ask team free derp

So I was on AskTeamFreeDerp's blog today.

Because they reached 5,000 followers and wanted something special.

And so they got me… Dressed as a badass hillbilly.

I have to say, those are the sexiest gif’s of me yet.

I’m looking over all the notes and all of the comments and I’m glad people liked me as Ash, because seriously… Having me be a hillbilly is as far as you can get from the real gentleman me.

Ask Teamfreederp

Announcement: Anime Boston

We haven’t said anything about it before, since the plans weren’t solid enough, but we’ve been having some correspondence with the guest committee for Anime Boston, discussing the possibility of us here at Ask Team Free Derp being invited as guests and hosting panels during the convention in May.

As we have not received an invitation by the announced date, this will not be happening, this year. To those who suggested this to us and who supported us through our correspondence with Anime Boston; thank you very much, it meant so much for us just that you thought we’d be worthy of consideration!

We would have loved to attend over-seas conventions such as Anime Boston without an invitation, but sadly we’re all students with limited budgets so we don’t see that happening any time soon. For all those who we were hoping to get a chance to meet at Anime Boston; we hope you’ll have a great convention!