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Hi! I would love to have a request of Souji, Hajime, Jumin, Jihyun, Zen and Ciel react to their injured s/o always brushing off getting treatment and downplaying their pain because they don't think they are worth it? Thank you! Love the blog ^^

Okita - Outwardly, he wouldn’t make a huge fuss about it. In fact, he would probably tease his s/o for getting hurt in the first place. However, he might come up with some story about a (nonexistent) soldier who had a similar injury and got a horrible infection and died. On the inside, he is screaming. He is hoping to scare some sense in to you so that you agree to some treatment. If it doesn’t work, however, then it’s time to play dirty. He sneaks away when you aren’t paying attention. The next thing you know Hijikata-san, Sannan-san, and Yamazaki-san are all breathing down your neck about your injury. At this point, you know you have no choice but to give in and receive treatment. As you lay with Okita that night, almost asleep, he murmurs in your ear about how worried he was about you, and if you ever do something so reckless in the future, he’ll punish you himself. You are the only peace he has in his life and he refuses to lose you to your own stubborn disposition.

Saito - Silently worrying his pants off. He watches you when you’re not paying attention, cataloging everything that could possibly be wrong with you. When you refuse medical attention, putting other soldiers before yourself, his heart flops. He worries, but it takes a big person to put others before themselves. However, there is no way he is letting you go without some care. He would pull you aside, so as not to make a scene in front of the others. He urges you to get some medical attention, but you refuse again. Now he’s getting upset. He doesn’t care if it fucking hurts or not, you are going to do as he says, even he has to hold you down himself. He tends to you himself, lecturing you all the while of the importance of taking care of such things. In reality, he wants you to take your health seriously because he cares about you. He is used to getting hurt, but he still gets patched up when it’s necessary. He doesn’t want you to suffer in any way, and it wold hurt him more than you know if anything truly serious were t happen. You notice that he will hover over you slightly for a little while following the incident. 

Jumin - Hell. To. The. Fuck. No. He knows everything about his partner, inside and out, and he will probably notice immediately if something seems off. He will ask you about it, giving you the chance to come clean about whatever happened. However, yo deny everything, claiming you are fine. Immediately, the wheels in his head start turning. He brushes aside his work and becomes extremely clingy. He pinpoints your injury pretty quickly, and asks you about it. You just brush it off, claiming you are fine. And that’s when he gets you. Taking you in his arms, he pouts at you, running his hands along your arms. Don’t you trust him? Love him? You are his everything and he just wants what is best for you. If you deny him again, he gets a little angry. So he’s stupid now? He doesn’t know what’s best for his love? His feelings mean nothing to them? How would they like it if he went out and got hurt, only to deny treatment? His eyes become a little crazed. He says he will stay home from work and nurse you back to health himself, by his own hand. He will make you trust him. Insecurities fly. You give in only because it hurts him so much. Also, if he were to stay home, it wouldn’t just be affecting him. You never realized that downplaying your pain would blow up in your face so badly. 

V - He would completely break down. He has a bad history with his partners hiding harmful things from him, and it pains him so much. He bawls his eyes out as he begs you to get treatment. You have never seen him so hysteric in your life. The usually kind and cool man is a complete mess before. Really, you hid your injury because you didn’t want him to freak out over it. No big deal. However, it seemed that you keeping such a thing from him hurt way more than you realized. When you refuse treatment for your injury, the hysterics continue. He holds you tight to his chest, cries on you until your shirt is soaked, downright begging you to get treatment. You agree only to calm him down. Except he really doesn’t. He seems to recede into himself a little, and he becomes extremely clingy. He is  constantly checking your injury to make sure there is no risk of infection. He kisses every square inch of skin he can reach, murmuring against your skin. He loves you so much. Please take care of yourself. He couldn’t possibly survive losing another partner he cares for so much. It would kill him if he had to sit by and watch that again. 

Zen - He would panic so hard. He doesn’t understand why you are being so difficult about this. You are hurt, just get some treatment. It hurts him so badly seeing you suffer, and wishes you would just take care of yourself. When you continue to refuse, he is going to get angry. He takes injuries very seriously, understanding how important it is to take care of yourself. Why can’t you just be like him and get treatment. Further refusal leads to an argument. He is not going to let you win this one. He begs, pleads, cries for you to take care of yourself. You are everything to him, one of the only people in his life who truly cares for him. He wishes you would take the same care with yourself. He knows how terrible things can turn if you don’t take care of yourself. Before he became a musical actor he road around the street and did some pretty dangerous stuff. He saw things that he will never be able to forget, and will always scare him. He doesn’t want you to end up anywhere near that. So please, for his sake, just see someone for treatment. He ends up dragging you out for treatment whether you agree to it or not. It will take him a little while to forgive you for being so reckless and selfish. 

Ciel - At first, he is concerned about you getting hurt. He wants to know what happened so he can have the situation taken care of, but you refuse. Immediately, he gets angry at you for gong against his wishes, but fine, have it your way. If you want to be an idiot, and get yourself an infection or something, whatever. Go ahead and be an idiot. He has more important things to worry about. You think you have gotten away with this, but oh no. Instead, a certain demon butler is going to be hanging over your shoulder more often, and it is kind of going to creep you out. He tends to sniff the air around you, and watch your mannerisms for slight changes. You also notice that Ciel refuses to have a real conversation with you. No matter how many times you try, he just ‘hmms’ and ‘huhs’ until you stop talking. It isn’t until you actually do get an infection that action is taken. By Sebastian. He scolds you as he fixes you up, and then drops the suggestion that you should apologize to Ciel. It takes you a while to work up the courage to do so, but you are surprised at how readily Ciel accepts. He had missed you. Just please don’t do it again.

I hope this turned out okay. The request was kind of vague, so I made it kind of.. vague? I dunno… I just hope you like it. Thanks!

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Hold Me...

Hold Me: Your muse has had a nightmare and comes to cuddle mine for safety.


When Hajime decided to call it a night and return to headquarters this was not what he’d been expecting when he entered his room. He knew he’d had quite a bit of sake, but the indigo-haired man knew the alcohol had nothing to do with this. He hadn’t had nearly enough of the drink to make him start hallucinating.

Souji was curled up atop the younger male’s futon, clinging to the blankets like a child would. His eyes were closed tightly and Saito’s sharp gaze caught sight of the rapid rising and falling of his comrade’s chest.

Quietly, the ivory-skinned swordsman slid the door closed behind him, carefully depositing his swords upon their proper stand. Afterwards, Hajime approached the sleeping form of his friend, kneeling beside the futon as he observed the other silently. Souji was sweating profusely, chestnut strands clinging to his forehead and cheeks. The short bushi concluded these must have been those night sweats his companion so often complained about…

The rapid twitching of the brunette’s eyes beneath their lids and the pained expression on his face caused Hajime’s brow to knit in worry. Was this also a part of the night sweats that accompanied tuberculosis?

“Okita-kun,” Saito called quietly, not wishing to startle the sickly man.


“Souji-kun,” he tried a little louder after receiving no response.

Still nothing.

Sighing softly, Hajime pressed his palm to the other’s forehead. Startled by the severe difference in temperature, he nearly recoiled, but Souji’s response made him stay put. A look of sheer relief passed over the older captain’s face—Hajime’s cold hands provided a small comfort for his friend.

Knowing he wasn’t going to be moving the other anytime soon, Hajime decided he would simply have to manage having the other spending the night in his room. It was far from being awkward—the two had shared a room before due to the shortage of space—but the indigo-haired swordsman had never seen his companion in such severe discomfort before. Not to mention they’d never shared a futon before…

As Hajime pulled back from the other to remove his scarf, a small whine escaped Souji’s lips that tugged at something within the younger male’s chest. The indigo-haired bushi made quick work of removing his outer kimono, deciding he would simply sleep in his under-robes for the sake of convenience. After swiftly folding his clothing and depositing it on his desk, Saito turned back to his occupied futon only to stiffen up, nearly frozen in place at the sight before him.

Moonlight reflected off beautifully intense, emerald orbs that were locked on Hajime’s stock still form. Okita’s chestnut locks were illuminated in the natural silver lighting, intensifying and reflecting the auburn hues that Hajime enjoyed admiring when he caught the other taking naps.

The expression upon the older male’s face, however, was desperate in appearance. He looked… scared. Saito had seen this expression before, but for the life of him, he couldn’t place where…

“Ha… Hajime…?” the older questioned in a whisper, as if unsure the shorter male was truly there.

“Hai,” Saito answered, uncoiling his muscles as he approached the other with caution. “It’s me, Souji-kun. You must have wandered into my room in your delusional state. You’re having night sweats,” he informed his friend, not sure if the other realized where he was.

“Oh… gomen,” Okita apologized quietly, his eyelids closing halfway. Souji certainly didn’t seem to be entirely lucid, of that much Hajime was certain.

It was in that moment the dark-haired samurai recalled where he’d seen such an expression before:


Katsu, who was Hajime’s elder sister, was prone to awful nightmares when they were younger. She would run to her little brothers’ room and curl up against Hiroaki or himself until she calmed down. Hajime distinctly remembered she occasionally ended up staying until morning.

Kneeling slowly, the ivory-skinned male brushed a few of the sweat-soaked bangs from his companion’s forehead. “It’s alright, Souji,” he comforted, dropping the honorific. “You were having a nightmare—it was only a dream,” Hajime explained, gently cupping his hand against the ill man’s cheek.

Saito’s eyes widened briefly when his friend all but dragged him onto the futon with him. Before the younger male could fully gain his bearings, Souji had tucked Hajime’s head against his neck and shoulder, burying his face into his friend’s long, indigo tresses. When Hajime’s mind finally caught up with him, he noted how desperately the other was gripping the back of his robes, as though he was terrified he would disappear at any moment…

“Sleep,” Hajime instructed his dearest companion, ignoring the pounding of his heart and the blood he felt rushing to his cheeks. Slipping his left arm out from between them, the younger captain entangled his fingers into Okita’s silky strands, silently letting the other know he didn’t plan on going anywhere.

“I’ll stay with you, Souji. I won’t leave, you have my word.”

As he had vowed, Hajime stayed all night, drifting in and out of sleep as he ran his fingers through his friend’s hair. It wasn’t until the sun peaked through the small cracks in the sliding doors, and Souji finally began to stir, that the sapphire-eyed samurai finally fell into a deep slumber.

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Character meme: Saitou

And again I come in with a belated response! (Someday I’ll finish these…)

  1. He isn’t omniscient… or smooth. He may be extremely observant, but he definitely has his oblivious and/or awkward patches. He sometimes has difficulty recognizing jokes (as in HakuMyu’s Koufu/Tofu Castle pun), and—despite his usual matter-of-fact politeness—at times does not know what to say and/or how to say it (as in his version of the infamous geisha scene, also showcased in Sekkaroku). More interestingly, he does not seem fully aware of his own softness, as he repeatedly insists in the very beginning that they will probably not be able to sympathize with Chizuru’s story…and then, immediately after hearing said story, refers to her as “nothing more than a lone girl looking for someone to help her”. And speaking of being warmer than he seems:
  2. His passions are subdued, but they run deep. For the sake of being a true and honorable warrior, he puts up an apathetic front—which is too real and instinctive at this point to be called a ‘mask’—but he still feels strongly and profoundly. If any emotion interferes with his duty, he is able to suppress it and deal with the situation objectively, but he does still feel. While he will do anything for the sake of the Shinsengumi, he is always in touch with his own ambition and its dictates, and will not obey an order he does not agree with on some level (or at the very least, he will make his displeasure known). Contrary to what Kazama insinuates, he is not a guard dog or a puppet by any means; he has a very strong perspective of his own, and his will is formidable to the point of being unbendable. Even early on, when the masters of other dojos tried to correct his left-handed stance, he defeated them and moved on. Thus, despite his willing subservience, he has a strong sense of his own self and identity, and does not allow anything to interfere with that. After all, he cites his own ‘ambition’ for leaving with Itou, and this is a believable lie. But
  3. He isn’t as confident as he seems. That’s right, Saito does have his own doubts and insecurities. Despite his confidence in himself and his abilities, he sometimes loses sight of what exactly he is fighting for and/or where he truly belongs. Although he does have that indomitable sense of self, it is always placed in perspective. Being a part of higher organizations and ideals always comes before his personal agenda; although he insists on acting as himself, he does not necessarily know how to act for himself. Because he has sublimated his own needs into those of the Shinsengumi, there are times he does not understand himself or his personal desires (that is, he may sense what is in his best interests, but he may not always know the reasoning or other specifics). That is the root of almost all the conflict in his life, particularly on his own route; he can deal with external strife with comparative ease, but internally, he never quite learned to fully master himself, despite how he appears. But now, back to one of my previous points:
  4. He is an uncommonly good liar. This is something I’ve seen people forget before, because they want him to be as true-blue as his eyes, but he is hardly innocent in this respect. Because of his aforementioned emotionlessness, everyone always turns to him when they need a convenient excuse, such as explaining Sanan’s ‘death’. If you build enough trust with people that you have a reputation for telling the truth, it paradoxically becomes much easier to convince them of a lie. And let’s not forget that he successfully maneuvers his way into Itou’s good graces, then spies on the Guardians of the Imperial Tomb for six months. That takes a considerable amount of effort, but he pulls it off flawlessly. The man’s capacity for lying his way into and out of situations is frankly incredible, and he could probably use that to his advantage. The only reason he doesn’t is because of his all-important sense of honor.

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Hello! How are you? First thanks for following me. Well as you know, I'm a big fan of Mr. Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin. but I didn't forget the fact that there's other Saitou Hajime. Some people said to me that It would be nice to watch Hakuouki. And as you are a big fan of it I would like to ask you the major differences of both Saitou Hajimes ^^ Anyway I don't know if you watched RK. Even if you don't what kind of personality Saitou from Hakuouki has? Btw you have a nice tumblr! Love the Chibis

Thanks for such a great question!  (And for your welcome and for checking out my blog!)   😊  (I’m glad you like the chibis.)

I have watched several episodes of RK and enjoyed them.  I had planned to finish watching the whole series, but got busy with writing and life.  Periodically I sneak in another episode.  At least one friend on tumblr [that’s you @shell-senji ] was a RK fan, before getting into Hakuouki.  I know that she enjoyed (and still enjoys) both series a great deal.   🌸

Hakuouki (both the game and the anime) is quite faithful to the events of the fall of the shogunate.  This means that a lot of the Shinsengumi die.  However, Hakuouki has a supernatural element; surprisingly, this doesn’t upset the historical feel of the story as much as you would expect.  🌸

Saitou in Hakuouki is younger and possibly a little less hard/cold than Saitou in RK (he is known for being cold/expressionless, however).  He is a self-declared killer: that’s his job and he does his job with immense skill and near absolute loyalty to his commanding officers and the ideals of the Shinsengumi and the way of the bushi.  Despite what I first thought when I watched RK, there are notable similarities between the characters.  🌸

I’ve put the rest below the read line since it’s a bit long.

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#2 Saito, please.

Their emotional/moral weak spots

Over the years, it has grown far too easy for him to deserve his reputation as a heartless killer. Strong though his moral compass may be, he will always swallow his protests and follow his orders if it is for the greater good. His superiors may consider that a strength, but he knows is also his greatest weakness: if his duty calls, he must obey, regardless of his personal feelings on the matter. Too often, he isn’t even sure if he has any. Once, he might have had his own perspective, but lately, it has become synonymous with that of the Shinsengumi. Some nights, usually after a significant amount of sake, his chest feels tight in an emotion he cannot name: how much of his will is truly free?

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Have you done the h/c thing for Saito and Hijikata yet?


Sexuality: Grayromantic demisexual.

OTP: SaiChi.

BrOTP: Okita, but Heisuke is a close second, and Amagiri gets an honorable mention.

NOTP: KazaSai.

First headcanon that pops into my head: However good Okita may be with his hands, it’s Saito who is the undisputed master of origami. It’s one of his few hobbies independent of his job.

One way in which I relate to this character: Besides sharing a birthday? People usually misread my mood and think I mean something more by saying “I’m fine” when, ya know, I’m actually fine. We’re open books, but people always seem to think there’s more to what we say.

Thing that gives me secondhand embarrassment: Every time a joke or implication flies over his head, which is always. For being so vigilant, he sure is naïve sometimes.

Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Absolutely a cinnamon roll.


Sexuality: Straight. Busy as hell and pragmatic to boot, but straight.

OTP: HijiChi, I suppose.

BrOTP: Kondou.

NOTP: HijiOki, but there are a few others that rub me the wrong way too.

First headcanon that pops into my head: Not all his poetry is actually awful, but he’s so used to his poems being mocked that he’s tricked himself into thinking his better stuff is still terrible. Doesn’t stop him from writing it, but he makes extra bonus sure to keep it hidden.

One way in which I relate to this character: I am the Mom Friend™ in most, if not all, of my social circles. Besides that, my default attitude is abrupt and matter-of-fact just like his, my temper just beneath a businesslike surface. For all my similarities to Heisuke, Hijikata is the character I resemble most.

Thing that gives me secondhand embarrassment: His poetry. I can never tell whether it’s a reaction to the verses themselves or a reaction to their reactions, but that’s the trouble spot.

Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Neither. I’m not sure how to classify him, really.


Saito doesn’t know what to do but he happily accepts them. He’ll have to tell Hijikata and maybe get Okita to help him take care of them until they can fend for themselves…


((OOC: ヽ(‘ー`)ノ I spent the night finally watching Sengoku Basara because I was bored when I could have been making replies…

Saito’s ask box is really stuffed and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. This pathetic artist apologizes for not answering them fast enough; I wish I had more arms and my attention span wasn’t so short…… sobs I don’t know if I should close the ask box for a bit until I’ve caught up a bit more?

Aaaa…. I really don’t want this blog to feel like a chore, I hope you understand….

On a side note, I seriously can’t draw cats……. SOBS))


No, I have not considered playing “pretty princesses” with Ibuki. I don’t believe there would be any purpose to it.

Saito looks away, almost as if he were disturbed by the thought.


((OOC: Ryuunosuke has so much hair you can’t style it uwu hense it’s just a ball on his head….

I’m publishing this one because of the RP lawl… Ibuki the pretty princess |Dc heh.))


Haha so I’ve wanted to do this since I started to get really into Hakuouki. I’ve always wanted to try and do an ask blog? But I was always afraid of the commitment.

But I’ve been thinking about it an awful lot lately and well, I want to motivate myself to draw more, especially now that I feel very uninspired and I just don’t know what to draw.

And there’s a dozen other things I was worried about, (like the RP blogs… Saitomun I hope you don’t mind ;A;) but then I decided that… what the heck! What do I have to lose? If anything it will give me an reason to draw crack Saito LOL

… But not really, I intend to try and keep him as canon as possible (WHICH I THINK I’LL FAIL AT because I suck at stuff like that B| but I’m going to try anyway sobs)

Anyway, the replies won’t be quality art like the opening banner |Dc but I just wanted to do something shiny…..

I’m posting this now so that if I get any asks that I can work on when I get back from work. I’ll try to keep it active as possible @A@ I don’t want to give up on it so easily Q______Q but the replies might come slowly just because I work regularly and I am prone to be extremely lazy….

Anyway, please ask away ;u;