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"Poppy.. I have a question about your hammer if you don't mind me asking it." Teemo stared at it for a bit before asking. "What are the properties of the hammer? You've held onto it for a while, notice anything about it whilst it's in your possession?"

“Huh? Of course I did, Orlon told me everthing about it before… you know. Well.. the Hammer’s head is steel, with a bit of Iron to compliment it. This top bit right here is covered in leather, and these little symbols on the side are gold, with a little bit of extra iron so it won’t pop out while swinging The Hammer at heavy armor. This little thing holding the gold bands together is made of leather, wich I change every once in a while… and then there’s the Handle! Funny story. Orlon told me this handle was from a Warlord that tried to kill him and his wife with a mace, and Orlon personally killed the king with his own weapon. While.. you know, doing the bloody business, the tip fell off. So Orlon changed it to be a Hammer! Pretty neat, right? It’s just a standard handle though. Steel painted with gold to look pretty and some leather straps attached to it to be more comfortable.”


“With you, little one? Of course. As for others… I’m afraid I can’t say the same. I’d love to get along with everyone outside of the League, truly, but there’s some you just can’t seem to mesh with. It’s not always your fault and it’s not always theirs; we all come from vastly different walks of life, and being so many of us champions, its no surprise we won’t be friends with everyone after all.”

Getting ready
  • Tristana: No no no no! Move the light over there or people will only see half of the stage.
  • Teemo: We've been at this for hours. The lighting isn't going to get any better. We already went over our budget so we can't get better lighting then this.
  • Tristana: Maybe I should have asked Rumble for help...
  • Teemo: ...
  • Lulu: That light is a circle, it needs to be square.
  • Tristana: Square?
  • Lulu: Square!
  • Tristana: Did we ever find a producer for the show?
  • Teemo: We need one?
  • Tristana: YES! How else are we gonna fund this show?
  • Teemo: Hmm...who is rich and has money to spend?
  • Tristana: Let's get back to that later. We have enough money to do at least one episode for the time being and we have a guest too.
  • Teemo: Okay...well we still need a manager for to keep things in order or the show will end up like last time.
  • Lulu: Lu..Lu..
  • Tristana: You're already co-host, you can't be manager too...
  • Lulu: I'm not saying my name. I'm trying to remember her name...Lu...LUX!
  • Tristana: Huh...not a bad idea...we've worked together...I might give her a call.
  • Teemo: Lulu has good ideas hidden in that brain. I just wish I knew what exactly happened while she was in that forest...maybe I could find a solution.
  • Tristana: Don't bother. It could be traumatizing and I would rather have her happy.
  • Teemo: Fine...let's get back to getting this studio ready for production.
  • Tristana: Okay I'll start looking for a producer..eventually...