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Young justice version! Spoiler: Bart’s in Jamie’s room

Klance LoveChild

so let’s say, keith and lance are out on a mission and lance stumbles upon this alien, turns out they’re a shape-shifter, a baby at that, all alone. so of course, the first people they come in contact with are their parents, aka lance and keith. they take the form of something of a perfect mix of keith and lance and call them their dads. keith and lance completely spazz like “what did it just say?!” “i-i don’t know!” “did it just call us it’s dads?!” “hey, don’t call them ‘it’ that’s offensive” “LANCE” “dada” “//collective shrieks” “okay, okay, calm down, this is nothing.” “calm down?!” “okay, maybe it’s major” “they think we’re it’s parents!!” “…great” “what do we do?” “what do you mean?” “we can’t exactly leave a baby out here, let alone one that claims us as their parents” “so? do we just? take them with us?” “i don’t know, i’m asking you! this is all your fault!” “mine?!” “yes you! you’re the one that came into contact with them!” “…how do we explain it to the rest of them?” “just, i dunno, tell it to them straight?” “we’re gonna get hell for this, you do know that right” “affirmative” and so they take the wee bab with them and get teased by the rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. keith and lance are forced to share a room after because the baby doesn’t want to be away from either of them. and yeah, i could go on and on

and then comes the time to introduce the kid and keith to lance’s family

[extensive back and forth convo with @echgoing to depict events + name meaning under the cut because loooooong]

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(((Yes, a (2-day-late) happy birthday to who requested some cuddling Rainbow Dust in the cybiverse because I don’t know why. Whatever. You got me to actually update this blog, so congratulations?

Also, nobody cares how much you dis/like your art, it’s an inspiration to someone out there. Not every piece of art you post has to be something to be proud of. If that were the case, this blog wouldn’t even exist. Uh scratch that.

If anyone actually reblogs this, please edit out these triple parentheticals because gods what a shipwreck of a mess it is. It’s midnight, okay? Strange things happen at the witching hour. (Also I just recieved a heartfelt letter from a friend that’s made me all emotional; stop judging me.))))