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Oh my god.
Shulkie, this can seriously go on for ages, because honestly: I love you so much ???

You’ve been one of my absolutely favorite writers ever since I found your works, I’ve screamed before about how wonderful your dialogue, your humor, your way of representing real situations all are; you know I’ll do it again every chance I get. I know you work so so hard at your writes, and as a reader I appreciate it so much, I always have a wonderful time reading (laughing crying grinning screaming at) your writes. Your ideas are all so amazing, and I will regularly bring up how great your stories are to friends who don’t even understand the concept of “fandom”. They just know I have a friend who writes really really cool stuff, and that once they get me started they can’t get me to shut up.

Your sense of humor goes beyond your writes of course, you’re so much fun to talk to! I’ve been struggling to make much time to chat lately, but I can’t wait to be able to be around more often because I genuinely miss you <3 You’ve got a gift for making people comfortable, you share your stories in the funniest ways, and are always a great listener in return. You’re also 100% supportive of those around you, and that is #goals.

I also have so much respect for the maturity with which you answer people coming to you for advice: you’ve received asks of absolutely all sorts, and have been able to help those who really needed it. As for the others, congrats on giving firm yet polite answers :p (some asks are seriously puzzling, and I feel you always give very respectful answers -imagine how much nice the tumblr experience would be if everyone did the same x) ).

You try so so hard to pull the whole fandom UP all the time: you spread fandom positivity, through both encouragement and example, constantly churn out quality content, refuse to get involved with negativity… I hope you know we really do see all the effort you put in to make this fandom a better place, and we all truly, deeply love and respect you for that. You’re amazingly strong, and I only hope the fandom gives back to you as much as you give to it <3


… this makes me want to run an ask shulk/robin blog… anyyyways.

Thank u anon! Also; my first tiny little animated gif doohikey! Look at that!

Yes. Shulk is crying. Technology is very important to him.

(Note: Tumblr messed up the quality of the gif, click on it to see how it’s supposed to look and stuff. ugh how do i do anything

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