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Do you have any headcanons about what All Mights childhood was like?

A few, sure!!

- A TOUGH LITTLE DUDE. He loved running around and being active, and often was covered in little scratches from venturing up trees and falling on concrete.

- While he was quirkless, he wasn’t bullied like Izuku was. He was usually energetic enough to keep up with his classmates that had quirks.

- He attended a good number of martial arts clubs, which only served to discourage bullying. His martial arts experience later gave him a good foundation of hero studies.

- His parents passed away when he was fairly young. He was raised by a distant family member, but he never really got close to them. 


Can we talk about how Sonic runs away from Amy to the one place in the city where couples can get in for free, fully knowing that Amy is very likely to follow him

because I would really like to talk about that