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what did you mean about that picture being the asoiaf fantoms worst nightmare?

Ok, here’s the skinny: the asoiaf fandom has been around for a long time, and the people who like it/game of thrones on tumblr are a really small group who stan ladies and enjoy the series on a pretty high functioning intellectual basis. The rest of the fandom…. not so much.

It’s basically full of hate for women - to the point where people say they want Sansa to be sexually assaulted because she’s “stupid” (this is SANSA, and not even Cersei or Catelyn, who are less likeable in the text) and a whole lot of other unpleasant shit. The only female generally liked by all is Arya. 

Dany falls into this as well. People say she’s a ~Mary Sue and that she’s not ~worthy of being a main character because she hasn’t been through enough hardship (because Dany definitely has it easy all the time, especially when she, y'know, LOST HER HUSBAND AND CHILD AND ALMOST DIED). A lot of people think she would be a terrible ruler and that she has no claim to the Iron Throne, and many don’t even want her to get to Westeros. Personally I feel that it’s important to keep in mind that Dany is very young, and that she will develop into someone who may be able to lead - if not on the Iron Throne, then definitely in the fight against the Others.