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Can you do 4B Eren and Annie? Thanks for the Eremika one btw I loved it. Thank you C-:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

This was supposed to be warm and fluffy and instead ended up as angsty vent art *sweats* Hope you still like it, I ship these two pretty hard so ill prob make a softer piece some other time.

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Hello~ if you don't have problem with this ship, can you draw Bertholdt and Annie with 6 Comforting one another?? your art is so beautiful <3 thanks!

No problems with this ship at all! I love me some angst :3 Still experimenting stuff, hope you like it! (and thank you for your kind words)

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*slides into ask-box slowly, sunglasses already on, giving that Mike smile* If you aren't too busy, maybe some sick headcanons for 104th?

Sick Headcanons: (104th)

•Eren: Is such a baby when he’s sick. Mikasa will constantly try to get him to admit he is, but he insists in toughing it out. (Which inevitably makes everything worse.) He ends up staying cooped up inside, underneath a barrage of blankets. Complaining and muttering about how he could be out killing titans instead of sick in bed.

•Armin: Is so precious when he’s sick. He doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone when he’s sick, so he prefers to try and take care of himself. (But with Mika around, it’s not gonna happen tbh.) He’s a great patient when sick, and rarely whines.

•Mikasa: It must’ve been a hard-core flu, because it takes A LOT to bring an Ackerfuck to their knees. She tries to tough it out, but eventually allows herself to rest and give her body time to heal. (And is extremely happy when Eren is the one taking care of her and making sure she actually stays in bed.) She clutches her scarf as she mutters incoherently, delusional from fever.

•Connie: Stays burritoed underneath the covers until he feels better. He mostly takes the time to sleep it off, and will only wake when he’s hungry or needs to use the bathroom.

•Sasha: Instead of feeling repulsed by food when sick, seems to gain more of an apetite. She swallows like 10 bowls of hot soup in minutes and asks for more, before inevitably slipping into a soup/fever induced coma.

•Jean: Is constantly whining about how bad he feels. May or may not have gotten punched in his sore throat by Eren when he asked Mika to take care of him.

•Reiner: Rarely gets sick, but when he does, he falls hard. Tries to heal himself as quick as possible because he hates the feeling of being sick.

•Bert: Ironic that he gets sick very easily. Like the slightest drizzle, and he’s on a full blown fever the next day.

•Annie: Her hatred of everyone increases x1000 when she’s sick. She spends the days scowling and being snappy, as opposed to keeping quiet.

•Christa: Is such a lil cinnamon roll when sick. Bundles up underneath the blankets and cuddles with Ymir until she feels better. Is coddled to death by Ymir.

•Ymir: Sleeps it off, and cuddles with Christa, growling at anyone (soon turns into coughing fit), who comes near them.

*slips shades on* My work is done here. 😎*Walks away from explosion without looking back.*

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For the 3-sentence fic - let's go with Yumikuri? In whatever situation you prefer! (Also your responses so far have been so wonderful to read! :D)

[modern au, totally inspired by Girl I Met On The Internet by GIRLI]

Krista fidgets with the plastic cup in her hands, “I’ve never asked anyone for their number before. What do I even say?”

Reiner’s sat next to her on the sofa with his arm draped around Bertolt’s shoulders, but he removes it so he can lean in and get closer to Krista, like he’s trying to tell her a secret.

“It’s easy,” he says, his breath heavy with the stink of too much beer, and much too loud for it ever to be a secret, “just play it cool. And be polite! Like, try your best not to burp or fart in front of her.”

“Amazing.” Annie chimes in from her spot next to the sofa, leaning against the wall.

Reiner smirks like he’s taking her comment at face value, and knows his advice is brilliant. Leaning back and putting his arm around his boyfriend again he adds, “And if that doesn’t work, grab her ass and tell her it’s a work of art.”

Krista almost chokes on her sugary-sweet alcoholic drink.

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Look at these dorks //literally literally everyone is looking pls stop

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Hello!please correct me if I'm wrong, maybe I wasn't paying much attention to details but about the scene with Annie & cricket, I really thought she had accidently stepped on the lil guy and stood there staring at it and contemplating what she had done, I thought it was a way of showing her caring & innocent side, for readers to sympathize with her and understand that she never enjoyed what she had to do as a warrior, backed up by the scenes where she cries in titan form & during Marco's death.

I’m always amazed by how people can interpret a scene so differently. We can all speculate, but there’s no definite answer to refer to. Can’t say I’ve seen many, if any, others view the scene the way you did.

Annie doesn’t look like she’s enjoying crushing the bug, nor does she look particularly remorseful. Just indifferent. But looking at the scribbles on the page, she’s twisting her foot to squish it, so I wouldn’t say it was an accident.

She certainly does have a caring side, though. That contributed to her failure as a warrior. Annie could try to distance herself all she wanted, but she felt genuine guilt and sorrow for Marco’s death, and even spared Armin. 

But she also swung around an already dead soldier like a yo-yo, just because. 

Annie certainly cares about others, but I don’t think that’s what this scene was going for. 

Thanks for the ask!

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okay but /Annie in Sucker Punch AU/ ft. Mikasa, Annie's Boys, and whoever else you want + need to fill character spaces

       CRYSTALLIZED; tbh that would be an AU worth looking into. I must admit I never really watched the movie (it’s on my list) BUT I know the cast / general plotline (which would sort of … fit the whole WARRIOR / MARLEY indoctrination in a sense). 

       I am a sucker for seeing the Titan Trio (+Pieck) fight together / Annie & Mikasa co-op action simply because in either scenario it would be VERY pleasing. Imagine: just skilled af beasts cleaving their way through a very surreal environment / waging war. – then again, if we take a look at the events of chapter 95 we already see that the ‘warrior kids’ have actually ‘been there & done that’ already.