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The world of movies (and comedy) will never be the same again.

This ingeniously creative man has left a legacy of great movies, great performances, and great characters, and in my humble opinion the best one of all is Mr. John Keating from “Dead Poets Society”.

This movie shows how a teacher’s passion for his job, which is to look after and nurture future generations of students to be the best they can be, can drive him to the highest peaks and the lowest of pitches, yet the ups and downs of life don’t make him enjoy the ride any less. Through the best and the worst, it’s the inspiration we give in others and the one that we get back what makes us keep going forward.

Very much like how Robin Williams inspired an entire generation of actors, artists, comedians, and people in general, always with that perennial smile on his face, and a joke in his pocket.

Thank you, you will always be remembered.

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There was one time where we did argue…….

Joonie would overwork himself and it really took a toll on him. He’d take up all these positions and work along with all these rigorous classes. Sometimes it was just too much and you could tell…..he was deteriorating. He’d party a lot to destress, but it wasn’t healthy….

I was worried sick and he was too stubborn to listen to me. I finally broke down and really told him off….we didn’t speak for a week after that. But it finally got through to him and he got better! He got more sleep and was happier and just…..back to his silly self haha. ♥️

What BTS is thinking

Namjoon:  Why do hot dogs come ten to a package and hot dog buns only eight?

Hoseok: Puppies are great. Dancing is great. Sistar is great. I love my life and everything is great

Taehyung: Babies are amazing, I wonder why manager won’t let me near them though? So I accidentally took one home, that was one time. And the baby loved me so i fail to see the problem

Jimin: Jungkook, Jungkookie, Kookie, Bunny, precious golden maknae- WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!!?!???!?

Jungkook: Why does it feel like I’m about to get jumped?

Jin: Did everyone eat yet? Did they get enough sleep? Being a mother of six is hard. What do I make for dinner; better yet did everyone put on SuNScrEeN BefoRE wE LEFT???

Yoongi: This group is literally a train wreck how do we even function

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what are your thoughts about Rainbow Quartz?

Rainbow Quartz? Here’s a bunch off the top of my head.

  • Truly, truly outrageous. Truly. I love her.
  • The baddest fucking rainbow I’ve ever seen
  • Moving beyond vintage memes, she actually holds second place in Oath’s Official Favourite Fusions Ranking (The Lovely Sardonyx is an unbeatable number one and Alexandrite is third, though I predict there might be some upset there if/when we see Garnet fuse with Rose (PLEASE))
  • I love her design but I’m a bit sad that she doesn’t have four arms… I mean…. imagine… Pearl’s dual-wielding + Rose’s sword and board style… woah. I’d give up on conquering Earth, too.
  • More battle-related thoughts: I actually hope she doesn’t fuse her weapons and instead fights with some kind of hoplite-like spear+shield combo. If she does, I’ve seen people give her a giant axe and I am in full support of this, too.
  • My headcanon is that she was first formed relatively soon after Garnet. If nothing else, Rose’s trademark curiosity and thirst for new experiences and clear desire to know what it feels like would be a big driving force behind PEARL CAN WE TRY IT TOO, but honestly I just know they were both thinking it the moment Garnet tumbled down that flowery slope and landed at their feet (though how long they danced around the matter in an attempt to be considerate and tactful is another question entirely). And yes, I have no doubt different-Gem fusion proved to be a huge advantage for the Crystal Gems, but I think Rainbow was a whole lot of things before she was anything resembling a weapon, and this knowledge is something that’s important to her.
  • I want to hear her speak
  • I want her and Garnet to smooch
  • I want her and Sugilite to smooch and also cause immense but glorious chaos (and also possibly start a hair/glam metal band)
  • I hope she has something like Rose’s plant-related powers, similar to how Garnet got a version of Sapphire’s future vision. Alternatively, she’s a full-on sandbender.
  • Rose basically using fusion to convince Pearl of her worth/make her feel loved/comfort her is a thing that’s reasonably prevalent in fics and I love it, but I can’t help but feel it might mess with Rainbow herself a bit, as much as she adores being herself.
  • It is a great dream of mine to one day see rebellion-era Rainbow wrecking Diamond armies with the same levels of smugness she displayed in Greg’s music video, but with extra FUCK YOUUUUU  sprinkled on top. While I think she’s generally a lot “nicer” than people tend to peg her as after We Need To Talk, I really do think spite (that most excellent of motivators) is a huge part of her, and in a Rebellion Leader/Terrifying Renegade context it’d be great to see. Plus, as we’ve seen in The Answer, these two have so much fun being filthy rebel scum together. Rainbow is an absolute blast.

A bit late, but better that than never.  As I did with EQLA’s TumblrPon panel last time, I wanted to draw up a thank you for the lovely folk who attended BronyCon’s panel - TumblrPon 2: Princess Boogaloo.  It was pretty nifty not only getting to see these lovely folk up on the stage, but also getting to meet or hang out with a few of them during the con and at the get-together that same evening.  Thanks for the fun, y'all.

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To the mod: I'm very sorry to hear about your cat's passing. I hope the upcoming days will be better for you. *E-Hugs*

Thanks, anon. She was surrounded by family when she passed. We’ve already buried her, and my sister’s already gotten a new cat, since it hit her and my brother harder than it did me, so this’ll probably help her. I’ll still be updating but stuff may come later than usual, y’know.

Again, thanks for everyone’s understanding. :)

-7thDementia, mod of Ask Serious Rainbow