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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡

Tackoda O. Bell

  • 1. Runs a fashion blog called “Taco’s tips”
  • 2. Has had braces since he was thirteen
  • 3. He likes to celebrate Halloween all year round
  • 4. He cant sleep without his stuffed animal, Nacho
  • 5. he’s 25% Elfin

Thank you John for the tag!! ^_^

you know i was originally going to go with a SHIELD field-wear + mid-century pirate look for the clothing in CotS but somewhere along the way those plans went wayyy off the rails and now the AethteticTM is just Clint’s Bad Taste in T-Shirts

FicRequest: The Plan, Part Deux

FicRequest: The Plan, Part Deux
Pairing: Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader, Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 951
For @feelmyroarrrr
Warnings: None, maybe some confusing Scott Lang conversation, but that’s normal for him.

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Y/N stood quietly as Bucky outlined the plan to Steve and Bruce. She needed their support if she was ever going to get it off the ground. They listened carefully and nodded thoughtfully as they took in the information and general outline of the plan. Tony did need Y/N on this mission, more so than most, but that’s what scared him, so this had to go off without a hitch. This might also cement Y/N in Tony’s mind as someone who is completely capable of taking care of herself. Steve and Bruce finally agreed, Bruce even added a couple of helpful points.

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Sim Q&A

I was tagged by @mochibunsims​ (thank you sm!! ^_^)

1. What is your sim’s favorite food?

  • He likes really simple things like a bowl of cereal or a taco tbh

2. What is your sim’s favorite color?

  • Neon Pink

3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign?

  • Pisces

4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”?

  • Yes, he definitely does

5. What is your sim’s sexuality?

  • Heterosexual

6. Is your Sim a cat or dog person? (or both?)

  • Both

7. Adding to the previous question, if your sim were to have a cat and/or dog, what kind/breed(s) would it be?

  • British shorthair and Golden Retriever

8. Does your Sim have a best friend?

  • Yes he’s friends with a lad who goes by cheddar

9. Does your Sim have a favorite life stage?

  • Teenager

10. What is your sim’s ethnicity?

  • He’s partially Irish (from his mother) but Idk

11. If your Sim could travel to anywhere in the world, where would they visit?

  • Probably somewhere cold, he loves the autumn and winter

12. If your Sim was a castaway on a distant, uncharted island, who would they bring?

  • Probably his dad

13. Does your Sim have a favorite tv show and/or movie?

  • He really likes classic and psychological horror films from the 30s - 80s

14. Does your sim believe in the “simulation theory”?

  • Yes, he thinks it’s possible

15. Does your Sim have a favorite kind of clothing to wear? 

  • No, his style is all over the place. He’s never really had to dress himself so he just wears what he likes

16. Does your Sim have a lucky charm? 

  • Nope

17. What kind of music or singers does your sim listen to?

  • Probably whatever his girlfriend suggest

18. Does your Sim have a favorite family activity to do together?

  • When his parents had time, they would all play don‘t wake the llama

19. What is your sim’s age?

  • He’s about 24

20. Does your Sim have a dream job?

  • Probably a job where he can help out, like working at a daycare, he likes kids

21. What is your sim’s favorite beverage?

  • Something simple like a soda or a juice

22. What is your sim’s favorite dessert?

  • Rice pudding

23. Does your Sim have any siblings?

  • No, he’s an only child

24. What activity/hobby makes your sim the happiest?

He likes to do stand up comedy at bars, and play the piano for his girlfriend

25. If you could meet your sim, would you be friends with them?

Yes, probably

The Winter Warrior (part 1)

Plot: James Buchanan Barnes wasn’t the only Winter Soldier. There were others, but they got killed by a Sokovian who wanted revenge a little to much. When Steve and his team are investigating an old HYDRA base, hoping to find a way to get Bucky to his normal self again, they stumble upon a big capsule which has a young frozen woman within it. Who is she? And why is she frozen like Bucky was? Read and find out!

pairings: BuckyxReader

Warnings: Civil War spoilers, language

A/N: I saw Civil War yesterday and now I’m totally Bucky trash. If you want a part two, let me know!

Third person POV

“The building is clear guys, you can come in.” Scott spoke in the intercom. Soon he heard the footsteps of his teammates approach.

“Are you sure there is no one else in here but us?” Steve asked and Scott gave him a nod.

“100% sure.”

When Steve heard of an old abandoned building of HYDRA he decided to go take a look right away and Sam, Scott, Wanda and Clint decided to come with him. The main purpose of the mission according to Steve is finding a way to get Bucky to his old self again and of course the others will help him with that, but this could also be a way to find other HYDRA strategies and other things like that.

They searched through every file but they found nothing that could help them. Scott, who didn’t feel like searching through boring, old, dusty files wandered off to another room. It was pitch black and ice cold.

“Where is the fucking light switch.” He mumbles to himself. Suddenly the lights turn on, making Scott blind for a second.

“Looking for this?” Wanda smirked.

“Damn woman! It’s not funny to scare people like that you crazy witch.”

“As long that it’s you who ends up scared, I think it is pretty funny, actually.” Sam said as he walked past Wanda, into the dusty room. There are big, long tables against the left wall and all kinds of small machines and other stuff were placed on it. On the left side of the room were six doors. “How about we take a look at what’s behind those doors?”

While Steve and Clint were still looking for something that has to do with Bucky, the other three avengers were checking up on the rooms behind the doors.

“This is so boring.” Scott said as he walked out of one of the rooms. “There is nothing in there.” He walked to the next room. “I really did expect a little mor-”

And suddenly it was quiet.

“You okay in there Tic-Tac?” Sam asks while walking up to him. As he came to stand next to Scott, Sam saw it too. A big capsule and within it a young, beautiful woman.

“I think we just found Mrs. Winter Soldier.” Scott thought aloud while rubbing some of the dust away. Sam did a few steps forward and saw a file lying on a small table next to the capsule.

“Y/N Y/L/N, The Winter Warrior.” He read.

“Maybe she and Bucky knew each other.” Wanda suggested, who joined the conversation along with Clint.

“Hey Cap, I think you might want to see what we found.”

When Steve saw the woman he got this little spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, she knew more.

“Let’s take her to Wakanda and there we’ll wake her up. I want to be sure that she won’t be able to get away.” He ordered.

The team nodded their heads and together they brought the capsule along with its whole installation to the quinjet.

“Steve, are you sure that this is a good idea?” T'Challa asked as he looked at the woman in the capsule. “What if it’s a trick? Maybe they wanted us to find her and if we wake her she might kill us all.

“That is why I will be the only one in the room with her. I don’t want her to feel threatened because according to her file, she is not one to mess with.”

“If you think that this is the right decision, I respect that. Good luck, Captain.”

“Thank you, your highness.” Steve said as he closed the door shutting him off from the people around her. He took a deep breath and walked towards the woman’s capsule.  

“Here goes nothing.” He mumbles as he pushes the button. The capsule starts to defrost and some details come into view. The woman has Y/H/C hair and on her shoulder blade she has a tattoo of an icy blue phoenix with flames coming  off of its whole body. Then her Y/E/C  eyes open and so did the door.

Steve did a few steps back and gave her a reassuring smile.

“Who are you?! And where the hell am I.” She seemed to be in panic. Not that he could blame her. He was confused too after he woke up.

“It’s okay ma'am. I am Steve Rogers and there is no one that wants to harm you. I just want to ask you some questions.” As Steve said his name she seemed to relax a bit.

“Steve Rogers? You must be Captain America! I’ve heard so many stories about you.” She said as she slowly took in her surroundings.

“Who told you them?” He chuckled.

“HYDRA.” A sigh left her lips after saying that. Of all the stories she heard about Captain America there wasn’t one positive. They were just telling her how he needed to be gone.

“I’m assuming that the stories weren’t about how great I am, huh?”

“Yeah, the stories weren’t really nice. The worst thing is that I used to believe them.”

“And by the way, why does this room like an interrogation room? I thought you wanted to ask me some questions, I didn’t think that you were gonna interrogate me.”  Raising an eyebrow at him she went to sit on one of the chairs.

“I’m sorry Y/N, we just didn’t know how you’d come out of the capsule. For all we knew it could be a setup and you would’ve had killed all of us.” He went to sit across from her. “And we don’t really trust HYDRA, so yeah.”

“I do understand that. But let’s get to those questions, ask away!”

“Okay, first of all, are you always so happy and cheerily?” He chuckled because of her enthusiasm.

“Yeah most of the time I am and wouldn’t you be if you were frozen for a while and then get thawed again? I’m happy because I’m not an ice sculpture anymore and I got away from HYDRA.”

“But Steve, you and I both know that there is only one question you want to ask me so how about you get to that one?” Steve’s smile faltered at that. He was afraid to ask her the question. He was afraid for another disappointment.

“Ehm, Y/N, do you know James Buchanan Barnes?” She frowned and bit her lip, clearly trying to remember something.

“I do recognize the name and I do think that he used to be someone I knew very good but I just can’t really remember. Can I maybe meet him? I might be able to remember then.” She suggested. Steve motioned for her to follow him through a long hallway.

“Hey Steve, how’d it go?” T'Challa asked. Only after he asked it, he saw her. “Oh, excuse me miss, my name is T'Challa, king of Wakanda.” he said as he shook her hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, your highness.”

“Oh no, pleasure is all mine.” He smiled at her. He didn’t expect her to be so nice. No one did, actually.

 "It was nice meeting you but I gotta remember someone, so if you’ll excuse me.“ Y/N said in a way that made T'Challa laugh. He gave her one last smile before he turned around to find something else to keep him busy.

When they finally arrived at where Bucky was being kept Steve tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

"That’s him.” The smile suddenly disappeared from her face. She slowly let her fingers graze over the glass by Bucky’s face.

“Barnes.” She whispered to herself.

“You remember?” He stated it more than he asked it. Relief seeping through his body. Y/N nodded.

“Was he a friend of yours?” he asked.

“Not just a friend, he is the one that trained me to be The Winter Warrior.”

Part 2

thedudemister  asked:

I'm rather new to the Asatru comunity. I was wondering if I'd be able to ask you a few questions as I've been finding difficulty in finding information online, what little I did find advised me to seek out a mentor. First I'd like to ask about finding a Patron Deity. I am aware that we honor and follow them all but in my search for information I came across numerous blogs that spoke about Patron Deitys and working with others. Could you provide a rite or ritual enabling me to find my patron?

Thanks for the question!

Patron Deities within Asatru are usually always a hot point of discussion. A lot of people, myself included, are of the opinion that a person will generally levitate towards one on their own. Others feel that it is disrespectful to the rest of the pantheon to worship in such a way, but since that is an opinion I don’t hold I can’t say much about it.

This will be equal parts opinion as it is advice, I am not a be-all end-all encyclopedia of knowledge. Take it as it’s offered: as a grain of information for you to think about and expand upon in your own way.

When it comes to discovering one’s patron deity it depends mostly on the individual. If there is a connection to be made to a single god then it isn’t something you can force. I’m sure some people would tell you of some spell or ritual you could use in some way to bind yourself to the god of your choice but again, I am not of the opinion that a ritual or spell will accomplish the task.

The main piece of advice I can give you is to continue learning, both about yourself and the gods. Patron deities in my experience share traits with those that worship them, which can sometimes make them easier to identify. Asatru and spiritualism in general are a journey. It’s not something you set out to accomplish then pat yourself on the back once you’re done.

Take your time with it and don’t be afraid to feel around. Explore your options and learn about the gods to see which you most feel comfortable with. Really put forth the effort to think about (meditate on) it. If you are the creative type then channel that energy in to creation and it may come to you that way. Sometimes it can come in a dream or a single moment of inspiration as you’re walking down the street. Just keep the wheels turning and keep an open mind. If you are meant to make a connection and have a patron deity it will happen.

tictacbergerac  asked:

Suggests courferre marriage/proposal/wedding night headcanons

(cap it’s like you know all i could want to write about)

combeferre has seen just about everything there is when it comes to marriage proposals from movies, media coverages, and plenty of times even in the hospital. he figures anything he does is going to be something that has essentially been done before and courfeyrac honestly doesn’t deserve something as plain as that (it’s courfeyrac who would obviously only say yes under the circumstances they were swimming at midnight with dolphins right?). so combeferre sits on it for months, stopping to look at wedding bands when he’s alone and of course every clerk there knows “he’s just looking” even if they’ve heard that story hundreds of times over.

courfeyrac has dreamed about his wedding since he believes about age five and it’s an assortment of scrap-booked ideas but he’s never been for certain how he’s ever wanted it to go. he’s thought about proposing for quite some time but he’s also learned from experience to not just jump into things and he’s rather worried that things won’t go as anticipated. he is also well aware that he has no idea what to do that would stand out but then again combeferre would possibly be embarrassed if it was something too risque. something basic then, he figures, a fancy dinner with wine and all of the trimmings and it can be just that

they both buy their rings from the same jeweler within a day’s span and carry it heavy in both of their pockets as they slip by one another in their apartment.

“dinner tomorrow night?” courfeyrac asks with a smile. “i was thinking somewhere nice! we haven’t done that in awhile, have we?”

combeferre smiles back, it’s like everything’s falling together perfectly and it’s utterly by chance. “i don’t think so, does the place downtown sound alright?”

“you mean the one we went to on our first date? i made the reservations already!” courfeyrac answers. “7:00.”

they dress in their best, taking excessive amounts of time in making themselves perfect for each other even though it’s entirely unnecessary and they know it. they’re both nervous to the point they wonder if they can even bear to go through with this but it’s just the other, isn’t it? they know each other backwards and forwards and this is just dinner together.

the evening goes perfectly as planned - wine and all. as time passes by they continuously keep waiting for that perfect opportunity, occasionally catching each other looking at one another and proceeding to pick further at their food than before. as the music in the room fades to a close it’s combeferre who manages to slip down onto his knee first.

“i wanted it to be outrageous, covered in lights and all of the things you love but i couldn’t think of a thing that i hadn’t seen or read somewhere. something simple is sometimes the best answer and i just,” combeferre’s voice is stammering but he keeps a firm face and pulls out the box and opens it to show the ring. he’s bashful at this point, like he’s trying to hide behind the tiny lid. “i know it’s…ridiculous and it’s probably not all you want and of course you can say no i would completely understand, i–”

courfeyrac’s eyes are absolutely huge at this point and he looks like he’s about to either scream in utter joy or just collapse out of his chair. but he just starts to laugh and combeferre can’t help but feel his heart sink. that is until courfeyrac pulls out his own ring and opens it, grinning ear-to-ear. “if you’d have me…?”

The Carry Dee looked intently at Nahir and adjusted his bowtie once again. “Why my species is known as the Carry Dee, though… err.. we happen to be a minority in Dreamland. You can call me Corin.” He chuckled a bit. “Any guest of TAC’s brought here is certainly a fair, well-treated guest of mine, considering he works for me. Now now, don’t look so frightened. TAC’s job is to give me notes, pictures, and longitude and latitude degrees for my project. He can do whatever he wants, as long as I get those notes. I’m going to create the official map of Pop Star one day.” He beamed. 

“It’s a good deal and all, and he treats me better than that hag over there.” TAC said between bites. He was answered with a witch hat thrown in his face. After retrieving the hat back, the Broom Hatter maid went over to Nahir with a kettle.

“Greengreen tea?”  

How strange. TAC almost never brings anyone over. He must be helpful in some way, Corin thought. “Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?”  


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