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Kihyun eating you out? As in how would it go would he ask during a makeout sesh if she wants him to or would he just be spontaneous, would he be skilled af or kinda insecure about what he's doing would he himself enjoy it would he be a tease just overall HOW'D IT GO START TO END PRETTY PLS ILY 💕

Kihyun eating you out (NSFW(obviously)!!!)

  • kihyun seems like the unpredictable type
  • like sometimes if he wanted to lead things on he’d be a bit shy and ask you 
  • other times he would just attack your neck with kisses, his hands gripping your waist
  • it would all depend on his mood and the atmosphere
  • you two would be on the couch, watching a movie
  • kihyun would get pretty bored soon so he’d lean in and place a few kisses on your shoulder/neck
  • when you turned your head to look at him, he’d press his lips against yours
  • he’d kiss you softly at first, but once he placed his hand on your waist, he’d deepen the kiss
  • he’d pull away after a little while, all breathless
  • Babygirl.. I want to taste you. Will you let me?
  • he’d smirk a little and kiss down your neck, slowly lifting your shirt up
  • he’d lay you down on the couch and pull your shorts down, spreading your legs apart 
  • you’d feel his wet lips trailing kisses on your inner thighs, making you squirm a little
  • he’d bit on his lower lip and place a few kisses on your clit through your panties
  • You’re so wet for me, baby. I can’t wait to taste you.
  • he’d pull your panties down and rub your thighs with his hands, leaning down to lick and kiss near your entrance, though not giving you enough
  • kihyun seems a little impatient so he wouldn’t tease you for too long
  • he’d be quite good at it, he seems very confident in what he does
  • so he would press his tongue against your clit and start to lap at it like a kitten
  • he’d moan softly and only get rougher with his tongue, his hands gripping your thighs 
  • he’d enjoy it as much as you enjoyed it, no doubt about it
  • You taste so sweet, jagi~
  • he’d suck on your clit and eat you out like he couldn’t get enough of it
  • and when you finally came, he’d pull away with a smirk, proud of himself 
  • Was that good? Did you enjoy it?
  • he’d ask, almost in a teasing way, even though he knew the answer already

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Jealous - Shawn Mendes (Requested)

Hey guys :) this was requested by a lovely girl named Angelica. I really hope you like it, and I hope you don’t mind but I just put it in Y/N form, it makes it easier.
Thank you for your requests, they’re always open.
Onto the imagine…

I sat in my last period class, English. I tapped my foot impatiently as I stared at the clock hands tick by slowly. Finally, the bell rang and I stood up, grabbing my books and leaving the class. It was finally Friday. School always stressed me out and a really just wanted to leave. I threw all my homework in my bag and locked my locker before walking out of the front doors of the school to go home. I exited the doors and saw a group of familiar people standing across the street.
“Shawn?” I asked to myself, since they couldn’t hear me.
“Y/N!!!!” they all screamed. I smiled widely and ran over to them, hugging Shawn tightly.
“Thought we’d pick you up from school, chill out,” he said.
“Yes yes yes!” I smiled as we began walking down the street to my house. I unlocked the door and we all walked in, taking a seat on the couch.
“How about movie marathon?” I asked and everyone cheered.
“Shawny babe, can you order the pizza?” I asked, since I absolutely hated talking in the phone, and Shawn knew that.
“Of course,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of snacks and drinks from the pantry and placed them down on the coffee table.
“Can we start with Harry Potter?” Shawn asked once he came back into the room. I nodded and placed the movie in the DVD player and walked back to the couch, shawn wrapping his arm around me as I cuddled into his chest.
“Thank you guys, school is so stressful, I really needed this,” I said.
“No problem, we love you,” Cameron smiled and so did I. The movie started and everyone was silent other than the sound of everyone eating. We watched Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it was awesome.
After we finished the movies we were just sitting around, trying to find something to do.
“How about we have a jam sesh?” Gilinsky asked.
“Yes! Let’s go to my room, all the instruments are there,” I giggled as I ran up the stairs, dragging Shawn behind me. Everyone sat around the room and Johnson took a spot by my piano.
“Y/N why don’t you sing for us?” Nash asked.
“Guys no,” I hesitated.
“Please,” he whined.
“I’m not even that good,” I chuckled. After more convincing, I finally decided to do it. Johnson began playing my favourite song as I sang along.
“Move over, let me play,” I laughed once I finished. Johnson moved over so that we were sharing the bench. I began playing and singing as Johnson occasionally joined in. I glanced up and smiled at him, which he did right back. Once I finished I stood up and took a seat on the bed so someone else could go.
“Where’s Shawn?” I asked Sammy, who was sitting beside me.
“He went downstairs a while ago, claiming to get a drink,” he shrugged. I furrowed my eyebrows and stood up as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Shawn was leaning against the counter, just staring out the window.
“Hey babe what are you doing down here?” I asked softly. He ignored me.
“Shawn? What’s wrong why are you ignoring me?” I asked.
“Are you done with Johnson?” he asked.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Are you done singing and playing piano with Johnson?” he asked.
“Yeah?” I said as a question, I was still confused.
“You seriously have to sit with him and laugh with him and sing with him while I’m right there?” he asked, sounding hurt.
“Shawn I didn’t know it bothered you,” I said, feeling really bad.
“You seemed to be having a lot of fun,” he said.
“Jack’s my friend, you know that, you shouldn’t be jealous,” I said.
“I know, I’m sorry I can’t help it. I’m scared to lose you or that there’s someone better,” he sighed.
“No one is better than you. It’s only ever been you. I’m in love with you, not Jack. You,” I said.
“I love you too,” he smiled as he kissed me softly.
“Now, shall we go sing a duet?” I asked as I pecked his lips again.
“Let’s,” he smiled. I took his hand and walked back into the room while I quietly sang Life of the party.
The rest of the night was full of laughter and good times. I wish I could never go to school ever again and have days like these all the time. They’re what I needed to keep me sane.