ask sooman

  • Everyone doing their introduction and screaming like girls
  • siwon said he's the sponsor and screams like an opera: super junior`s sponsor si wowowowowowowon "
  • Donghae uses dialect haha his voice cracks
  • kyu is normal at the beginning then he screamed kyu-HYUNNNNNN !!
  • Heechul asked everyone to do 사랑해요 김희철[ Milky Skin Kim Heechul] and asked lee sooman to do it too
  • Leeteuk asked Hyuk to dance while doing intro. Hyuk popped and then fell on floor laughing. Hae kicked his butt
  • Teuk has tears on his eyes, and members are like 'He's gonna cry again' and called him crybaby
  • hyukjae screamed 100th concert then everyone dancing and singing congratulation
  • cr: hyukarmpits,@13elieveSG