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Best friend headcanons for the girls please?

I’m so down for some good and wholesome platonic love lol. Thank you for this cute request! Enjoy!


  • Ann and her BFF are always arm-in-arm.
  • They get separate crepes and share them with each other so they can try the different flavors.
  • When Shiho comes to visit they all hang out together.
  • Shopping is the go-to when it comes to hanging out, whether it’s for sweets or clothes.
  • They borrow clothes from each other, and they’ll let each other keep it if it looks really good.
  • Doing each other’s hair and make-up is also a fun hobby.
  • When they’re out and about on a lazy day, they’ll be on their signature bench playing games together and eating ice cream.
  • Actually, they’ll play games anywhere.
  • Endless compliments and positivity are common in this relationship.
  • Good and pure


  • They’ll definitely read and have study sessions.
  • They never stop giggling and making jokes when they’re together, so studying can be a bit difficult.
  • Makoto forgets to let herself have fun sometimes, so the BFF will take her to the arcade or they’ll go book shopping together.
  • There will be small disagreements, but only because they want the best for each other.
  • Whenever Makoto has to stay late at school for student council business, BFF will bring her lunch or make a bento box for her.
  • Likewise, if BFF is ever in trouble with their grades, or in general, Makoto will be there for them and support them. and maybe scold them a little
  • They love playing board games and trivia games together; there’s lots of laughing and play-fighting.
  • They’ll arm wrestle too; Makoto inevitably wins every time.
  • Of course, they go to the movies together to watch action flicks.
  • A very supportive relationship. I’m not crying


  • You can bet that they’ll frequent Akihabara.
  • They’ll change all the screensavers on the computers and set it to some kind of meme. 
  • Speaking of which, they’ll text each other memes that they found in the middle of the night.
  • Futaba always shares her snacks with them, and BFF will invite her to their house so they can play video games together.
  • Futaba is unbeatable at video games, but they love playing together regardless. Her fave is Super Smash Bros.
  • BFF won’t force her to go anywhere she doesn’t feel comfortable going, but Futaba’s okay with anywhere as long as they’re with her.
  • They’ll have curry eating contests at Leblanc. RIP Sojiro
  • As long as BFF makes Futaba happy and isn’t a bad influence, Sojiro will treat them as a second child.
  • Futaba has to let BFF order for her when she’s feeling particularly anxious, and they’re happy to do so. wholesome


  • Tea/coffee time is a must. 
  • Naturally, they frequent the flower shop and local cafes.
  • They’re very sweet and silly around each other, and they’ll play little pranks on each other (stuff like tapping on the opposite shoulder and lightly flicking each other’s noses).
  • When they’re walking around in public they’ll sometimes hold hands or link their pinkies.
  • Whenever they go shopping, Haru will always offer to pay. BFF refuses every time because they don’t want to take advantage, and spending time with Haru is a gift in itself.
  • They have matching friendship bracelets and they craft trinkets together.
  • Since Haru wants to open a cafe someday, she’ll invite BFF over to help her bake and decorate pastries. They’ll taste test different blends of coffee with the pastries and ascertain what goes well together.
  • Friendship goals.

Princess Sakura Acute of Hoshido is ready to fight the forces of Embla! There’s just one problem: clerics like her are not exactly good at battling… She needs other heroes to help her save Askr. If your muse would like to join the Order of Heroes, add them to this group photo dressed up as a Fire Emblem character! (Also, don’t forget to make it transparent! It makes it easier for other people to add their characters.)

Let’s go! :▷


Summary: Sakura and Sasuke have never needed words to convey how they feel.

Set during Boruto episode 21, right after Sakura appears and punches the Shin.


As Sakura started dusting herself off she’s painfully aware of Sasuke’s presence. Looking at him hurts especially since she didn’t have time to mentally prepare herself, for the entire way here she was singularly focused on Sarada’s safety.

“Sakura-Chan I’m here too ya know.” Naruto offers and she’s strangely reminded of a long gone memory during the war where she’d pulled a similar feat.

She gave Naruto a small smile. Time had changed all three of them, Naruto was no longer a hyperactive prankster but a responsible adult who put his Homage duties over everything else, Sasuke’s hatred had completely vanished and Sakura… well Sakura had perhaps matured the most. From ordinary civilian girl she’d gone to become the most skilled medic in the five nations.

They’d all changed but in the end they were still a team. No matter how far apart they were.

“Are you alright Naruto?” Sakura asked pouring all her energy to look at her best friend whose hand rested on the katana that had pierced his stomach so casually that it was almost funny.

But Naruto was a distraction for her, an excuse for her to escape the inevitable and she thinks that she can hold out a little longer and not look at him but without her permission her gaze gravitates towards her husband. 

Sasuke Uchiha looks achingly handsome even after all these years.

A faint smile finds itself on Sakura’s face as she carefully scans him and while he looks hollower than the last time they saw each other he still looks like the man she’s always loved. 


He’s injured, but Sakura knows better than to fuss over his wounds while Naruto casually pulls a metre long katana out of his stomach like it’s no big deal. Sasuke’s always been a proud man and Sakura knows him well enough to understand what exactly her husband needs.

And right now her husband needs her to stay away, stay as far away from him as possible so that his carefully structured resolve to remain focused on his mission doesn’t shatter into a million pieces in front of an already guilt ridden Naruto and a daughter who at this point hates them both.

On the outside he remains the calm indifferent Sasuke-kun she’d grown up with but now she’s Sakura Uchiha, his wife, the mother of his child and most importantly the person who knows him best, which is why she can see through his facade as clear as day.

His lone red eye looks at her filled with restraint, remorse and so much of regret that it threatens to swallow her too. She knows that he’s trying his best to stand still, to keep his resolve intact but with every passing second she stands in front of him she’s chipping away at it mercilessly.

He’s begging her to stay away, begging her to not come further.

She looks away and her eyes land on Sarada.

And then immediately without saying a word to Sasuke she walks right past him rushing towards their daughter and encasing her in her arms. Sarada is who she’d come for, Sarada is her daughter, her responsibility and her most precious treasure. She’s Sasuke and she’s Sakura and she’s absolutely perfect.

And because of her father she’s unharmed.

Right now Sakura is more Sarada’s mother than Sasuke’s wife which is why her priority is her little girl over everything else.

“Thank goodness you’re safe.” 

Sasuke can hear Sakura’s words clearly and something twists in him as she comes and stands next to him. The calming effect Sakura has on their daughter is unbelievably potent and he can sense Sarada’s turmoiled chakra settle down gently.

“I’m sorry.” 

She hesitates for a moment letting her silence fill in rest of the words for her.

I’m sorry to come here. Seeing us here like this, I’m sorry I’ve made it so hard for you.

“I thought I’d made it clear to Sarada but-”

It takes everything Sasuke has in himself and perhaps more to turn and look at Sakura who stands a few inches away from him. Her green eyes lock on to his once again and he’s overwhelmed by the sheer love in them. 

He’d expected, no hoped that through the years if he kept as little contact with them as possible it would eventually become less painful for him and if nothing else Sakura would learn to forget him and Sarada would never remember him. 

After all wasn’t it easier to hate someone than to miss them?

But Sakura was an exception to even this rule. Even if she didn’t launch herself at him like in the old days, every action of hers, every gesture she made, she did it thinking about him and Sarada. Her love for him had only grown against all odds and her green eyes reflected all of it to him through her unbreakable gaze as his sharingan captured it perfectly.

“No, it’s my fault.” He says.

It’s my fault that I’m not stronger.

If he’d been stronger he’d have kept in touch. But he wasn’t and he knew that one letter, one photograph and he’d leave his mission behind without even blinking.

“You don’t need to apologise.”

I missed you.

I love you.

“But I’ve-”

He doesn’t get to finish as Sarada’s cry echoes through the clearing causing them to turn around and the scene leaves Sasuke frozen in his place. 

Panic, utter panic and a myriad of memories flow through his mind, all of them depicting the tragedy that had followed everyone he’d ever loved. For that sinking second he feels like he’s going to lose everything all over again while he’s forced to simply stand and watch unable to move. In the end all his power is just for show and Sasuke in fact is a weak man. One who had been made of glass that had been broken repeatedly until Sakura had come along and carefully put him back together.

But Sakura is made of steel.

In a matter of seconds she pushes Sarada out of the vortex and takes her place as Sasuke’s eyes struggle to understand the teleportation jutsu.

He can hear his daughter’s anguished cries as her mother literally slips through her fingers and vanishes along with their enemy.

And yet a strange sense of calm envelopes Sasuke his previous sense of panic replaced completely.

Because Sakura had looked up, looked up at the very last moment tearing her gaze from Sarada to find him.

And she’d smiled.

It was a triumphant and proud smile showing no regret or fear. And her eyes, her eyes that were greener than grass in spring had clearly said, I’ll wait for you Sasuke-kun. Always.

He’d find her, he thought determinedly,

He’d find her no matter what it took and she knew it.

Because no matter how far Sasuke wondered he would always find his way back to her.

And till then Sakura would wait.


I hope you liked it! Comments and reviews are appreciated!

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If Sasuke is a deadbeat dad, is Sakura an enabling doormat?

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer, yes, but:

1. It’s beyond the scope of the time I have to answer this ask, but the issue of Sasuke’s deadbeat dad-ness is not just about him; it’s a societal issue that is inseparable from the issue that the shinobi system was not reformed. (After all, the whole “moral” of Gaiden is “daddy’s work [THE VILLAGE] is more important than you, kiddo, so you just have to accept that you’ll never see him”.) Going along with that, from the time they were genin, Sakura was constantly given the unspoken message that the boys’ training was more important than her training or even her safety (no way in hell was Sakura ready for the Chuunin Exams, for example). Moreover, the one and only time Sakura is ever given any pushback by anyone about her dedication to Sasuke, it is framed only in terms of its negative affect on Naruto; and after Naruto emphatically reaffirms his commitment to Sasuke, it is dropped entirely. Never does anyone suggest it would be healthier for Sakura to let go or that it is a woman’s job to do anything other than be unconditionally devoted, accepting, and forgiving.

2. In no sense in being an enabling doormat, especially when the entire society is saying “Sakura, be an enabling doormat,” as bad as being a deadbeat dad when being so egregiously deadbeat (cellphone and hawk but no contact for a decade) simply makes no sense. “It’s for the drama!” say ending defenders. Yeah? So? It’s bad drama. You could… not write that?

3. So why do I like Sakura? I like who she is in every way except when she’s interacting with Sauce. TBF, most SS fans seem to feel the same way because most SS fan art has her being her charming, sassy, fun self. This is part of the reason I translate AU Sasu//Saku art. I have nothing against SS as a ship or SS shippers. You want to write an AU where Sauce is a good dad who recovers his mental health and reconciles with the people he’s hurt and the village who hurt him as part of reforming the shinobi system and making sure whatever child(ren) he has with Sakura never have to suffer the lies and trauma he did? Awesome. More power to you. That’s not the canon ending though. The canon ending is shit all the way through.

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Unusual inheritance prompts; #1? (and as a side note can I just say your work is amazing? Like I wish I could use my words better to describe how much I love your writing)


Sakura was really good with kids, like, it was somewhat unusual how skilled she was at worming her way into their hearts and gaining their trust. It was one of the things she was know among the older crowds for.

Still…that wasn’t a good enough excuse for what Tajima pulled with this, ‘I leave all my children in the caring hands of my sister at heart, Haruno Sakura.’ Yeah, it was cute he called her his sister at heart, because they were best buds, but really? Her? Mother children?

“I’m still allowed to drink, right?” Sakura asked, looking sideways at her friend who was already one kid in. Ino smirked.

“As long as you’re not cooking anything in the oven, drinking is a necessary evil. I don’t know how Sai does it.”

Sakura moaned, grabbing at her face and turning back on her heel, away from the front gates to the Uchiha estate. “There are so many other Uchiha he could have asked, though. An-and Madara is like, sixteen. They don’t need me.”

“You really want another Uchiha raising those Uchiha boys? They’re emotionally neglected enough as it is. They didn’t even seem phased at the funeral.”

Sakura remembered back to the funeral she had attended only a handful of days ago, and how upset she had been. Just because the boys weren’t bawling into their tissues didn’t mean they weren’t grieving in their own way. He was their dad!

“I don’t know how to do this,” Sakura admitted, even as she rang the bell and stepped back.

Beside her, Ino smiled to herself. Even if she was scared, Sakura never stepped away from doing the right thing.

A maid led both girls in and took their coats. A manservant came up and introduced himself as the head caretaker of the house. He would be taking care of the needs to the manor, which would go to Madara as soon as he turned eighteen along with a bulk of the properties.

Sakura didn’t get to see any of that, but a stipulation of the will provided that she be given shelter for as long as she asked in any of the properties. Failure to accommodate her request would result in the loss of that property. This didn’t sit well with a few of the other Uchiha who inherited property, but Sakura wasn’t planning on mooching off anyone or staying anywhere she wasn’t welcomed.

“The boys will see you now.”

Sakura looked behind her to Ino, eyes wide with fear. Ino just waved goodbye and let herself out. Sakura would be on her own from that point forward.

Tajima had two natural sons, but had taken in three other boys before passing. Madara was the oldest at sixteen, his brother Izuna was fifteen, then there was Kagami, Shisui, and little Obito. From what she heard the two oldest were very traditional while the two in the middle were uncharacteristically energetic and loud, leaving Obito too little to see how he turned out.

The doors to the library opened and Sakura caught her breath, bracing for the first impression.

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Baby Girl: Chapter 3

“Give me back my candy, Sasuke-Teme.” - Sakura H.

Author: Kaminari Ozora

Genre: Humor/ Friendship/ Romance

If you’ve missed the previous chapters, scroll to the bottom for the links. :)

Chapter 3: To the Uchiha Mansion

The four ninjas went to Ichiraku’s to have a late lunch, and also to discuss their so called ‘mission.’

When they reached the place, Kakashi set Sakura down on his right, then Naruto sat on Sakura’s right, while Sasuke took the seat on Kakashi’s left.

The owner, Teuchi, who first had their back on them beamed when he saw Naruto along with the others. He called his daughter, Ayame, to start preparing clean bowls.

“I’ll have my usual, old man.” Naruto ordered. Kakashi and Sasuke nodded, signaling that they’d have the same.

“Oh, hey Naruto! Welcome back!” Teuchi greeted with a smile which eventually faded when he noticed that somebody was missing. “Seems like you’re missing a friend, Naruto.” The owner stated. The three ninjas looked at one another.

It seems like whenever they meet people, these people tend to look for Sakura. They guessed it’s probably because of her unusually colored hair that people are more inclined to notice when she’s missing; adding it to the fact that Sakura has already made a name for herself as one of the best medical-nins that Konoha has.

Kakashi simply gazed at the girl sitting beside him and to his surprise, she was looking straight back at him. Her small arms crossed over her chest, forming an 'X’ with it. Sasuke also saw the small gesture.

Teuchi noticed that Kakashi was slightly looking down so he slightly moved forward to see what caught the attention of the silver-haired shinobi.

To his surprise, he saw a little girl with short pink hair, staring straightly back at him. The girl only went as high as the mid-level of Kakashi’s arm. Teuchi smiled.

“Oh, and who do we have here?” he asked. Sakura smiled when the owner peered over her.

Naruto beamed and proudly exclaimed, “You know her, old man! She’s Sakura!”

“Sakura’s distant cousin. Her name is Momo-chan.” Kakashi interrupted.

“Huh?” Naruto looked at Kakashi but caught Sasuke’s eye. He was pretty sure that the look meant 'Shut up, or I’ll strangle you with ramen noodles.’ So he decided to nod and go on with what Kakashi was saying.

“Yeah! She’s actually Sakura’s representative.” Naruto added.

“Oh I see! That’s why she looked so familiar! She’s just like Sakura’s little version.” Teuchi said. “She even has the same mark at the center of her forehead.” The shop owner noticed.

“She really idolizes Sakura so she had Naruto draw a rhombus on her forehead.” Sasuke supplemented Kakashi’s story.

“Where’s your lady friend then?” the owner asked. It was Sakura who answered.

“At the hospital Oji-san. That’s why she asked these big brothers to take care of me!” Sakura explained.

“I see, I see.” Teuchi nodded, bobbing his head up and down for agreement. “Then what will you have little lady?” he asked.

“If there’s a small version of Naruto’s usual, then I’ll take it!” she beamed.

The owner boomed in laughter. Clearly amused at the little girl’s cheerful personality. He then went to work to prepare their usual ramen.

As they waited for their order, Sakura started dangling her feet, moving them in slow casual motion. Then she started doing flutter kicks in the air below her. A moment later, she tucked her knees to her chest; next thing she did was, she grabbed Naruto’s and Kakashi’s sleeves as she supported herself to stand on her chair.

“What’s the matter Sa—” Kakashi eyed him. “I mean Momo-chan? The ramen’s gonna be ready soon. You just have to wait patiently.”

Sakura pouted as she gripped the counter top and tried to keep still; still standing on her chair. Kakashi noticed that Sakura’s behavior was slowly turning into that of an actual 3-year-old, but he also immediately understood Sakura’s dilemma.

The little girl’s attitude at the moment wasn’t because she’s hungry, well she probably is. But more so because her face couldn’t even get past the counter top, that’s why she chose to stand on her chair. At that instant moment, an idea popped inside Kakashi’s head and a gleam could be seen in his visible eye. He lifted a squirming Sakura off her chair, and without even mentioning it, he settled her on Sasuke’s lap which clearly startled the silent ninja.

“What the—” Sasuke whispered, stunned.

“C'mon Sasuke. I’m pretty sure Momo-chan’s not that heavy.” Kakashi said, smiling with his eye. “And besides, she’d be able to eat better now. Considering her face has already passed this counter top.” Kakashi tapped his hand on the surface of the counter.

“Hey, Teme! If you really don’t want to, Momo-chan can sit on my lap.” Naruto teased. Sasuke’s eyes narrowed at him, he spoke.

“We all know how you eat your ramen, you idiot. S-she stays on my lap.” Sasuke stated, a tinge of pink grazed his cheeks. He moved his right arm on Sakura’s side, but he still refused to touch her little form.

“If you say so!” Naruto chirped.

Sasuke then turned to look at Kakashi.

“Hey…” his former sensei looked at him. “What if…what if she falls down or something?” Sasuke asked. It was Sakura who answered his question as she looked up at him.

“Don’t worry Sasuke, I can perfectly balance myself.”

Kakashi let out a soft laugh while Sasuke smirked. Sakura just pronounced perfectly as 'perfectwy’ in her soft little voice. Nevertheless, Kakashi still answered his former student’s question.

“Well, if you feel like Momo-chan’s losing her balance, just hold her side, or if worst comes to worst and she falls, just swiftly grab her clothes. I made sure to wrap them securely around her.” He stated and Sasuke nodded.

At that moment Sasuke looked at his other hand, now thankful that he agreed to have his prosthetic arm attached. He imagined that even his artificial arm could still feel Sakura’s warmth when he held her at the Hokage’s office. He then turned to look at Sakura and was surprised when he saw the girl biting the edge of the counter top, when Teuchi’s jovial voice boomed over them.

“Well someone’s already hungry, maybe even more hungry than Naruto!” he laughed. Sasuke tentatively placed his right hand on Sakura’s shoulder to gently detach her on the counter top. The owner started distributing their orders, even the tiny ramen version as well as their chopsticks.

When Sakura received hers, she split it in two but both went flying sideways, the first half to Naruto’s hair which went unnoticed because the moment his ramen was placed in front of him, he forgot about the world, while the other flew high to Sasuke’s side almost poking his eye.

“God, Momo-chan. Be careful.” Sasuke uttered.

“I’m sorry, I guess even my 3-year-old hand forgot how to hold chopsticks.” Sakura sheepishly smiled at him.

“Here you go, little lady!” Teuchi offered her a spoon to use in replacement of the chopsticks that went flying. Sakura grabbed it with her small hands. “—and that little ramen’s on the house!” the owner said.

“Thank you Oji-san!” she answered. “I’m going to eat now!” she announced.

Sasuke hesitantly placed his right hand on Sakura’s side to balance her better as she started squirming the moment she started eating. Good thing he was left-handed which gave them enough space which they both needed.

“Well, that definitely made me feel better!” Naruto beamed as he rubbed his full tummy. “Though I still have no idea how Kakashi eats with his mask on.” His former sensei only looked at him with an amused expression on his face. Sakura, on the other hand, sported a frown as he stared at Sasuke.

“What is it?” he asked. Sakura started clutching her dress as Sasuke noticed her face started to flush.

“Sakura, what’s wrong? Tell me.” He bent down to whisper so only she could hear. She looked at him with wide eyes as she suddenly blurted, “I need to pee, Sasuke!”

“What?!” Sasuke immediately lifted her off his lap, confused on what to do next. “Uhh—uhh…” he stuttered, still staring at Sakura’s embarrassed face when somebody took the girl off his hands, it was Ayame.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” She said. Ayame carried Sakura over the counter top and went inside the shop. Sasuke sighed the moment such burden was lifted off his hand.

“Imagine Momo-chan peeing all over Sasuke. That would be so funny!” Naruto teased.

“Now, now Naruto. Sasuke did a good job at trying to baby sit Momo-chan. Isn’t that right?” their former sensei turned to smile at Sasuke, but he immediately reverted to his formal face the moment he started to speak about the mission.

“I think it’s about time we decide where we should place Sakura at the moment.” He said in a low voice, still careful not to blow Sakura’s cover.

“Well, we can’t put her back to her apartment, right?” Naruto asked.

“That’s because you blew it up, you dobe.” Sasuke muttered.

“Hey I didn’t mean to do that!” Naruto spat back.

“And clearly, she can’t stay in your apartment unless we want her to drown in filth.” Sasuke commented, his words directly addressed to Naruto.

“Hey! That’s harsh, Teme!” Naruto then eyed Kakashi.

“And we can’t put her in Kakashi’s apartment!” He exclaimed. “We don’t know what kind of ecchi ecchi things he has hidden there.” The two of them nodded.

“Then that leaves you, Sasuke!” Kakashi said. “Are you willing to accommodate two homeless ninjas and a little orphan girl, in your mansion?” Kakashi asked, his visible eye twinkling.

“Shut up. What choice do we have?” Sasuke muttered and sighed. His words were more of a statement than a question, signaling his agreement.

“Then it’s settled.” Kakashi announced. “We’ll be staying at the Uchiha mansion until Sakura returns to normal. Let’s meet there in an hour.” His former students nodded. “Now if the both of you could pay for my ramen, then I’ll be heading out first.”

Even before Naruto and Sasuke could say their protests, Kakashi already disappeared, leaving a smoke cloud behind him. Both of them sighed.

“He really doesn’t change.” Sasuke muttered, when Ayame appeared holding a smiling Sakura on her side.

“She’s okay now!” she said, and lifted her off to bring her back to Sasuke. But Naruto snatched Sakura away and propped her on his shoulder. Sakura giggled, and grabbed Naruto’s hair.

“Sasuke, you pay!” Naruto pointed at him.

“You pay!” little Sakura imitated.

Sasuke sighed as he stood up and brought money down on the counter, and thanked the owner and his daughter.

“Ugh. People.” He muttered. Rolling his eyes to the side.

Naruto eventually transferred Sakura back to Sasuke as they parted ways before going to the Uchiha mansion. He said he had to get some things from his apartment and assured Sasuke that he’ll be at the mansion in an hour. He also promised Sakura candies when he returns. Now Sasuke was stuck and alone with Sakura in the middle of the road. The little girl clutching at his pant leg when Naruto set her down beside him before he left. He looked at her, and she was staring back at him.

Sasuke started feeling quite uncomfortable at the moment. Among his teammates, it was with Sakura whom he felt most distant. He thought it was really kind of understandable considering the numerous times he tried to kill her, but as Sasuke studied her eyes, he saw nothing but clarity and ease, and almost immediately, he started feeling better.

“I guess we have to go back to my apartment and get some things as well.” Sakura said. Sasuke guessed that it would be faster if he carried the little girl, but he noticed that her arm was extended up to him, palm up.

“Won’t your arms get tired?” he asked. Sakura shook her head, her pink hair fluttered from side to side.

“Nope, I’m a strong girl you know!”

Sasuke let out a small smile. So, instead of carrying her, he cautiously reached down and held her small hand as they walked a few blocks to her apartment.

“You know,” he started. “I never did get the message why you had to conceal your identity to the ramen shop owner.” He inquired. Sakura beamed up at him and answered.

“Well, that’s because old Teuchi gives out free ramen to children who are first time customers! Aren’t you happy you got a discount Sasuke?” she giggled and swayed Sasuke’s hand with hers as they walked together to her apartment. Sasuke merely sighed but smiled eventually.

Sasuke set Sakura down the floor when they reached her apartment, and almost immediately, he saw Sakura crumple to the surface. She started whining.

“Ugh, remind me again never to walk that far! I forgot I had small legs! I thought it was nearer.” Sakura complained.

Sasuke smirked as Sakura’s words started to become slightly incomprehensible. Her 'Ls and Rs’ started sounding like 'Ws.’ He casually walked over to Sakura’s fridge to get her a glass of water. It hasn’t been long since he last stepped inside this place. After he finally returned, his team usually held get-togethers in Sakura’s apartment, so he fairly knew his way around.

“You really didn’t walk that far. I picked you up half way through.” Sasuke commented.

“But it felt more like a hundred kilometers!” Sakura stretched her arms through the air, seemingly trying to show the 'hundred kilometers’ using the length of her limbs.

Sasuke took that opportunity to lift Sakura and carry her towards her bedroom. She settled her on the top of her bed and gave her the glass of water.

“Now, what do you need?” he asked. He eyed the little girl as she gulped the water from her glass.

Sakura pointed at several drawers and cabinets until Sasuke was able to come up with one big bag filled with Sakura’s stuff. Her things ranged from medical journals to t-shirts, which they both knew would be three to four sizes larger than her. Sakura also had to forego her qipao dresses as well as her shorts and half pants because she told Sasuke she wouldn’t be able to wear them anyway. She also had in her bag dozens of toiletries she said she needed, but they were still faced with a huge problem, and it was about Sakura’s undergarments.

“Of course I can’t wear a bra!” she exclaimed, gaining a face-palm answer from Sasuke, his cheeks blushing slightly. “But I also need my underwear!” she started whining again, when suddenly, Sasuke shifted uncomfortably to where he was standing.

“What?” Sakura asked. Sasuke merely shook his head and remained silent, but Sakura didn’t stop.

“Aha! You’re wondering if I’m wearing one right now!” Sakura pointed an accusatory finger towards Sasuke. Admittedly, Sasuke’s blush flared brighter which made the little girl giggle at her place.

“Of course I am silly.” Sakura said in between giggles. “Kakashi did a really good job wrapping my dress around the important areas. Ayame even secured them tighter with a safety pin!” she explained. That’s when an idea popped in her head.

“I guess we should just bring a couple of dozen pins with us!” Sakura exclaimed. She pointed to another drawer to which Sasuke approached and rummaged for safety pins while Sakura jumped from the bed and opened another drawer.

When Sasuke turned, his eyes went wide at the assorted underwear laid in front of him.

“I like this, this, this, this, and this!” Sakura pointed to several undies she had and Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he followed his gaze to all the things which Sakura pointed. One has tiny ribbons, others had tiny white rabbits on them, the others, he can’t make out the design.

“Why do you need so much?” he asked.

“Well, what if I failed to get to the bathroom in time and peed myself, huh? Would you lend me your briefs?” Sakura asked.

“Or we could just buy you diapers.” The moment such words came out of Sasuke’s mouth, a handful of flying underwear was sent his way. Realizing that there’d be no escape, he begrudgingly caught them all.

“That’s embarrassing! I’m a lady!” Sakura shouted.

“A little lady.” Sasuke corrected and without saying much, he simply gathered all of Sakura’s underwear and stuffed them immediately inside her bag. Sakura pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Do you need anything more?” Sasuke asked.

Even with Sakura’s brows furrowed, she shook her head.

“Fine. Then let’s head out.”

The sun was about to set when Sasuke and Sakura got to the Uchiha mansion. 

As Sasuke approached, he already saw a waving Naruto a few feet ahead of them.

“What took you so long, Teme, huh?” he asked.

Sasuke settled Sakura down to the ground so he could unlock the gates. A flash of memories suddenly got through his mind.

Sasuke remembered being discharged from the hospital. He really didn’t know where to go next, but soon realized that he was left with no choice but to return to the Uchiha manor.

He took his steps home during that cold winter night, gladly welcoming the silence and the cold air around him. He never had a problem of being alone, he was used to isolation after all. That’s why it surprised him when outside the gates of his old house, he saw several of his friends standing and smiling at him.

His former team waiting for him was actually more than enough, but what moved him the most was that his former friends, from the academy were also waiting outside the gates. He saw team 8 and 10, the remaining members of team 9 were present as well.

Shikamaru and Choji pushed through the entrance and Sasuke was welcomed with a warm light coming from inside his old house. His former team and the others renovated the old Uchiha manor so he could once again feel at home.

'What are you waiting for, Sasuke-teme?’ Naruto approached him and placed an arm over his shoulder. He merely looked at his best friend, confusion was plastered all over his face, but the blonde ninja simply smiled.

'Welcome back, Sasuke.’ Naruto whispered.

Sasuke merely let out a small, almost imperceptible smirk.

'I’m home.’ He whispered.

“Where’s my candy?!”

Sakura’s voice brought Sasuke back to reality. He turned and looked at his two teammates, Naruto rummaging inside his bag, while Sakura had her palm up.

“There! I found it!” Naruto exclaimed. But even before the blonde ninja could give the piece of candy to Sakura, Sasuke already snatched it away.

“Hey!” Both Naruto and Sakura cried in unison.

“Give me back my candy, Sasuke-Teme.” Sakura said in his best imitation of Naruto.

“Wow, that’s a good one Sakura!” Naruto grinned, when Sasuke turned to look at him.

“We can’t have Sakura eating candy at this time of the day, she’ll get sugar rush.” Sasuke quietly admonished Naruto.

“And so?” Naruto answered back.

“And so, you, stupid dweeb,” Sasuke mocked. “Somebody’s not going to sleep later tonight because of this.” He raised the candy he was holding, and turned to Sakura.

“No sugar for you little lady.” Sasuke commanded and led the way inside the huge Uchiha compound.

Both Naruto and Sakura looked at one another and sighed.

“So this is how Sasuke’s going to be when he becomes a father, huh?” Naruto whispered to Sakura as he carried her and followed Sasuke. “No fun. Definitely, no fun at all.” He muttered, but Sakura simply smiled.

'I like it.’ She thought.

AN: And there you have it! That’s Chapter 3. :) Again, I wanna thank those who are following this story, as well as those writing their reviews. I’m pretty surprised that there are people who are reading the Author’s Note portion. You truly amaze me. You rock, guys!

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Sasuke, Sauce, honey, child. Stop being so distant, damn. I ain't saying you should hug people. But open up to your friends; atleast your best friend. If not your family. And get atleast 6 hours sleep every three days.

note: this is not narusaku. set during – ugh – sasuke’s mission.

“are we not friends anymore, naruto?” sakura asks him one night. 

she’d come to the hokage’s office for professional purposes and naruto was quick to help her. he expected her to leave, to go back to work or to go home to her daughter, but sakura just stands there, head cocked a fraction as she regards with him sad eyes. sakura is better than most at hiding how she feels with a mask of joy if not complacency, but this time she allows her hurt to seep through.

“what are you talking about?” naruto replies, voice cracking through his feigned ignorance.

“your wife is pregnant. you’re having another child and i found that out from ino. why wouldn’t you want to share that with me?” 

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Approval (Itachi/Sakura)

I went through a period of writing AU’s and this was one of them. Also this is not proofread so forgive.

Feel free to send me your Sakura requests!


“Itachi you are twenty six years old and the council are pushing for your marriage and I can no longer deny their request.” The uninterested expression on his eldest sons face only frustrated Fugaku. He slammed his fist onto the table that separated them. “You cannot ignore this son!”

“I see no reason for any kind of union father.” Itachi turned his gaze to the older Uchiha. “I can rule our people without the need of a woman.”

“Be as that may, the title of crowned princess and future queen is not an empty role Itachi. Your claim on the throne is weakened and I will not accept my brothers insane son as the future king of the land.”

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