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      Moonlight has stopped by your blog and has blessed you with a Baby [Spoiler Bleep]! May you take responsibility over this Pokemon when it hatches.

“ZORO! Seriously where are you?- Is this a real egg???”

He pauses, looking around but by that time the 100% normal bush had left.

He sighs, taking up responsibility of the egg until he finds the Zoroark he seems to call Zoro for short. Grabbing the cloth and egg in it, he continues searching.

[ft @occasionallyshinyumbreon Moonlight!]

Hi there :)

I just wanted to ask you a quick question (I’m sure other people already asked you this, but I can’t find it anywhere). Do your parents refer to you as ‘they/them’ and do they call you KP of your birth name? 

It was something I was thinking about last night and I wanted to ask you. 

KP: KP is my birth name so yeah they call me that and they try to use they/them but slip up sometimes.
A thought

I miss talking to you frequently guys, it part of the reason why i’m on tumblr and i don’t feel good isolating myself like that

So do you guys have any question for me? Tell me about yourself too! -in my ask box, or even submission if you have something cool to show me-

I’m always open to discussion! if you want to share something with me i’ll always be happy, really!


another friendly reminder 

if my inbox is closed, i will not be accepting asks until it is open again. i love your guys’ enthusiasm– it encourages me so much, especially since i never dreamed this blog would get as much support as it is now. but asks can pile up, and to avoid being overwhelmed, i will have to close my inbox and stop accepting asks until the number is down to a manageable amount again.

i will do my best to answer asks those of you sent through instant messages and submissions– again, all this info is included in my about page, which i totally understand those of you on mobile cannot access. i feel like it would be unfair if i just dropped what you all sent, especially if you didn’t know

but as of this moment, i will not be accepting asks via instant messaging, submission, or any other form other than a direct message through my askbox. again, it’s to avoid being overwhelmed.

thanks for understanding, and for being patient with me. you people rock !!

(Mandatory) Writer Check-in #1


We’re reaching the end of April, and we’ll love to know how things are going for everyone who’s writing during this Reaper 76 BB. I’ll be keeping track of responses.

We’re not looking for completed stories, just a general sense of how you feel things are going.

We’re accepting check-ins from April 27 up to May 1st 11:59 PM EST

Some questions:

  1. Where are you guys at writing wise? (Are you happy with what you’ve got so far? Please definitely answer this one)

  2. What do you like about the story so far? (You’re free to share your answers publicly, so how much you say is up to you .)

  3. Anything that’s been frustrating you?

  4. Something you want to add? (18 minutes of continual maniacal laughter is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

Give us a shout by replies, emails, asks, submissions or even the chat.

If you send in an ask or a submission, please let us know if you want that to be posted into the comm.

Thank you, Admin 76

We’re accepting check-ins from April 27 up to May 1st 11:59 PM EST


I don’t really have a tag yet I just started

Description: just an ask blog for my smol bendy so he isn’t as bored in the animation studio.

Do you have an age limit?: yeah I’m gonna say 15+.

Is mature content displayed publicly on your blog?: I won’t be drawing anything nsfw on this blog. If need be and enough people ask I’ll make a seccond blog for that.

Do you rp any other languages?: No sorry guys! I only speak English :(

Aditonal information?: My spelling and grammar aren’t the best so please bare with me.