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I'm screaming I love that u headcanon jaylah as gay because SAME

jaylah has been so alone too and just. i wish jaylah and uhura had talked in the movie bc that would have been perfect and great!! like listen, I bet uhura would be such a sweet amused linguistics nerd listening to the way jaylah has adapted and learned english from HER HOUSE.

i just think jaylah bonding with uhura would be so sweet, uhura would love to teach her more about human languages and jaylah would just get the BIGGEST crush on her.

BUT ALSO. consider janice rand with fantastic hair complimenting jaylah’s hair bc jaylah loves to braid it back in complicated and pretty ways, i mean she’s been on her own for a long time and just picture her blushing in surprise at a compliment like that and then bam she’s got another crush.

AND jaylah meeting chapel and getting scolded for being reckless and she starts to sound like bones giving jim a lecture about being more careful and jaylah wonders if that means gorgeous, pillar of sickbay, stern but compassionate nurse chapel cares about jaylah.

and jaylah would definitely steal chekov’s girlfriends lbr without even trying (but ofc it’s not spiteful and it’s not really stealing bc they respect their partners and each other as friends!!)

like i think jaylah would flourish and fall in love a lot with the enterprise crew but especially the girls since i headcanon them all as super fierce but SO SUPPORTIVE of other women

Somehow she will give you the stars, all the constellations, and lay them at your feet without you asking, without expecting anything in return.
—  How you know she’s the one

who knows

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i started watching the west wing and wanted to know why you liked cj so much? and who else do you like & why?


and by that I mean she is a flawed deeply human woman with a backstory and insecurities and hope and compassion and fabulous dress sense and playfulness and snark and anger and love interests and the singular ability to play the press briefing room like a finely-tuned violin

plus, in a white house of egos so large they practically eclipse the seal of the president she’s one of the characters who is consistently shown to be open to learning, approaching even big block of cheese day nutcases with a humility that you don’t get from anyone else, but at the same time fiercely determined to prove herself equal to the yale-and-harvard statistic spouting beltway inside players despite not really being from this world, and (spoiler) it’s her who ascends to chief of staff, the hollywood import who’d never even run a campaign before and I mean

CJ comes at this from a place of compassion—not ideals, like sam and bartlet, not from personal ambition and drive, like josh, not even personal loyalty, like toby or leo. CJ does what she does because she feels, and fucks up when she does for the same reasons. She is so angry so much, about people hurting and people being maligned and from one of the tallest podiums in the world she lifts her voice, even when it’s not great for the guys she’s supposed to be protecting

(it’s not a perfect voice—I’m not going to pretend the west wing isn’t a tv written by and for white liberals whose boner for clinton lasted out the 90s, but I’m a sucker for the siren song of idealism and dramatic monologues full of SAT words so it’s hard for me to be impartial on this topic)

and just I really love CJ I’m not sure how she came into being or how aaron sorkin managed not to seriously screw her up in some way but she’s really fucking important to me. Her existence as a female character who’s scared and angry and regal and clumsy and admired, so admired, admired for her courage and righteousness and intelligence and savvy…it has been and is so important to me, in so many ways.

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imagine bucky watching the star trek reboot movies and developing a massive crush on chris pine that borders on obsessive until someone points out that he looks like steve (bonus if the phrase "jim kirk is LITERALLY the captain america of the twenty-third century" comes up in the intervention conversation)

bucky has been talking about how awesome captain kirk is and comparing pine’s kirk to shatner’s kirk and going on about what he’s hoping to see for the character’s development in the next reboot movie, because he’s great but he’s got so much growing up to do - and sam is sitting there at the kitchen counter with his arms crossed and one eyebrow raised in that way that says “i’m listening, but you’re ridiculous.”

“what?” bucky finally asks, breaking from his monologue self-consciously. “i know you like captain kirk, stop looking at me like that.”

“of course i like captain kirk,” agrees sam easily. he pauses, as though searching for the right words. “you’ve got a massive crush on chris pine.”

bucky narrows his eyes and puts his hands on his hips. “so do you,” he says suspiciously. “what’s your point?”

"hey, he’s an attractive guy,” says sam. “do you remember when steve dressed up as captain kirk for halloween?”

“of course i do,” bucky retorts. “that was literally like, two weeks ago. again, what’s your point?”

“steve does a great captain kirk,” says sam, sighing dreamily and resting his chin in his hand. he blinks at bucky innocently. “he really looks the part, don’t you think?”

bucky stares at sam for a moment, purses his lips, and walks away, muttering, “i don’t like where you’re going with this.”

“come on, bucky, admit it!” sam shouts at his retreating back, grinning. “jim kirk is pretty much the captain america of the twenty-third century!”

a muffled “i hate you,” comes from the hallway, and sam chuckles.

“if it makes you feel any better, i’m right there with you!”

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Ben Organa grew up a few steps behind and to the left of Poe Dameron, not quite orbiting but maybe an object measured in parallax. He has a holo of them somewhere, from just before Poe left for the Fleet Academy—Poe handsome and beaming, dark from the sun, and Ben with sleepless smudges under both eyes (Snoke had been getting louder, in those days) ungainly and adolescent looking, even in Jedi black. He’s looking up at Poe like he can’t quite figure out how they managed to fit him in the frame, on the same planet.

There was never any question Poe Dameron would be a good man. No one could say that about Ben Organa.

And part of it is just—it’s taken Ben twenty-nine years to figure out that if he doesn’t guard himself, watch himself; if he is not selfish about putting his own stability and safety first, then it will be used against him, it will be used against those he loves. He will hurt people. His selfishness is what stands between him and star death, between him and Kylo Ren. So the idea that Poe is willing to open a vein for whoever mentions being thirsty is appalling; no one can be that good and generous and survive.

The idea that Poe might open a vein for Ben—he might as well just bleed onto cracked earth, for all the good it would do.

(Something about flyboys, he thinks. He’s got a genetic predisposition.)

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