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I spent way too much time on this piece of shit and I regret everything by e

That’s more of a continuation to that old comic than an answer to the ask but whatever man though I’m pretty sure the kids (sans Wendy) would probably laugh at Acno rather than comfort him lmao


it took Rogue a week to convince Cubellios not to eat Frosch

Have You Tried Seducing?

Anon Requests: Do you think you could do something like Reader is only wearing Cas’s shirt and they’re in the living room or kitchen or some place like that and Cas thinks it’s Sexy so he decides to fuck reader and they break something, which wakes up in the Winchesters and the Winchesters walk in and Reader get’s embarrassed but Castiel don’t stop fucking until he’s done? Thank you! AND How about a cas x reader where cas has been in love with reader for ages but never acted on his feelings/urges because he’s an angel and it’s a sin for an angel to be with a human(it’s forbidden). The reader overheard cas confess his affection for her to the Winchester boys and she decides to seduce him because she’s always liked him too but felt he hated her(but he was just avoiding temptation). So he just cracks and some really good smut follows and then some cute fluff 🤗 love you btw ✊🏽

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of dirty talk, language, nsfw gif further below the cut!!

A/N: I decided to combine 2 requests for this one. hope thats alright!


3 weeks.

It had been 3 weeks since you had overheard Castiel confess his love for you to Sam and Dean.

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soften the blow. 12x13 coda. deancas. (ao3)

Cas picks up the phone halfway through the second ring. “Dean?” he says. “Is everything all right?”

“I love you,” Dean says. Cas inhales sharply on the other end of the line. “And I don’t have any bad news to follow that up with.”

“I–” Cas says. “What?”

“Getting real tired of people telling me that just to soften the blow,” Dean says. He hangs up, heart racing.

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Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

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Little Rogue meeting Frosch for the first time? ;w;

> was supposed to finish a Gray/Lyon piece and a na//lu related thing

> posts more of this shitty au

I was gonna do this one in color but apparently I forgot how to color lately :’)

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Kinks that the dragon slayers have?

He’d like doing it on different places like the kitchen or in the shower or…in the guild or…anywhere where he wants to basically. I also think he’d normally be the dominant typ but he’d like it when his s/o takes full control once in a while and I mean the kind of"tied up to the headboard, riding his brain out" full control.

When he’s in the kinky mood prepare yourself because that’s gonna be a looong night. He’d enjoy to see his s/o helpless, whimpering infront of him, begging to finally give you want only he can do sooo good. And don’t you dare not obeying his will at times like this because he will punish and he will do it with a lot of pleasure.

I think he’d be a little bit like Natsu just less extreme. He’s such a tough and strong type so maybe he’d sometimes like it when he’s dominated. But not with tieing up or stuff like that more with just denyning to do something when he acutally could. And a shit lot of teasing while he just has to lay there.

Roleplay. He’d like to see his s/o in a sexy school girl outfit and fuck you over his office table. Maybe he’d like his s/o to take control too. For example: You are dressed as a nurse and he has again overdone it with a fight, so you have to punish him a little bit…

I think he’d like it when his s/o his scratching his back while he’s on top. So I think he’d be a little masochistic, things like pulling his hair back or biting his shoulder would really turn him on. And don’t hesitate saying what you want, he’d like it when he’s commanded and maybe screamed to too.

Pretty obviously he’d like to be talked to during sex. Scream, shout, tell him what you want. And curse the shit out of your lungs. He like to hear the noises your bodies make so he’d do it when you’re dripping wet. Headboard may be smashing against the wall and the bed would sound like it will break any second…and he likes it.

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Nobody could quite agree on why Rekina did what she did. Some claimed she was searching for something (although nobody was sure what). Others said she was doing the exact opposite, that she was running away - usually from her own mortality, to hear them tell it. A few psychologists with more degrees than patients adjusted their half-moon glasses and spoke loftily of self-esteem issues and paternal absence. Most people didn't care - they only loved the stories.

This is amazing. And those psychologists can fight me and my dad might try to punch them too lmao

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Any NatsuxSting headcanons at all? I feel like they'd be a good match.

I’ve done some here already but why not try a few more :)

  • They love video chatting on lacrima and usually talk for hours at least once a week just leaning on their hands with a lovestruck smile on their faces.
  • Endless cat videos sent to each other.
  • Also so many selfies. Sting’s naturally great with lighting and he teaches Natsu to do similar stuff using his fire so he can get gorgeous pictures of his boyfriend. 
  • Sting has a beautiful picture of himself, Natsu, Happy and Lector framed on his desk.
  • “I did 100 push ups today.” “That’s cool, I did 101.”
  • No but seriously it gets so intense that Lucy and Rogue have to be brought in to verify the amount of whatever they’re competing that they say they have. 
  • The thing of loving wearing your boyfriend’s clothes because of their scent is only heightened and Natsu starts wearing crop tops everywhere. 
  • Luckily they’re pretty much the same size and end up sharing a wardrobe.
  • This causes trouble when someone wants to wear a specific outfit and a lot of emergency deliveries (and then emergency dry-cleaning because there is vomit on them).
  • Sting tries to wingman for Rogue but just ends up gushing about his boyfriend and how hot he is instead of bigging up Rogue. 
  • He’s talked about Natsu for an hour to a stranger before including a 25 minute slideshow of photos. 
  • LDRs can be really hard, especially when you both have motion sickness and are the glue that hold your guild together, but random little presents help to close the distance.
  • “Sting you can’t send that pie to Natsu it’ll get spoilt by the time it arrives in Magnolia.” “Yeah like that’ll stop him from eating it.”
  • Lucy has had to stop Natsu eating mouldy food from Sting multiple times. He’s ride or die tbh. 
  • Sometimes Natsu sends really nice long letters to Sting and Rogue comes into his office to find him crying. 
  • “Shit. What’s wrong? Something bad happen?” “His handwriting’s terrible I can’t fucking read this.” 

based on this

I keep finding abandoned draw the squad memes in my folders wh y

you can tell I’ve lost all motivation while drawing this .___.’

gajeel buddy I’m pretty sure u picked the wrong target

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Where the fairy tail guys like to kiss their s/o and why Ex: Forehead, neck, cheek, lips, etc

I’ll do Natsu, Gray, Laxus, Sting and Rogue ^^ if you want someone else too, just ask again :3

He goes directly for the mouth. Natsu is very straightforward, kinda like he isn’t really into foreplay either. Mouth is the most personal way to show love and he can put so much feelings into a kiss, in a nice and simple way.

He’s about the neck. With kissing his s/os neck, he can be so close while giving them goosebumps and getting them a little hot. He likes giving them this nice, ticklish feeling all over their body with a little move.

Biting into his s/os ear. For him, this is a simple way to get his s/o a little dizzy and flusterd. It’s very a personal move and shows a lot of passion. He isn’t about all the “oh I’m so in love” stuff. He wants to show his s/o he loves them, quick and honest.

He’s not picky. He’d like to kiss and bite his s/o everywhere, whenever. His s/o will never have no hickeys or bite marks on their neck. Kissing his s/os hand, forhead, cheeks, it doesn’t matter what, he’s done it…it’s his way to show how much he cares.

Forhead, cheeks and lips are Rogues faves. He’s into sweet personal touch, showing how much he loves his s/o. He doesn’t want to make his s/o hot or horny, he just wants to let them feel that he’s there and that he loves them.

I love sweet requests like that ^^