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Would Undertaker and Grell Sutcliff classify as characters with mental disorders? Would it be alright to find people like them and Baron Kelvin in the real world, and be around them to start friendships with them? I guess this is an unusual; idea to have mentally unbalanced people as your friends.

I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist…. 

That said, I don’t think Undertaker has a particular mental disorder. I might change my mind on that later, but for now I’ll say no.

I’m on the fence about Grelle in one respect, because I’m not sure how to classify the gender identity issue; Grelle might indeed suffer from GID (gender identity disorder)/gender dysphoria. Gender issues aside, though, Grelle displays numerous psychopathic traits.

I don’t even want to think about just how messed up Baron Kelvin is…. He’d probably score pretty high on psychopathy tests, as well, but he seems to have way more going on than that.

Honestly, most people have at least one friend, family member, coworker, etc. with a mental disorder of some sort. I don’t think it’s unusual at all to have “mentally unbalanced” people as your friends; it mostly depends on the disorder itself whether this is wise… and whether they are aware of their situation and getting treatment.

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reapers + undertaker and their teen child edition headcanons?

*screams* im still a teenager so this feels HECKING WEIRD to write

Parents To Teenagers: Reaper Edition (with Undertaker)

-she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
-“if u break my son’s heart i’ll break your face”
-“lemme take a pic of you two” “moooommmmm you’re embarrassing me”
- is heartbroken once her baby starts being embarrassed by her

- (dad that all his offspring’s friends have a crush on lmao)
- busy but is one of those parents who still attend PTCs
- his child sends him memes, he is bamboozled
- calls them “sport” like he’s jay gatsby or sth

- treats his kids like friends once they reach teen years
- “what do you mean i’m too old”
- kinda like grell tbh IM NOT A REGULAR DAD IM A COOL DAD
- his kid’s gonna go emo and he’s just gonna get major flashbacks to his own youth

- “i dont trust that kid jeremy” (idk why he named his kid jeremy okay stop)
- ruffles their hair in public
- “but why do you need a new phone” “because it’s old dad” “it still works though doesn’t it?”

- if his kid is into sports he’ll practice with them AND HE WILL HAVE NO MERCY

- “you have to be back home by 10PM alright? I need you to swear to me”
- lowkey follows his children everywhere
- “DAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME” “Im just worried about you”
- gets social media just so he can follow his children, he gets blocked

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Hey! Love your blog :^3 How do you think, If Undertaker and William began to fight, who would have won? As we know, Undertaker had won twice, but Will are very strange character too (remember how he grabbed Grell's skythe when Sebastian threw it in him?:o ) Soo, it would be very spectacularly, i think.

Hi, thanks!

As for your question who would win if Undertaker and Will fought against each other…. I’d say “definitely Undertaker”! xD

The reason is simple:

1) we know from Campania arc that Undertaker is stronger than Sebastian, Grell and Ronald combined. (Undertaker > (Sebastian + Grell + Ronald))

2) before Undertaker’s true strength was revealed in the manga, Yana stated that Grell is the second strongest character after Sebastian, meaning that Grell is stronger than Will. (Sebastian > Grell > William)

3) based on these two facts, we get the inequality

Undertaker > William.

So yeah, Undertaker would definitely win! (≧▽≦)


Yana said in this twitter post, that Grell is actually very strong and the only reason Grell gets beaten up by Will is because… Grell is in love with him!

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so like, is grell male or female? i like to think genderfluid or male, but i see a lot of people refer to them as female (in a way it kind of bothers me i guess) . I was just wondering your take on this and how you interpreted grell

Grell is male, but that has nothing to do with gender. Male and female are sexes, not genders.

Grell’s gender is up for interpretation, as far as I’m concerned… until either Grell or Yana-san emphatically states it as one, the other, neither, or both (fluid).

Grell usually (but not always) self-refers with feminine nouns, like “lady” and “actress”. The vast majority of other characters call Grell by male pronouns or treat Grell as a man. Sebastian makes a point of saying “Mr. Sutcliff,” but he is offended by Grell’s advances and retaliates with coldness. William can barely refer to Grell by name at all, just refers to Grell as a terrible employee… and I’m not sure what pronouns he uses for Grell – it generally comes across as gender-neutral in English, though. Othello might be using feminine pronouns for Grell, but again I can’t tell for sure. If so, then he’s probably the only one. Ronald seems to avoid the gender issue, much like William (but without being so insulting).

Yana-san usually refers to Grell with masculine pronouns but then also says things like “actress”, so that’s not much help, is it?

However, It might be summed up best in “Ciel in Wonderland” when “Cheshire Cat” Grell ponders this very question and admits confusion over gender-identity. Man… or woman? “Cheshire Cat” Grell cannot choose. Is it even necessary *to* choose?

There’s a growing number of people within the fandom who (very strongly) believes Grell to be a trans-woman. However, Grell could, indeed, be gender-fluid.

I cannot give a definitive answer. LOL I don’t *have* one…. As you have probably noticed, I try my best to avoid pronouns when referring to Grell.

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Why is that shinigami in the white goat on a front volume cover but Grell has never been on one ?? D: any thoughts ?

I guess it’s because

1) Othello probably plays a more important role than Grell in this arc

2) Grell already was on the cover once (it was a special all-in-red slip over cover for vol.12)

3) Yana said Grell will probably get on the cover (again) someday before the series ends. (X)

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What kind of parents to you think Grell and Will would make?

- overbearing tbh
- they’ll always be her babies???
- but MOM IM 16 —shhhh give mommy a goodnight kiss
- gets more excited about their events and projects than they do
- has no qualms about swearing in front of them but WILL say that she can only do it bc she’s a grown up
- “I did not raise you to talk back to your mother”
- makes them take family portraits every year
- can’t say no to her babies

- Super awkward?
- daddy becomes Daddy
- sorry
- “you will not leave this table until you eat those vegetables”
- pats child awkwardly on head once they start walking
- prior to their walking he’ll cuddle them, once they can walk and talk he suddenly doesnt know what to do
- probably the type to make fun of children’s books bc “why is the turtle eating so much there is no good reason for it to need that much food” “bears don’t eat porridge, stop feeding my child lies”

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Just a quick little theory-ish question, how do you think each of the reapers committed suicide and why?

Hello Anon and thanks for the question. This will be a bit of a long answer, and please know this is all headcanon. I might be dead wrong about some of this, and this is all just my opinion. Also, I will also be obviously discussing suicide in this answer, so please be forewarned.

Now, most of my thoughts come from the one page in chapter 105 where we learn that all the Shinigami used to be human.

First, we have Grell. I would venture to guess that Grell would have been the one shown cutting her wrist i the images since it looks like the hand has painted nails. This would also explain Grell’s fascination with the color red.

I’ve thought a lot about the reasons why and have actually changed my mind quite a few times. There are a lot of possibilities with Grell. She’s emotional and dramatic - so she might have thought of it as her grand exit from the stage. She could have been a misunderstood and abused outcast who had been terribly shy and meek in her human life, and she just couldn’t stand the pain. The more I examine the character, however, I think the big hint lies in the fact she often equates love and death. I think there’s a good chance Grell died as part of a suicide pact with a lover or even a murder/suicide. She wanted to be with someone forever and took her own life in a vain attempt to do so.

Next is William. I’m not completely sure with method William would have chosen. He would have wanted something that was effective, but he’s not the kind to draw attention to himself. I think a gun would be too loud and messy for him, so he would be more likely to have overdosed so he could have simply gone to bed and not woken up. However, I might be backwards on that reasoning and logic.

William strikes me as someone who was never good at expressing his emotions. He did what he had to get done and was reliable, but he was the kind of person that was often overlooked and alone. He would tell himself that he was happy, but he might have been lonely. This is purely my headcanon, but I think he might have been a businessman. Each day was a routine, and he was efficient with his routine, but he was also stuck in a bit of a rut. There’s a chance that he simply wanted to escape the endless repetition his life, which would be ironic since he was punished with the same sort of existence.

On to Ronald, who is very much a ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy. I think he was always the party type, although he was also a good worker. When it was time to work, he worked hard. Afterwards, he partied hard, but he wasn’t the kind to think of the future. He didn’t like to plan ahead or think of the past. While he was seen as responsible enough during the day, his nights was filled with alcohol, drugs, and women. At some point, balancing both sides of his life became too much. Something happened to push him over the edge. Maybe his reckless lifestyle finally hurt someone other than himself, and he just couldn’t face it. After all, he’s a decent guy overall.

I think it’s most likely that Ronald jumped off a building. First off, those shoes in the picture do look like his.

Jumping is sometimes considered an impulsive action since it doesn’t take any planning, which would fit into Ronald not thinking ahead. It’s also interesting to note that Ronald now has to jump down with his lawnmower for it to be effective, which could mirror his death.

Undertaker is a bit of an odd one for me. I have an idea that he might be the original Shinigami and might have never been human. I’ve read a theory that he was the one who collected the souls of the others, which is why he is shown as a solid figure on the cover of 106 while the others are mere skeletons.

I rather like that theory. If he was human, however, then I think it might have had something to do with someone he loved or thought he loved since his actions now seem related to attachments. He might have been a bit like Grell in that regard. Since the drowning figure shown appears to have long hair, that could have been him.

There’s really very little to go on with Alan and Eric since we only have them in the musical and the single image of the manga. If all the Shinigami are repeating their lives as humans to some degree, maybe there’s a hint there. Alan might have been ill as a human, and took his own life in order to avoid suffering. He’s another one who might have taken an overdose as that would fit his more somber personality. Eric is brash and impulsive. Just like in the musical, his actions might have led to the death or injury of someone he cared for, and he didn’t feel he could live with the guilt or without that person. Since his death was more passive since he simply allowed Sebastian to kill him, perhaps Eric allowed something to run over him - like a train or horse. He purposely put himself in something’s way so that he could end his life.

Sascha’s death seems to the easiest to guess since the hairstyle looks the same as the image with the rope.

Since Sascha claims to be happier now as a Shinigami, it’s safe to assume that Sascha’s life hadn’t been an easy one. There’s really no hints as to why beyond that. Sascha is a bit of an observer with the use of a camera, so there could be the feelings of not being able to participate in life. Also, there is a hint of a slightly morbid fascination that had preceded death. Sascha might have heard that those who commit suicide become Shinigami or was just curious what happened after you died.

There’s almost nothing to go on with Rudgar. He smokes, so perhaps something to do with fire? His personality seems close to William’s in some ways, so there might be a similarity to their stories.

Finally, there’s the newest Shinigami, Othello. The clue might be right there in his name since the character of Othello kills himself after finding out that his wife, whom he had just killed for betraying him, had been faithful. Like the Shakespearean character, perhaps our Othello had been lied to and done something horrible while believing the lie. After discovering he was tricked, he stabbed himself rather than allowing himself to be arrested.

That’s just my thoughts of the matter. I’ve read other theories as well, but i hope that answered your question, Anon. Have a lovely day!

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Have any of your friends/coworkers found out about your relationship? Not the fact that you are in a relationship, but specifically who you are in it with

“Needless to say, I’m not speaking to Knox right now for his behavior no matter how much he claims he was just being “friendly”.”

“I don’t call William at work anymore… He usually is so clingy to keeping his phone close by, I never suspected his subordinate would answer it… As for me, weather my co-workers know William doesn’t affect me as much. It hasn’t really come up at work for me.”

“Lucky you…”

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if you have a moment, could you please translate yana-san's newest picture of grell? (what grell's saying included?)

Context: In her previous twitter posts Yana explained why she chose Lizzy over Grell for the cover of vol.13 and said that Grell will get on the cover someday, too.

Roughly translated, Grell says

“Make sure to tell me in advance when I get on the cover [of one of the comicbooks]. An actress [like me] has to make various preparations, e.g. making an appointment for a beauty treatment, a haircut, etc”

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How do you feel about misgendering Grell?

Hold on. Let me go get my soap box. I got a lot to say on this.

I strongly disapprove of the insistence of the fans in misgendering Grelle. The creator specifically said she is pre-op transgender.

“But Gh0st, they don’t use female pronouns in the show!”

Black Butler takes place in VICTORIAN ENGLAND. In the late 1880s to be exact.
She’s misgendered because everyone around her thinks she’s mentally ill. They legitimately think she’s ill because she’s transgender and chases after men despite being biologically male.
They don’t use female pronouns because they wouldn’t. Grelle refers to herself several times as a woman, that should be enough.

The abuse she suffers and the misgendering lend to huge parts of her character.

Did you know that one of the theories for Jack the Ripper was a man who wanted to be a woman so badly that they killed all those women out of jealousy?
Grelle herself is a reference to that.

Her entire demeanor is built from being hurt.

She chases after Sebastian and Will because even when they hurt her, they’re still paying attention to her. She flirts with Sebastian expecting to get hurt.

She helps Madam Red because she empathizes with her. Madam Red is jealous they’d kill unborn children she’d literally kill to have, Grelle is jealous they even have the option.

She feels she has to build herself up because no one else will. She makes herself larger than life because she feels worthless.

That is why I disapprove of misgendering Grelle. She gets it enough in canon by virtue of the time period, she doesn’t need it from us.