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The sensor on pinged on inside Tavi's head. They ran a systems diagnostic, then another. Sensors indicated that someone had recently returned from the twins apartment. Not only that but various skitskits were detecting recent dna on some of the trace cells. They were back. Tavi portaled immediatly out side their door. Scans indicated 2 life signs, DNA lock match. " Dom?! Ricco?!" It was taking everything not to just rip the door off.

Dominic and Riccardo We’re sleeping on the couch when they heard their front door knock…then nearly get beatened down. “Who’s here this early…what the fuck…” Riccardo grumbeled. Dominic whimpered before getting up, his part in his hair sticking up everywhere with drool all over his chin and chest. He slowly got up, untangling his limbs from his brother’s, and dragged his feet to the door. He undid the locks and yawned but choked upon seeing /them/. He wasn’t sure what to feel or say, his heart nearly hammered against his chest, but returned to its sluggish pace at the realizatio
n. They had their daughter. She was grown up. He’d been gone. He was pathetic. He was everything he set out /not/ to be, whether he was forced to forget or not. The weight of the engagement ring on his necklace, safely tucked in his shirt felt even heavier. How could he still miss someone who took them away from everything, from their family, from one of his mates and daughter… “T-Tavi…?” He asked and reached out to cup their cheek, having to stand on his tip toes, “Are you real too…?”




Sahlin’s hair was slowly drying over his shoulder as he peered into the fire. He watched the flames licking at the logs and felt the warm heat of them against his bare skin. He sat on the ground in only his Dalish leather trousers in the Dirthavaren fields beside the river where he had just had a wash. His Inquisition gear was safely packed away, but for this mission, for this task, he needed to be a First again.

It made him concerned. It made him frightened. It made him determined to do it right. 

His eyes fell on his Keeper’s coat, folded with his soft grey wool tunic and his bracers and greaves and Dalish leatherworked pouches like he were peering into a lifetime ago. The scent of cooking hare was sharp in the air, and succulent, and the soft sizzle of fat dripping into the fire was enough to make him hungry for things he could hardly remember before. 

The views gave him a comfort though, however wracked by war they were, a mirror image to the vistas that stretched quiet and beautiful and achingly tarnished within his own soul.

He settled back, drawing his knee up to his chest and looking up as Tavis sank down at his back, straddling him with his legs as he did so. That too was new, but not unexpected. They had their own camp, had been sent ahead to entreat the Dalish - at their own request - and for once it felt like maybe this was normal in all aspects of their lives. Sahlin bowed his head a little, reaching to comb fingers through his wet hair, and smiled slightly at Tavis’s fingertips sliding up his back towards his shoulder. 

And then, instead, he felt touches somewhere else. 

He froze, drawing a long, slow breath as Tavis’s fingers traced the outline of the jagged crescent across his side. For a moment it was all he could do measure his breathing, to hold very still, as long fingers traced it around from back to front, along the bottom of his ribs under his arm and around towards his chest. When at last the fingertips brushed the end, he wet his lips, waiting for words, for something, for anything, turning his head ever so slightly back towards Tavis. 

Ask, he thought. Ask for the story. A decision, he realized as it settled. You…to you I will tell the whole truth.


He was going to throw this package at someone if people didn’t stop ignoring him when he asked for directions.  Tavi huffed out an irritable noise, mandibles fluttering lightly against his jaw as he turned down yet another corridor.  Then he froze.

Empty corridor.  Given that the one he’d just left was busy that was probably not a good sign.  He turned sharply on his heel only to find the doorway blocked.  Two turians.  Not big, but bigger than him.“…If you want the box, let me just say this is a really bad idea guys,” he spoke up with fake confidence.  “There’re people like five feet that way.”

A step back.  Of course those people clearly didn’t notice his existence, but maybe the threat would work.


I just need Taylor to see this and give me a sign.

It took forever to MAKE.


“It was.. great! FIlled with… books.”

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