ask shulk


… this makes me want to run an ask shulk/robin blog… anyyyways.

Thank u anon! Also; my first tiny little animated gif doohikey! Look at that!

Yes. Shulk is crying. Technology is very important to him.

(Note: Tumblr messed up the quality of the gif, click on it to see how it’s supposed to look and stuff. ugh how do i do anything

Edit: I think i fixed it?)

superhans8  asked:

Heya! I'm new to your blog/main blog and I really love your art style! Do you know the game Xenoblade Chronicles? Idk if you take requests but I'd like to see some Shulk and Riki :3

ok so i meant to answer this YEARS AGO i’m sorry ur message got lost in all the rest ;-; BUT THANK U!!! HERE R SHULK N RIKI 4 U