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I don’t … really have an exact inspiration. My father, I guess? It’s customary for Gothitelles to wear garments like these. The bows can be put on them and … I’ve never seen a Gothitelle not properly dressed. That’d be weird …

My brother’s stuff is a bit more inspired than mine, ahaha! He likes old styles.

Ah, right, and since you introduced yourself to me … I’m Cesare! Hello.

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themarquisboutique  asked:

Isolde: "Oh what a lovely garden you have, miss!" The black Delphox said politely. "My name is Isolde. I was wondering, what exactly grows in your garden? Do you have just flowers or is there more?"

My specialty is flowers, but I also grow vegetables, fruit and even trees!

I’m glad you think my garden is so lovely Isolde! I try my best to take good care of all my plant life!

If you ever wish to come back and visit, feel free to do so!

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This is the result of when you give me the palette challenge and I decide to do it on my own. Now this is only the first set. I might do the other four I have left tomorrow, and I’ll post my second batch in a minute.

I practiced a lot of painting with these. The way I put these palettes to their respective OC is I wrote the name of my OCs on bits on paper and wrote the numbers 1-18 on other scrap pieces of paper. I shuffled the numbers and picked random ones for my OCs.