He’s surely great when I just want to unwind and stuff but apart from that, he knows how to listen. I feel like, if I can’t come to the girls , I can always go to Gnar. He’s sweet and caring and the lot plus he’s utterly adorable. At least… until he turns into mega gnar but … OH WHAT THE HECK, its also adorable. Right now, me and Gnar are really just close friends.

Teemo? I don’t … get to talk to teemo much and the only time I see him mostly is when he’s off on a mission with trist. Yeah, well… There’s really not much to say other than “He’s strange”. Also, I get this aura around him. Sometimes I feel like he just wants to kill everyone. Or maybe that’s just me? In any case, we’re – not that close really. He’s tristy’s friend and that’s that.

Rumble. ANOTHER ONE OF TRISTANA’S COHORTS. Well this one though.. he’s more of a?… how do I say this? He hangs around. He tries to talk to me and pop every now and then but maybe cos we’re tristana’s friends? I don’t know. Rumble’s also weird. But not teemo weird. He’s funny weird… and I guess he sees me and pop as a friend too. He’ll never miss a chance to show off really. I find it endearing. Trist has some pretty interesting friends.

COrki. Ahhh uncle corki. Oh no, he’s not really my uncle. Bandle city folks just call him that from time to time. I don’t get to see him much mostly cos he’s always away but he did give me a walnut once while I was hiding from an angry mob!

Heimerdinger. Another weird one. I don’t talk to him either. He’s so far away and he barely visits. I never actually seen or met him either. I only hear about him from rumble – mostly mumblings from rumble. He seem to dislike this one. I wonder why.

Ziggs. AHh, another one I hear from rumble. It seems he doesn’t resent this one but I do know he and heimerdinger worked on some stuff together. But overall, I hear tristana talk about him too. I’ve never met him either since he ALSO lives in piltover but I do hear that he visits often and that he’s some sort of MAD GENIUS. Maybe I’ll see him the next time he visits.

Kleeeeed. Lets just say I wondered into his property once and I – surely hope that doesn’t happen again. He’s like the angry grandpa you never invite for thanks giving or something. But overall, his friend skarl was very nice!

If you guys are curious about other specific yordles, do feel free to ask!

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Hey Trist, whats between you and Teemo? ;) ;)

“Aha, we’re close friends! I’ve known Teemo for quite a long time. We first met when I joined Bandle’s Special Forces - our units work pretty close together. He’s a very remarkable scout, the best I’ve ever seen. I admire his skill and efficiency in combat, it’s impressive! Outside of the field, Teemo’s a good guy. I can talk to him about anything. There’s no one else I’d rather have as a friend.”