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vivi-ntvg  asked:

More Inheritance Cycle questions :P What do you think of the bond between dragon and rider? It was probably my favourite part of the books, especially Eragon and Saphira's relationship (duh xD)

I will admit that of all the human-dragon relationships I have seen in books, Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle takes the cake on what I find most preferable. When I imagine a dragon-rider bond, the first thing I think about is not How to Train Your Dragon, not Temeraire, but the Inheritance Cycle. This is, in many ways, my personalized, ideal concept of what a human-dragon bond can be like in fantasy. I don’t think any other story about any other dragon rider has topped this concept for me.

Eragon and Saphira’s relationship was what MADE the book series for me. They could understand one another so incredibly well, become connected to each others’ thoughts, and through that, get influenced in their own use of magic. I loved that magical connection. I also was entirely entertained with the fact that this incredible relationship resulted in a bit of snark. I think this was the first book series I read where the dragon was legitimately SNARKY.