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@occasional-skrelp asked: “W-What’s a Poképuff? S-Something other kids like? C-Can I t-try it?”
Hana: “I’m glad you asked! Pokepuffs are cake like pastries topped with either 2 smoothed layers of frosting or 1 smooth and 1 fluffy layer! They are then topped with various toppings such as the white chocolate on this one! Each flavor of Pokepuff comes in multiple variants (the ones depicted are Fancy puffs) which increase in price as you go up the scale. There are also special puffs known as Supremes which are sold to high rank trainers! The Supremes have a different flavor list than normal puffs so if you need to now look at the text in this post! Hope this helps clear some things up for you! Oh and of course you can try one!