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What plot development or aspect of canon frustrated you the most?

Oh geeze. I’m not sure I can pinpoint a particular one development other than saying stuff like ‘THE EPILOGUE or ‘the entire end of shippuden’. I remember being particularly frustrated by Obito’s wordless flashback chapter because it was so wildly inconsistent with pretty much every other fact we knew about that era. The way Sakura’s character development got shut down for no real reason? The way Orochimaru karma houdini’d his way out of every consequence? The way that none of the central themes of the manga were ever fulfilled (and indeed, were mostly proven false)? There’s just too many.

-Silver Queen

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"close your eyes and breathe in your ruin" fake fic? dos kakashi?

This is definitely not a reference to anything, right? They’re two separate phrases which don’t appear anywhere together, right?

If it is a reference, sorry I missed it. Also, I’m gonna slap some parantheses on here; hope you don’t mind, anon.

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)

Kakashi considers the shape of his failures and what it actually means to survive.

Or: the Team Sevens that was, never were, and is.

AKA Kakashi is always mourning even when he’s happy. Maybe especially when he’s happy.

We all know that Kakashi is the saddest string bean in existence and the title doesn’t really help matters, so instead of resisting I decided to lean into it.

This would definitely be a lot of Kakashi’s internal thoughts about his now dead team, the various genin teams Sandaime tried to foist off on him which he rejected, and his current team. And it features things like:

Comparing members of his first Team Seven to his current Team Seven. With some surprising match ups like Sasuke and Rin, Shikako and Minato. Though, of course, he does go through all combinations at some point.

The vaguest recollections of those genin teams he failed. Maybe the first one had a Nohara–Sandaime trying to hook him with sentimentality–but it was trite and that Nohara boy was nothing like Rin and Kakashi was offended that Sandaime thought it would work.

Imagining what the world would be like if his first Team Seven were still alive. Naruto would have grown up with a parent, of course, and Sasuke might not be so horribly alone. Would Obito and Rin have had genin teams of their own? Would Rin have been Sakura’s sensei instead of her going to the Medic Corps? Would Minato have a hand in Shikako’s burgeoning fuinjutsu education?

Etc. etc.

Not sure what else I can include in this brainstorm without outrightly starting to write this fic… Sorry it’s so short, anon. Uh please enjoy this fic rec which is the foundation for all my alive!Nohara Rin headcanons: Dinner with the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad by pentapus

Erm, but basically this fic would be about Kakashi the saddest string bean.

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Can I cheer on Sound!Naruto? I know you've got loads of WIPs and you probably don't need another, but the possibilities! Oro kidnaps Naruto when he defects (maybe tie in some MinaOro/MinaKushiOro for reasoning or just because he wants a jinchuuriki) or Naruto is openly non-binary and loud about it and some bigots use it as another way to malign him as being a freak (even though they accept it for everyone else), runs away to prove himself strong when he's a young child and Oro finds him 1/2

wandering around and Naruto, ball of sunshine he is, asks if Oro’s a boy or girl. Oro says he doesn’t care/something and Naruto’s ecstatic because *it’s someone like him* and then he just follows Oro. Oro’s too bemused to run away and isn’t that kid familiar? (Obvs, Naruto didn’t introduce himself at first and Oro didn’t ask) The ball of sunshine worms his way into Oro’s heart and he ends up leaving Akatsuki early and founding Sound. Naturo just. never. left. Sly snake and ball o’ sunshine.

Noooooo, but you’re making me want this even more now. DDD:


Photos with other YOI cosplayers at Katsu! If you see yourself, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST/SEND ME A MESSAGE SO I CAN TAG YOU!! ;A; It was so wonderful meeting you all, thank you so much for taking pics with me!! :DDD

1. Mila, @ask-actual-angel-krista (I LOVE YOU WIFE!!)

2. Phichit, @rui-of-sunshine (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! ;A;)

3. feather duster Seung-Gil, Ramon Cosplay on twitter

4. Otabek, @bonoree

5. Stammi vicino Victor at the bar, @????

6. waiter costume (shh that’s what i call it) Seung-Gil, @iiyen

7. Yurio & Minami, @kymbawee and @whimsicalparadox

8. Stammi Vicino Victor lobby shot, @kodiak-child

9. Young!Victor, @rainecyc

10. Eros!Yuuri, ungodlyprodigy on instagram

Lemme know if you are/know any of the mystery people/want me to add other social media!! And also please lemme know if you see other pics of me, I’d love to reblog, I’m the super rhinestoned glittery stammi vicino Yuuri who lights up and sometimes was holding toxic blue glowing roses ^ ^;;;


Some magical girl AU designs I sketched for @pewpewpewseibai on twitter :)
These were so much fun xD

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what's your favorite thing about luke?

wow that is a good question. brace yourself.

so, what i like most is that he has every reason to be an asshole yet he’s the nicest man out there. like his parabatai betrayed him and it wasn’t just a simple betrayal you know. he wanted luke dead. his soul mate wanted him dead what can be harder than this? he was privileged and then he lost his privilege. his family turned their back on him. remember cleophas calling him names like “a filthy animal”. just imagine that… like turning into a werewolf wasn’t enough already… and like after he was turned just think how hard was it. he was suicidal but his love for jocelyn and clary kept him going. the werewolves were probably so harsh to him. i mean he’s an ex-circle member who is now a werewolf. well, i would be very pissed at him, if i were a werewolf. that’s for sure. and he wasn’t even a regular circle member. he was the leader’s parabatai. i can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him. but even with all those things, he kept going good. he cared for people around him.

remember the scene where simon tries to calm him. luke taught him how to shave. like who does that? simon is his girlfriend’s daughter’s best friend (wtf right?) but luke is like a father to him too. he would do anything to keep the ones he loves safe. i’m not even talking about his relationship with maia. we didn’t even see it properly. (FUCK YOU WRITERS GIVE MY MAN MORE SCENES) anyway so as you can see he cares about everyone even tho he experienced really hard things. he could be like no one cared about me so fuck em all. but instead, he’s the purest sunshine.

and he has zero tolerance for shadowhunters like bless him. “man get off my docks” or “we never asked”. ICONIC. even tho the writers are assholes to him at least he got good lines… 

anyway i can go on for ages. like he calls clary “kiddo” how cute is that? and let me tell you clary doesn’t deserve his love… anyway that’s another issue but i would do anything for luke. simply:



And here are the new references for the Aqours kids !

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