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What BTS is thinking

Namjoon:  Why do hot dogs come ten to a package and hot dog buns only eight?

Hoseok: Puppies are great. Dancing is great. Sistar is great. I love my life and everything is great

Taehyung: Babies are amazing, I wonder why manager won’t let me near them though? So I accidentally took one home, that was one time. And the baby loved me so i fail to see the problem

Jimin: Jungkook, Jungkookie, Kookie, Bunny, precious golden maknae- WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!!?!???!?

Jungkook: Why does it feel like I’m about to get jumped?

Jin: Did everyone eat yet? Did they get enough sleep? Being a mother of six is hard. What do I make for dinner; better yet did everyone put on SuNScrEeN BefoRE wE LEFT???

Yoongi: This group is literally a train wreck how do we even function

askbladetech  asked:

Uhh. Do you mean tradition as a whole or just your favorite traditions during the holidays? Because there are some traditions that did NEED to go away in order for humans to progress over the years. *Cough slavery cough no women rights cough gays can't get married cough* oh excuse me.

It’s obviously the second one. I mean, it could be misinterpreted, but I really meant it the way that if you have a silly holiday tradition, you should keep it.



Serious’s list of racing games better than Mario Kart:

  • The Burnout series, ESPECIALLY Burnout Paradise.
  • The Need For Speed series (Criteron made and mostly everything Carbon and before. I didn’t like the Underground games, though.)
  • FlatOut 2
  • DiRT 2
  • DiRT 3
  • GRID
  • Blur (Shame you can’t get it anymore on Steam.)
  • Trials
  • The F-Zero series
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

It’s not because it’s supposedly “kiddy.” It’s because it relies heavily on luck (with the powerups and shit). Kinda like Monopoly. Blur and S&ASRT have powerups too, but they don’t decide a race.