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Chicago Fire - All Hard Parts (4.14)


After Aiden got her out of that room Sylvie only remembered flashes. She might have passed out, or maybe her brain just shut off, she couldn’t be sure. There are a few moments of clarity. Shield agents, doctors, people asking her questions. Sylvie wasn’t sure if she answered them or if she just replied to them in her head. There was a lot of white around her but once again she wasn’t sure if that was just her brain tricking her. Reality and the things Zadrian had made her believe all seemed to blur together somehow. Sometimes she heard words such as ‘trauma’ or ‘concussion’ or ‘bruised’ or ‘shock’. Was Aiden still with her? She wasn’t even sure. She also couldn’t tell why the faces of Jack and Meg kept passing in her thoughts, had she seen them somewhere? After that, her world was covered in darkness for what felt a long time. When she opened her eyes again, she had to blink against the sunlight falling through the windows. She felt the soft underground of a bed and the warmth of blankets covering her. She looked around, confused and weary. “W-where am I?” she asked in a hoarse voice.