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“I’m not wearing that.” reyder

I’m not wearing that

“You must be joking,” Reyes huffed, staring at Scott as if the Pathfinder had just sprouted horns and a fluffy tail. “I’m not wearing that.”

“Oh, come on, it will be fun!” Scott singsonged, pointing to the heaps of clothes stashed in his wardrobe – each worse than the previous one, with clashing colors, ridiculous fabric and terrible cut. Worst fashion disasters Andromeda had ever seen. “And besides, it’s for a good cause!”

“How is making an idiot out of myself going to help anybody?”

Using his biotics, Scott let various garments float in front of them, his gaze searching intently for the most outrageous pick.

“I told you. Sara is stuck in the Nexus med bay again and she’s going crazy from boredom. We need to cheer her up.”

“By dressing up as fabulous hobos?”

“She’ll love it, just you see.”

Reyes let out a long-suffering sigh, rubbing his forehead.

“The things I do for you…”

Scott laughed and let one of the shirts smack Reyes right in the face.

“Less grumbling, more getting dressed.”

* * *

“Vetra? Could you come to my room for a moment?”

She lifted her gaze from the gun she had been upgrading and looked with surprise at her omni-tool.

“Yeah, sure.”

On the way to the Pathfinder’s Quarters, Vetra couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. Scott was the type of guy, who preferred to go out to his crew rather than summon them to his own room. Especially during Reyes’s visit. They hardly needed an audience, right?

She pressed the button, opening the door, took a step inside… and froze. Full body paralysis as she took a long and good look at the two men in front of her.

Scott was dressed in a turquoise sweatpants, a neon pink translucent Blasto tank top, orange socks adorned with tiny silver stars and purple, oversized crocks. Big headphones hung casually around his neck. On his left wrist he had a rainbow bracelet, on the right a few garish rubber bands. And to top it all, a pair of mauve party sunglasses stuck on his nose. Reyes wore an identical outfit, just in a slightly different color scheme (pink sweatpants, turquoise tank top, orange crocks, purple socks).

Vetra stared, and stared, and then stared some more, infinities upon infinities rolling by as her brain was trying to process what she was seeing.

She gave up eventually and shook her head, as if chasing the cursed images away.

“You know what, I don’t even want to know. Why did you call me?”

Scott’s smile was brighter than his top. The shirt, not Reyes, although the Charlatan, once he actually put on the outfit, started to radiate lethal doses of joy and excitement.

“Take a photo of us and send it later to my omni-tool, okay?”

“Sure. Whatever.” Vetra reached an inner zen state.

“Okay,” Scott clapped his hands. “Let’s strike a pose. Three… two… one…”

Arms were extended, muscles flexed, confidence oozing from every pore.

“Done. The photo and I,” said Vetra and forwarded the image on her merry way away from this nuthouse.

When the door closed behind her, Reyes turned to his boyfriend.

“Do you really think Sara will like it?”

“Oh yeah.” Scott giggled stupidly, sending the picture to his twin. “She’s gonna piss her pants.”

* * *

As it turned out, Sara’s reaction thankfully wasn’t as urinary as expected, although she apparently had a fit of laughter so intense she had to be sedated. Doctor Carlyle sent Scott about a dozen angry emails, banning all interRyder communication until Sara was well again.

“Worth it,” Scott decided with a smug nod.

As soon as I read that prompt I couldn’t help but think of this picture by @scottryder-spacetwink. Sara’s reaction is totally understandable because my own was similar. Sorry for the addition of crocks, I just had to.

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34 or 35(?) for waking up starstruck verse, tbh i'm not really experienced in understanding softer world prompts and the last one with narukako hurts so badly so i was hoping that either of those two would be fluff-ish

When you’re around I don’t know how to hide my feelings.
I count in binary in my head. zero one one zero one one
and you count clouds
(while you count clouds)

He learns a lot on his travels with Ero-sennin–cool ninjutsu and how to fight better, yeah, but lots of other things, too: like how to gamble and how to drink and how to figure out which brothels have valuable intel and which ones don’t.

Not that he went inside any of them! But the ladies who work there always appreciate it when he brings coffee and snacks, and he never minds acting as security and kicking out asshole perverts.

He learns about different people, about their ways of life and their personal stories. He learns about different cultures and their values. He learns about the things he didn’t pay attention to at the Academy and things they never mentioned at all.

He learns about himself. About being a jincuuriki, about his parents, about all the things that were denied him in Konoha–about legacies and secrets. But he also learns about himself.

As in, what he likes and what he doesn’t, his limits and his strengths and how to go beyond both, and what distances he’ll go to protect the people he loves.

When he returns, it’s not a surprise the rush of fondness he feels–Konoha, despite its sins, is still his home–and it’s not unexpected, the excitement he gets gets from seeing all his friends again.

But most of all, when he sees her, its like realizing something he already knew, like going to a place that he’s never been to before  but was made just for him.

Naruto learns a lot on his travels, but the most important is waiting for him at home.


I hate trying to put my desire into words
when my body knows exactly what to say.
Come home.
(You can’t start a fire without a spark.)

She’s not just waiting.

That’s part of it, yes, but not the whole of her, not the entirety of who she is, not even the majority. She has to get stronger, has to keep things running, has to try not to get tangled in all the different threads, stuck and futilely struggling like a fly in the web.

Things don’t stop just because these three years are a giant blank. Time keeps moving on, people growing and changing (and dying), like a river flowing even without someone there to witness it.

But it’s a definitive event. A start line. A point in time that creeps ever nearer and signifies the beginning of… something. Everything. The end of the world.

Sometimes it’s something to dread–when he comes back, that’s when it all goes to shit, that’s the make or break moment. She’ll have to find out if she did enough, if she trained enough and changed enough and made everyone strong enough to survive the oncoming storm.

Other times it’s something to anticipate, eager, when things stop being a vast unknown and her knowledge becomes relevant. An almost hunger to have it over with, the suspension looming over her heavier than her guilt. Make it now, she thinks, before I ruin everyone beyond the point of saving.

But that’s not really fair, is it? Reducing him to the harbinger of some story’s plot from a long ago life–he’s a person. Her friend. Its hard to remember that when he’s so far away, out of sight out of mind. It’s as if all she can think of is the name of a character and not the sound of his laughter or the gleam of his grin, strong arms wrapping around her.

It’s hard to remember his warmth when she feels so cold.

She lives and she fights and she survives, regrets and near misses and encroaching war and the fear that maybe she’s made mistakes so beyond herself that not even he can fix it, but somewhere in all of that she waits, too.

Shikako needs him to come home.


A/N: … this ship is like pulling teeth, I swear.

Anyway! I hope you enjoy this, anon, even though it’s not entirely fluffy. At least its not as painful as the last one?

Number + Character/Ship + (optional) AU –> my ask box

[If anyone else wants to do a softer world prompt that isn’t on the list, you can just send the page id number for the original comic instead.]


♡ Yohane wallpapers for anon! ♡ [720x1280]

and girls were so pretty. there was the effortless girls who had the wide eyes, the freckles, the hair pulled back. who didn’t wear makeup and always wore a smile, who knew you needed help before you asked it; the sunshine and picnic girls, who you felt carried spring with them. and the mountaintop girls, strong bodies and fierce in their bones, drinking green tea and teaching you yoga, who watched you and made sure you ate well, who knew what it was to fight for a body that listened. and the soft heather girls who knew nature and spoke gently and would show you how to hear the light hitting a lake, who would listen no matter how long the story was and somehow know what to say. and the girls who were red moons, a dangerous flash of teeth and darkness, an excited wildness that came in black leather and spoke of nights you ache when you remember, who would look at you and pin you to a board for a moment, so that for once you felt important. and the summertime girls, wide smiles and makeup that never smudged, who could make you feel as if you lived inside a photograph, who brought the feeling of the fourth of july to every party, who convinced you to come to the party. and of course the rain girls, who didn’t need an explanation, but simply were, in a way that when you made eye contact with them you knew somehow about sorrow and also about the safety of staying home. 

and girls. girls in their sweatpants in the aisle of a supermarket looking lost. girls staring down their teacher, demanding the grade they deserve. girls with their hands on the wheel, with their hands passing lotion to another, with their hands in their hair. girls upside down on the couch and spine straight in business meetings and body curled around a book. girls who were upended libraries, who were railroads, who were a choir’s last note, who were carols, who were snow, who were a racing track, who glowed or who gave warmth or else sewed cold, who bit hard, who laughed loud, who fell asleep on trains, who rode bikes in rain.

and then there was you.

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Thank you for accepting this request! If it isn't too much trouble I would love to see You and Riko in their Mijuku Dreamer outfits? I am not too picky about the pose, maybe something simple like holding hands or smiling at each other.

Hi ms. Pasdechat! Here you are~

Thank you for your request and your patience ; - ;
Hope you like the result!

and 2 more requests to go!


Some magical girl AU designs I sketched for @pewpewpewseibai on twitter :)
These were so much fun xD

To the Kpop fan artist blogs

I love you all so much and your art my goodness!! 

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Photos with other YOI cosplayers at Katsu! If you see yourself, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST/SEND ME A MESSAGE SO I CAN TAG YOU!! ;A; It was so wonderful meeting you all, thank you so much for taking pics with me!! :DDD

1. Mila, @ask-actual-angel-krista (I LOVE YOU WIFE!!)

2. Phichit, @rui-of-sunshine (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! ;A;)

3. feather duster Seung-Gil, Ramon Cosplay on twitter

4. Otabek, @bonoree

5. Stammi vicino Victor at the bar, @????

6. waiter costume (shh that’s what i call it) Seung-Gil, @iiyen

7. Yurio & Minami, @kymbawee and @whimsicalparadox

8. Stammi Vicino Victor lobby shot, @kodiak-child

9. Young!Victor, @rainecyc

10. Eros!Yuuri, ungodlyprodigy on instagram

Lemme know if you are/know any of the mystery people/want me to add other social media!! And also please lemme know if you see other pics of me, I’d love to reblog, I’m the super rhinestoned glittery stammi vicino Yuuri who lights up and sometimes was holding toxic blue glowing roses ^ ^;;;

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Riko and Maki come to visit their smaller selves ! (Ask-LL-Pianists)

It doesn’t take long to be friends with babies and toddlers !

… Especially when you happen to be the same person.

(Canon Riko and Maki from @ask-ll-pianists )