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You know how Vrepit Sal was like "I'll do anything to find Hunk again"? Because of that I'm pretty sure he's gonna show up sometime later with adoption papers already filled out for Hunk, But since Coran has already adopted him, they challenge each other for custody of Hunk. They end up falling in love. You seemed like a person that would enjoy this so here you go.

this is my otp honestly?? beautiful

The Wish Spell

Summary:  You use a spell to make a wish come true with unexpected results.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Sal

Word Count: 5772

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, language, fluff, wee bit of angst, mention of past abuse

A/N:  This one is close to my heart.  I hope you like it and I’d love to hear your feedback.  MAJOR shout out to the wonderful, lovely and helpful @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta on this.  There’s no way I would have achieved what I wanted without your help.  And thank you to the fantastic @arryn-nyxx for the beautiful aesthetic!​ Thank you!


You didn’t mean for it to happen, not really.  You’d hoped sure, but that didn’t mean you were actually expecting it to work.  You’d been out with your friends celebrating the long weekend but the pit of loneliness grew to a crater the moment you were home.  Since you’d had a few too many beers you started researching wishes.  That led you to spells and then before you knew it you were rummaging through your house for a candle and printing out a picture.  You wrote your name, birthday and wish on the picture then you folded it three times.  You lit a candle and held the paper over it till it caught fire and burned out.  You were tired of being alone, but you were also terrified to make a connection.  After the flame went out you curled up into bed and you dreamt of him, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary; you dreamt of him often.

The next morning you wake up and as you stretch your arms out you bump into something.  You shoot up and look over and there he is sitting on your bed his green eyes looking back at you.  Dean Winchester.  He’s leaning back on his hands with his long legs out in front of him.  He’s wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and he even has his boots on.  You sit staring at him unable to think or to speak.  He purses his full lips then smirks at you.

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Okay but what is in S3 Keith gets into some dangerous situation and the Red lion goes to save him even though Lance is still inside???? Idk I should be asleep honestly but this thought came into my head

This is such a blessed concept and I’m sorry this so long to answer but I really wanted to write something for it…

Lance swerves and bites back a grin as Red weaves between the enemy fire and downs two ships with a perfectly-aimed blast.

Three more Galra ships regroup in their place, but it takes a fraction of a second longer than normal. The enemy is wearing thin. Against all odds, they’re winning this fight.

When Allura had called them to the control room for the briefing her expression had been grim. Almost an entire fleet of Galra ships at their doorstep, the yellow lion out of commission, and five hundred more prisoners to be evacuated before they could leave the system.

Lance had seen Keith’s teeth clench from beside him, and Allura had glanced at him before saying what they all already knew. The surface of the planet was too unstable for the castle to land, and so lions would need to be used to ferry the prisoners up from the planet and hold off the ships, with the castle as support and without Voltron to fall back on.

The black and blue lions would hold the most passengers, and thus would be ferrying the prisoners, while Red and Green would try and keep the Galra at bay for as long as possible. 

Keith hung back as they headed to the hangers, and Lance had waited, half expecting Keith to ask to swap lions with him for just one mission. Ask Lance to let him go back to being the impulsive fighter of the group, blowing up Galra ships rather than the leader sheltering innocents from harm.

Lance had never even piloted Black before. It would be a terrible decision, one they may very well look back on with regret.  If Keith had asked it of him he would have done it in a heartbeat.

Instead Keith had walked forward, stared at Lance for a moment, before placing a hand on his shoulder.

 The words which fell from his lips were unexpected.

 "You can do it. You’ll be fine.“

 They were laced with something Lance couldn’t decipher. He wasn’t sure who Keith was trying to convince.

 "Of course we can. One fleet? Me and Red could take them out in our sleep.”

 Keith had laughed for a moment, and Lance savoured it. It lit a fire in his stomach. It reminded him what he had to come back to.

Keith stared at him for a moment longer, and Lance saw something in his eyes. Some desire Keith was keeping close to his chest.

“I’m sorry you can’t pilot Red right now,” Lance had said, guessing at Keith’s train of thought.

“It’s not that, it’s just…” Keith said, glancing away, before looking back, “it’s not important. Good luck.”

Lance smiled at him and clapped him on the shoulder before turning and running for his hanger.

“Won’t need it. I have Red and Pidge to keep me safe,” he’d called over his shoulder. The last thing he’d heard as the door shut was Keith’s laugh.

Now, for the first time since the battle began, he actually believes those words.

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Cloud!Sal:Ah yes i am here to take over the blue sky, as you can see i’m an ambassador of the sky of death or some call it the red sky.

Then the cast of everyone is:
Wadanoaira:I’m here to fly the great blue sky
Smogakichi:tsundere air boy
Fankami:*whirls 8 bladed fan on back*
Windmoca:i’m still a seagull
Dolfree:i’m free, freefallin’

Change Of Pace (Sal/Larry)

 “Ugh, it’s like I’m never going to beat this level,” Sal groaned, laying back on Larry’s bed, “it’s impossible.”

 “Have you tried seeing it from a new angle?” Larry asked, smiling down at his blue-haired friend. “Doing that has helped me with art. So I don’t see why it can’t help you with your game.”

 Sal stared at his friend, examining every detail. Every adorable freckle adorning Larry’s face, they looked like stars. Like you could connect them and see constellations. He was almost glad Larry couldn’t see the smile on his face, but at the same time he wanted him to see it. He wanted Larry to know how much he loved those freckles.

 “Hey, earth to Sally Face, you there?” Larry asked, waving a hand in front of Sal’s face. It snapped Sal out of his thoughts, back into the real world.

 “Sally Face to Freckle Face, yes I’m here, I was just.. thinking,” Sal answered, almost missing the flash of hurt in Larry’s eyes from the nickname ‘Freckle Face’.

 “..oh, anyways, as I was saying, really you should try to look at the level from a new angle, try a different route. Lemme see it,” Larry said, holding out a hand. Sal handed him the game, sighing. He watched as Larry focused on the game. Within just a few minutes, at least two, Larry had beaten the level for him.

 “How did you..” Sal whispered, being handed back the game.

 “Like I said, new angle,” Larry said, smiling at Sal. He laid beside Sal, staring at the ceiling.

 “Hey, Freckles,” Sal says to Larry, “think you can do the next level too?”

 “Hell yeah,” Larry replies, taking the game again, “bet I can beat this whole game.”

 “That’s a bet,” Sal chuckles, he would be lying if he didn’t hear the hurt in his friend’s voice when he pointed out his freckles.

 “Ten dollars says I can beat this game,” Larry laughs, already speeding through the next level. Sal watched Larry play the game for hours, until they both realized what time it is.

 “Dude, shouldn’t you be getting back to your apartment now?” Larry asked, “It’s like ten thirty, I think.”

 “Oh is it really?” Sal replied, looking for a clock. He found the one on Larry’s nightstand, and it displayed 10:30 pm. “I should be getting home.”

 “Yeah,” Larry almost whispered, he gave Sal a small smile. Sal gathered his things, saying goodbye to Larry before going back to his own apartment. Almost the second Sal was out of sight, Larry sighed. He glanced around his room until his eyes locked onto a familiar sight— his own face. The freckles that he hated, the nose that was just too big, that looked weird, and the mole under his right eye.

 That night, he went to sleep with his own thoughts, ones he didn’t like. The ones that told him everything bad about his appearance. He wondered if Sal only played the part of his best friend out of pity. He almost believed it.


 The next morning when Sal returned, he noticed something off with Larry almost immediately. He noticed how the taller boy seemed to over think his actions, how he bounced his leg nervously. Larry had headphones plugged into some crappy mp3, but it wasn’t blasting a loud metal song. Instead, it sounded like something much calmer.

 That was the weirdest part. Larry was almost always listening to metal, it seemed to be the only genre of music he really liked. Larry also seemed to switch through the songs rapidly, seemingly trying to find the perfect one. Sal was about to ask him what was going on, why he was acting differently, until Larry seemed to randomly blurt out a question.

 “Hey, do you know how to dance?” Larry had asked, fidgeting with his fingers. “L-like, slow dance, I mean?”

 “No, not really,” Sal said, swearing he had heard Larry stutter. “Why?”

 “I-uh.. I could teach you i-if you wanted.” Larry answered. And he stuttered. And oh god, it was adorable.

 “Yeah, if you want to. I’m up for it.” Sal smiled. “Teach me.”

 Larry smiled back, standing and holding out his hand. Sal took it, being pulled up. Larry ran over to a speaker he owned, plugging his mp3 into it before playing the song he was listening to. It was much calmer than the usual songs Larry listened to, much, much calmer.

 As Larry showed Sal what to do, and as time passed, their movements seemed to mold into one. Everything got a lot more comfortable, even if Sal sometimes misstepped. Eventually, Sal was nearly as good as Larry. At least, that’s the way he’d put it.

 “This is surprisingly fun,” Sal whispered, just loud enough for Larry to hear.

 “I know,” Larry whispered back. “That’s why I wanted to show it to you.”

 “Hey, Larry,” Sal whispered, “I.. you’re my best friend, and I.. I think your freckles are beautiful. And your eyes, and just everything about you. I love you.”

 Larry froze, and Sal looked up almost reluctantly. What Sal saw almost surprised him. Larry was looking at him with a look of disbelief, before he whispered just four words.

 “I love you too.”

 Sal smiled under the mask, even though he knew Larry couldn’t see it. “C-can you close your eyes and lean down a bit?” Sal asked, feeling his face heat up beneath his mask. Larry did as asked, but he was still a bit surprised when he felt Sal’s scarred lips on his own. He kissed back.

 After a moment, Sal pulled away, readjusting his mask so his face was hidden again. Larry opened his eyes, and couldn’t stop a grin from slipping onto his face.

 “I love you,” Sal said once more, “and.. I know you don’t like me pointing out your freckles. I’m sorry for that, I was kinda a dick.”

 “I love you too,” Larry replied, “and it’s alright. I know you most likely didn’t mean anything by it. I.. I’m just insecure about them.”

 “They’re pretty. They’re.. beautiful. They look like stars, there’s no way to describe how beautiful they are with words.”

 “You think so?”

 “Yeah, I do.”

can we talk about how terrible sal is though cause like

Hunks just going around tasting free sample bc he has no money. And Sal obviously knows that it looks like he’s giving out samples, like he’s standing w the plate just like the others. And instead of having some sign that says they cost 500 GAC he’s just like “okay you ate that now pay or I enslave you.” I wonder how much he makes from this bc he sure doesn’t make much from selling his shit food. Then hunk comes along and makes a mistake and instead of, ya know, telling the kid off or (heaven forbid) forgiving him he chains him to the sink to wash dishes. Where hunk meets an older alien who has been enslaved her entire life, washing dishes. “Sal put me in when I was just a little girl…” maybe she made the same mistake as hunk. Who knows, all we get from that scene is that she’s a slave and Sal is the one who enslaved her. Then we have the whole scene where Hunk makes good food (while still fucking chained to the counter) and then when he runs off to escape varkon Sal’s little line about how Hunk’s a genius and he needs him back is supposed to… what. Make us like him? Redeem his character? He enslaved a woman for her entire life and would have done the same to Hunk. We see that robots have some form of sentience and he enslaved and overworked his cooking robot until it died. Sal is a horrible person and appreciating Hunk’s cooking skills isn’t any type of redemption or character growth.