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Just say it // Mycroft x Reader

Words // 1011

Warnings // none

Summary / Mycroft has been coming over a lot all of a sudden and it’s starting to annoy Sherlock.

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“What’s going on?’’ You asked sleepily once you stepped inside the kitchen. John sat in his chair, laptop in his lap and his fingers clicking on the keys. Sherlock’s eyes turned to you and then back to the person who was just out of your field of sight. Luckily John did care to inform you of what was going on.

“Mycroft’s here and both of them refuse to say a word.’’ John said as he turned his head to you and you nodded, pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You were quite amused by it though, you had heard of Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother who possessed a ‘minor’ position in the British government, key word minor. You yawned, you had just woken up and suffered through a few days of Sherlock talking your ear off until three in the morning because John was gone which is why you deserved to sleep in once until well in the afternoon.

You walked into the living room and finally saw Mycroft for the first time, quite obviously he had to wear an expensive suit. He was leaning on his umbrella which was both funny but very extra, his face was rather neutral and you wondered what the fuss between the two of them was all about.

“Right, you’re giving each other the cold treatment. So the solution is, one of you two starts talking or you just leave. It’s not that hard.’’ You said and John chuckled, the silence remained and John had continued with writing his blog in the meanwhile. “Of course, you know what I thought he was bad but you’re both the absolute worst.’’ You said, rather amused. It was funny to see both of them not willing to set the first step because they were too stubborn too and you wondered how John had been dealing with these years.

“I have nothing to say, goodbye brother mine.’’ Mycroft said before leaving. The door shut behind him and you laughed with John, Sherlock gave the two of you a weird look. “Exactly my reaction.’’ He said as he understood how funny it was to see Sherlock and Mycroft when both of them were refusing to talk first, it was like dealing with a pair of toddlers who were both trying to be very mature but couldn’t say sorry, both believing they were right and the other was wrong.

After that the three of you just went about, doing whatever you always did although Sherlock was a bit more irritated the whole day.


It was just over a week later when Mycroft showed up the next time, you were sitting behind your laptop, doing some work when the door opened and Mycroft stepped inside. This time though, both John and Sherlock were out. You had wanted to desperately join them but John had convinced you to finish your work first, they were only going to the station to ask a few questions and you had also forced John to go get some more groceries once they were finished because of course you decided to open the fridge to find a hand, experiment.

“Hello.’’ You said as you turned to face him, he was obviously surprised by the look on his face to find you alone in 221B but it happened quite a lot, also because you forced them out from time to time. If you had gotten really fed up with them Mrs. Hudson helped you to force the two of them out so you had some time for yourself, they could just go to John’s house.

“Hello. I have a case,’’ He said, his voice sounded slightly off edge but you didn’t really pay attention to it. “but I can come back later.’’

“No you can just drop it here. They’re going to be back in a while,’’ You said. “or if it’s not a file I can just write everything down.’’ He nodded and had a small smile on his face which fitted him rather odd but was somewhat sweet.

“Of course, here it is.’’ He said as he handed it to you and you flipped it open, staring at it for a few seconds before nodding and closing it.

“Y/N was it?’’ You nodded. “I look forward to hearing progress.


Mycroft had visited frequently ever since and it was getting on Sherlock’s nerves to have his brother present almost continuously and today was another day he was present You were sitting in ‘the chair’ listening to Sherlock who was talking about his latest case when he noticed Mycroft standing in the doorframe.

“Don’t linger, it’s annoying.’’ He suddenly said and you looked over the chair to see Mycroft standing there, again. It was getting close to annoying.

There was a silence for a while until Sherlock had a face which you described as the moment he realized he was an idiot but this time he didn’t make any sound. 

“Don’t say anything.’’ Sherlock snapped at Mycroft who had just opened his mouth and shut it, he looked extremely offended. “Tell her the truth.’’

“Excuse me?’’ He replied, sounding confused which would be a first as you know Mycroft liked to call himself smarter than Sherlock so for him to be confused it either had to be him faking or he really didn’t have a clue which was more than rare. 

“You obviously like her so just say it? Do I really need to go through all the obvious things you’ve been doing. You’re getting slow for someone who claims to be smarter than me.’’ Sherlock commented. “I am.’’ Mycroft snapped in response.

“Look at that, never thought I’d live to see a day where Mycroft is red.’’ You said with a small chuckle, you were amused by it all but also flattered because Mycroft could have a heart and be really nice if he both wanted it and he seemed to do it almost every time he was around when you were present.

“What about tomorrow night? Dinner?’’ Mycroft smoothly asked and you chuckled again but nodded.


BonesXReader insert: Cuddle Party

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Dr Leonard McCoy rolled his eyes as he read the messages coming through on his PADD thinking how the Captain’s newest ‘great idea’ was only going to end badly. Jim had lead a small away team on a diplomatic mission about a week before, one he had thankfully left the Dr out of, but he had come back brimming with new ideas for ‘boosting morale’ and ‘encouraging the crew to branch out and make other friends.’ Bones was reading his latest message and grumbled. A ‘Cuddle Party.’ Was Jim mad? There would be all kinds of problems stemming from this. Deciding he couldn’t let this go ahead because of the risks he left Med bay in search of his friend and Captain.

“Jim are you mad?” He asked falling into step beside the Captain as he headed to the Mess Hall.

“What’ve I done now Bones?” Kirk asked with his usual tone.

“These ‘cuddle parties’ are an incident waiting to happen.”

“Bones everything will be fine, they had them down on the planet, they explained the benefits I thought we could give it a try. It’s all purely based on consent, any crewman or woman not respecting another’s boundaries will be severely disciplined or worse if needs be.”


“Look Bones, I guarantee it’ll be fine, maybe you should come by? See for yourself. Might do you some good,” Kirk gave Bones his signature smile and Bones rolled his eyes and joined his friend for lunch, ignoring his suggestion.

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19 -- kylux

at the edge

The little emperor stood at the edge of the woods. 

“Come looking for gemstones with me,” he said, waving Ren over.

Ren had only been in the service of the heir for a week and was still getting his bearings, still not sure of the lay of the land, but Armitage was confident enough for them both. “Come on!” he called again. He didn’t sound impatient in an annoyed way, Ren decided, he was smiling, excited. He was just impatient to get started, to show Ren what he could find.

“Shouldn’t someone be with us?” Ren asked, stepping on a twig and making it crack as he joined Armitage at the entrance of the forest.

Armitage laughed. “That’s why I have you, silly. You’re even armed.”

“Well, yeah,” Ren said. “But just with a staff.”

“Still, you must be awfully good with it if my father wanted you here,” Armitage said. “And I heard–” He looked around, grinning, like he was sharing a choice cut of gossip. “I heard you’ll get a lightsaber by the time you’re thirteen if your training progresses well.”

Ren’s heart leapt. “Really?”

“Uh huh. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

The air under the heavy canopy was ten degrees cooler, and sunlight filtered in between the branches. “Maybe we’ll find kyber out here?” Ren asked hopefully. Though he wasn’t sure at all where it actually came from, he had to wonder if those were the gems Armitage was talking about.

“Hm, I don’t think so.” Armitage saw the way Ren’s face fell and quickly added, “Well, maybe. I’ve never seen any, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Now I have someone to help me look.”

Armitage pulled on his arm and took off, and Ren smiled, knowing the search was probably fruitless but happy to undertake it. 

Okay. First or all. Before I get really messed up again. I’ve got a plan.
Step one: Asked classmate I got along well with whether she already registered and what for. ☑
Step two: ask her to help me with the next semester planning
Step three: gift her a kneadable eraser as a thank you


¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ -  Meh? just doodles trashy trash

Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

15 Important Life Lessons

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at your mistakes.

2. Life is too short it to waste it on resentments, bitterness or grudges you’re holding against others.

3. You don’t have to win every argument and fight. Sometimes it’s OK to just agree to disagree.

4. Make peace with your past - then let it go, and move on.

5. Choose to go after what brings you happiness.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others.

7. It doesn’t really matter what others think about you – just live your own life and be true to who you are.

8. Life isn’t always fair – but sometimes good things happen, too!

9. Ignore your feelings – and keep taking the next step.

10. Ask for what you want.

11. Don’t suffer in silence – reach out for support.

12. Everything changes.

13. Be willing to experiment and try something new.

14. The most important thing is to love and be loved.

15. Believe that the best is yet to come.

Art Theft (I need your help)

Two of my favorite Undertale artists left today.

The reason was because of the repeated problems of art theft they had to deal with. The stress of translating (they were Korean), asking the perpetrator to take them down, and reporting made them decide enough was enough. They had to deal with this almost DAILY.

So they chose to drop everything and leave.

I’m going to take this moment to talk about the prominent problems of art theft within the Undertale community.

I don’t plan to force my stand on this onto you, but I hope I can ask a bit of your time to read on. Because I really need your help.

To start with,

It’s when you take and repost another artist’s work without their permission (even if it’s sourced). This includes reposting, editing, using in MVs, and selling merchandise using the stolen works. 

Aside from it being illegal, it is disrespectful to the artist who put in their personal time to create art for their enjoyment. It is their work and they have the rights to do what they wish to do with it. To see their work being used without their permission violates their ownership. It is natural to feel uncomfortable about art THEFT

This is the part where I would like to ask for your help. I love Undertale and wish for it to be a healthy community for all, globally. But I am only one person who happens to speak both Korean and English.

So, if you see a site/video/merchandise/etc without permission to the original artist, please take the following steps:

  1. Paste the paragraph below in the comments.

(English) Did you get permission from the original artist? If not, please get permission or take it down. We will file a report if you don’t.

(Spanish)  Tienes permiso del artista para subir esto? Si no lo tienes, por favor pidelo o eliminalo. Se te puede denunciar por hacer lo que estás haciendo.
(Korean) 원작자로부터 허가를 받았나요? 받지 않았다면 지금이라도 허가를 받거나 내려주세요. 아니면 신고하겠습니다.

(Japanese)  原作者から許可を得られましたか? そうでなければ今にでも許可を得たり、作品を消してください。 消さなければ法律に従い処罰します。

(Simplified Chinese) 你有得到绘师任何的同意吗?如果没有,请得到他人的同意或删除你发的贴文。如果没有遵守,我们会检举你了。 

(Traditional Chinese)  你有得到繪師任何的同意嗎?如果沒有,請得到他人的同意或刪除你發的貼文。如果沒有遵守,我們會檢舉你了。 

(Thai) คุณได้รับอนุญาติจากเจ้าของผลงานแล้วหรือไม่ ถ้าไม่ กรุณาไปขออนุญาติจากเจ้าของผลงานก่อนหรือควรลบโพสนั้นทิ้งไป มิเช่นนั้น เราจะรายงานคุณเนื่องจากคุณกำลังละเมิดสิทธิของเจ้าของผลงาน  

(Indonesian) Apakah gambar yang anda gunakan sudah diberikan izin oleh pemiliknya? Jika belum, mohon jangan dipakai atau mintalah ijin terlebih dahulu, jika tidak, akan kami laporkan penggunaan ilegal ini ke yang berwajib.

(Malay)  Adakah gambar yang kamu pakai telah diminta keizinan daripada pelukis itu? Jika belum, sila memohon izin daripada pelukis tersebut atau memadamkan post tersebut. Jika tidak, kami akan melaporkan ini kepada pihak yang berwajib.

(Tagalog)  Nagtanong ka na ba sa artist kung maaring i-post mo to? Kung hindi mo yun ginawa, sana huminge ka muna ng permiso, o di kaya itangal mo yung post mo. Ma re-report ka kapag hindi nyo inatupag kahit isa sa sinabi namin.

(Vietnamese)  Bạn đã nhận được sự cho phép của (các) tác giả gốc chưa? Nếu chưa, hãy đi hỏi sự đồng ý của họ hoặc xóa chúng đi. Chúng tôi sẽ báo cáo bạn lên hệ thống nếu như tình trạng này còn tiếp diễn.

(German) Kennen Sie den tatsächlichen Künstler und haben sie eine schriftliche Erlaubnis seine Arbeit zu benutzen? Wenn nicht, holen Sie diese Erlaubnis ein, ansonsten wird dieser Fall der Urheberrechtsverletzung von uns zur Anzeige gebracht.

(Danish)  Har du fået tilladelse fra den originale kunstner? Hvis ikke, vær venlig at få tilladelse eller fjern dette. Vi vil indsende en raport hvis du ikke gør. 

(Italian) Hai avuto il permesso dall'artista originale? In caso contrario, si prega di ottenere il permesso o toglierlo. Ci sarà una segnalazione se non lo fai.

(French)  Avez-vous demandé la permission de l'artiste pour publier son oeuvre? Si non, demandez une autorisation ou supprimez le poste s'il vous plaît. Sinon je vais devoir vous signaler.

(Swedish)  Har du fått tillåtelse den ursprungliga konstnären? Om inte, var så vänlig och få det eller ta ner verket. Vi kommer att anmäla dig om du inte gör det.

(Dutch) Heeft u toestemming van de artiest gevraagt om dit te posten? Zo niet, haal deze post a.u.b. zo snel mogelijk weg. Als u dat niet doet, zullen wij dit rapporteren. 

(Finnish)  Saitko luvan julkaista tämän? Jos et, pyydä lupa tai poista kuva. Muuten joudun raportoimaan sinut.

(Polish)  Czy masz pozwolenie na użycie tych artów od ich autorów? Jeśli nie, proszę, zapytaj o pozwolenie albo je usuń. Inaczej zostaniesz zgłoszony o użycie ilustracji bez pozwolenia.

(Russian)  Извините, у вас есть разрешение автора на использование его работ? Если нет, либо получите его, либо уберите взятый материал. В противном случае мы отправим на вас жалобу

(Portuguese) Você tem a permissão do artista para postar isso? Se não, por favor peça ou retire. Você poderá ser denunciado se não o fizer. 

(Turkish)  Resmin asıl çizerinden izin aldınız mı? Almadıysanız lütfen izin isteyin ya da gönderiyi kaldırın. Yoksa şikayet edileceksiniz.

(Croatian) Jeste li tražili dozvolu originalnog autora? Ako ne, molim vas tražite dopuštenje ili maknite post. U suprotnome ćemo vas morati prijaviti. 

(Romanian) Ai primit acordul de a posta aceasta lucrare din partea artistului original? Daca nu, te rog sa faci rost de permisiune sau sterge postarea. Daca nu o faci, te vom raporta.

(Icelandic) Hefur þú fengið leyfi uprunalega listamansinns til að nota þetta? Ef ekki, gerðu svo vel að ná í leyfi  eða takka það niður. Annars munnum við láta vita af þjófnaðinum.   

(Slovenian) Ali imaš dovoljenje originalnega umetnika, za uporabo? Če ne, prosim dovoljenje dobi ali pa izbriši post. Če tega ne storiš, te bomo prijavili.

(Arabic) اخذت اذن من الرسام نفسه ؟ اذا لا. لو سمحت استأذن منه او منها اول. او شيل الصورة. بنسويلك ريبورت اذا ما سويت 

(Hebrew) האם קיבלת אישור מהיוצר המקורי? אם לא, בבקשה תקבל אישור או שתמחק את היצירה. אנחנו נתן אזהרה אם לא תוריד את היצירה.
(If you can help translate to other languages, please send them to me so I can update this post!)

  1. Submit your findings to this link.
  2. (Optional) Check this link and report any sites that has been submitted over 3 days ago.

@junkpilestuff​ and I (along with other friends) will check from time to time to see if the link has been taken down. If not, we will send in a report ourselves.

Lastly, I want to thank you for taking your time reading this far. I am grateful for the followers I have and been blessed with kind people who asked for my permission before using my art. Not to mention, I haven’t had as many art theft issues thanks to all your keen lookout for me, which allowed me a healthy environment to continue making art.

I wish all Undertale artists to feel the same.

Thank you again! :D

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i really like your blog but i was kinda disappointed to see that stuff about ace people... they're part of the community regardless of whether or not they're discriminated... and also tbh there are a lot of sexualities that simply don't get as much hate because they're not well known... as for ace people - I literally had a teacher tell my class this week that "being asexual or aromantic - those people are sick, you can't be those things and be healthy... it's an illness"... decide what you will

oh my god. Look. Okay, this is all I’m going to say on the matter:

being anything and everything outside of a cis heterosexual person is not like a free pass to the lgbt community. okay, I am an Ace person, I am ace. I am asexual. and people talking about aph*bia on here KILL ME, because at the end of the day being ace does not mean you’re lgbt. someone saying that- doesn’t mean they hate ace people?? It doesn’t! why is that so upsetting to hear? being straight ace doesn’t mean you’re lgbt, it means you’re straight ace, Why are straight ace people so Desperate to call themselves specifically LGBT??, like whats wrong with calling yourself straight ace?, 

I don’t care if you’re disappointed to see it on my blog, unfollow my blog, because I stand by this. Being straight ace doesn’t make you lgbt. And if someone who is lgbt tells someone who is straight ace that being straight ace doesn’t make them lgbt then honestly why should that bother them in the first place like?? Doesn’t mean you’re not ace? Doesn’t mean you haven’t possibly faced your own forms of exclusion as someone who is ace?? It just means you aren’t lgbt??? Why are these people so desperate to call themselves lgbt??

listen to me. being asexual IS valid. It is different and I am ace myself, I know that in being ace a person can be faced with various forms of exclusion and even manners of oppression in regards to that but that relates specifically to being asexual and it does not make someone lgbt.

the post I reblogged highlighted the fact that being asexual has never been punishable by law anywhere in the world at any given time. and that’s just true. that’s a true statement. there’s nothing wrong with wanting your identity to be accepted and understood and validated and recognized for what it is. but maybe let’s stop trying to identify it as something that it’s not??

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15, and 16? 💞

Do you believe in the phrase ‘age is just a number’? uhhhhh ha I don’t know. My first stepmom was 18 years younger than my dad and that always kind of weirded me out and like. my younger sister was at a point in a relationship with a dude older than her by a few years but it was enough that it was weird to me because she was a minor and he wasn’t so. I don’t know. I’m not going to tell anyone else what to do but?? As for me ? I. Don’t know. 

Do you believe in love at first sight?

(that’s a yes, fyi)

When you help the beginners and they tell your instructors you were great:

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did someone say high school au??? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_