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Gulpin would love to share some more about their moms! 

[[This is the first of three parts because I haven’t finished drawing the other moms yet]]

First up is Hungry Mom! Naturally, Hungry Mom loves food just as much as Gulpin does – maybe even more so. However, unlike Gulpin (who eats nearly all foods indiscriminately), Hungry Mom hates junk foods and adores fruits, vegetables, and everything nutritious. That’s probably how she stays so healthy and strong! She’s also the battler of the family, and loves to spar.  

Gulpin’s Fun Fact: Hungry Mom gives the best piggyback rides. 

Hungry Mom / Green Mom / Fairy Mom

violet-the-braixen  asked:

How exactly is the courtship and romance of pokemon seen in the eyes of humans? Any headcanons for specific pokemon?

Since Pokémon court each other in so many different ways, their processes of love have intrigued humans for centuries. A more modern popular one that springs to mind is the famous Swanna pair in Castelia City, who were photographed in a heart-shaped pose together and as such became a symbol for love everywhere. (The two Swanna were later found to be both female.)

In many regions the courtship of Pokémon has arisen many sayings. In Hoenn, being a ‘lovestruck Swalot’ means being grossly attached to someone you are fond of, as Swalot court by tagging their mate with their own lactic acids. In Kanto, ‘as pretty as a preening Pigeot’ refers to the habit of Pidgeot cleaning themselves whilst searching for a mate. And my personal favorite (although this is from my home region of Sinnoh) is 'singing like a Chatot’, in reference to someone admitting truths and to the Pokémon’s song while attracting a possible partner.