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???: A-as for where we are…. I’m not sure…. I got washed up here many….. many years ago…. and I’m f-far too frightened to ask w-where after I’ve lived here for so long….

???: B-but… you r-really shouldn’t be wandering a-around at night without s-some light…. who knows w-what might try to s-sneak up and scream at- I mean attack you… I c-could make you a s-small torch if you l-like…

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Swadloon@Dylan; "Hello? Is someone there? Hello! Oh, wow, it's so cold here, and so bright...!" The bug perks up, their ears twitching as if hearing something off. "I-is that a limp in your step...? O-oh no, are you okay? Can I help at all? I hope it's not making anything too difficult on you..."

There’s, uh…. not a whole lot you can do…

It hurts really bad some days, but other days it’s kinda ok?

But all days it hurts to walk on, so I just kinda? Limp where I walk, so that it  hurts less and stuff.

Meet the Garden Club! They’re a group of grass type friends who get together to plant flowers and share gardening tips. Or at least, that’s what they claim to do. Really it’s just an excuse to chat, drink tea, and eat dessert!

There are three members in the Garden Club: Lisa the Swadloon, Jill the Shiinotic, and Martha the Oddish. They are happy to answer any questions you have for them!