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Sexy picture of the Cleric

It had been a number of weeks since she’d left, the damned planet marring the sky taking his love away from him. He’d been through it before, and though it still wasn’t an easy task by any was a touch less difficult this time. She was his wife, his forever. Or at the very least, as long as they both lived. And that thought actually brought a little smile to his lips. He was so proud of her.

No amount of pride in her abilities would take away from other…less-than-appropriate thoughts, and he had plenty of them, to his chagrin. His imagination was a poor substitute for the intimacy they’d grown so accustomed to, and often his nights ended in a lack of satisfaction and frustrated slumber taking him over. Tonight, however, would be an exception.

He found a folded up..something in one of his desk drawers, and on pulling it out, his eyes widened. How hadn’t he seen this one before?? It was dusty and creased, but the image was pretty well intact. As he gazed on the image of his lover, he took a long breath, sighing it out through his lips.

“Ty’lanae, are you there? I have something to tell you…”



Our characters are alone at last, but my character is distracted with other things. How would your character turn my character’s mind from their busy work and seduce them?

[meme answer - because it didn’t fit in your ask and then I got carried away…]

Joe sat down beside Kat as she set about working on her book. “Kat,” he said, “Your books will keep.” He tried not to feel too proud at himself for the pun. But if Kat heard, she didn’t seem to be having it. 

Generally not the obnoxious sort, but feeling playful that evening, Joe set about to being the best nuisance he could without earning the right to be slapped. Or perhaps only gently.

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