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Sorin Florescu approaches Nikita's house rather reluctantly. The apology to come would taste bitter on his tongue, but he supposes that Nikita deserves it. He knocks on the door, ready for another session of verbal abuse. "I'm here to apologize," he announces a bit loudly, in hopes that Nikita won't simply turn him away.

She dragged herself, this time a corpse living in the house of Nikita Lehane, her bare feet barely supporting her on the ground. She was rather light-headed, looked horrible and irreproachable. Good. This served her well.

The lookout shyly peeked through the door, seeing that her visitor had been the former blackmailer - what was considered a mafia boss, a long time before - Sorin Florescu.

She nearly cracked a smile, god. She was rather glad to have him here - but also, was he here to blackmail her more? Nikita is not in the mood to be coerced, ever since Nathan’s death, which left her again in shambles.

“S-Sorin? Come - come in. It’s a bit of a mess. I also apologize,” She opened the door for him to come in, stepping aside to let him enter. “I haven’t… seen you in a while. What happened?”

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Hey Sorin - welcome back to being town!

“Thank you! Honestly, it’s excellent to be back. I feel a whole lot better.”

Sorin offers a small smile, though he doesn’t sound quite as confident as he used to be.

“It’s time to get back into the spying game, and I’m probably a bit rusty. According to Mikey, I never stopped slinking around though.”

“He’s probably right - at heart I don’t think I ever stopped being a spy.”

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"U-uh... hi Sorin.... I-it's been a while since I-I've talked to you..." he smiles happily, "I-its nice to see you're back to your old self again!"

Sorin seems rather startled by his visitor but he slowly lights up, a grin spreading across his face.  He reaches out and he pulls Quinn into a tight hug.  “I’m glad to be back,” he says softly.

“How are you doing, Quinn?” he asks.  “I’ve been worried about you too… how is your relationship with Lane going, hm?”

The spy has been listening still, and rumor was things weren’t going so well.

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sorin please hug adrian i will give you an entire dollar

Sorin ponders the proposition for some time.  On one hand, it was a dollar.  On the other hand…

There was simply not a drawback here!  A dollar to do something he already wants to do?  

Sure, Adrian was surprised when the ended up with an armful of spy, but the happy laughter it elicits is worth way more than a dollar anyways, Sorin decides.


Rin looks like he wanted a kiss