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Anonymous asked:What are your thoughts on Shadilver and Sonilver?

Just as comic portrayed :) I believe that Silver is actually not that fond of Shadow and admire Sonic more. Don’t have much thoughts on these 2 ships for now…they’re not weird tho, and still cute :D

(Sorry but I like Sonadow more :’D)

since I promised to make an appreciation for Shadow’s fangs I thought why not make a little thread! I apologize for not posting this sooner but I’ve never made a thread before and I honestly don’t really know what I’m doing lol ( bare with me ) but anyways let’s start! 

So here’s two screenshots and two pngs from his own game.  I really love the CGI cutscenes ( which are amazing btw ). these two screenshots are probably the cutscenes were his fangs are the most visible and they also happen to be my favorite moments in the entire game :) anyways his fangs looks super cute, I just wish they were more visible in the game like they are in the artwork. well let’s move on to my favorite Shadow appearance and design.

Sonic 06 is probably the game were Shadow’s fangs are the most visible during cutscenes and artwork. I’m sorry if these screenshots makes his fangs look “smaller” than they do on the artwork. ( when you play the game they do actually look a lot bigger compared to these screenshots lol ) I absolutely love this artwork picture of him, it’s one of my favorite since he looks so good plus you can see his fang very well which I love :) 

here’s a little bonus picture to finish this very little thread lmao. but anyway I hope that this thread wasn’t all that bad considering it’s my first and it’s hard to write out what I really feel about Shadow’s fangs since I have problems writing out my feelings and stuff, plus english isn’t my first language ( it’s swedish ) 

anonymous asked:

Hhhh I really like your art, especially your shading~ do you mind if I ask how do you make it look so soft/defined?

I hope this helps, sorry for my poor english.

First at all, choose a color, always for the shades I prefer to use purple or blue, but you’re free to experiment with others colours if you want.

In the mode lumi and shade/multiply layer in clipping group, shade the drawing.

I make a little sun for reference to know where the shadows will be, if the shine comes from above, the shadows will be below.

If you don’t like it, try playing with opacity until you’re satisfied.

Now add shines and details, I usually use the color light blue or yellow for the brightness.

In lumi and shade/luminosity layer,

And well this explains itself.

I have another type of coloring that is done with the brush alone, I could explain it also, only if you want.

An example:

That’s all, I hope it serves you

And thanks!