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Hi!!!! You're art is just really good and (honestly) flawless and I was wondering if you have any tips for improving art? I'm not trying to butter you up, I really do admire your art. It's beautiful.

well idk how to advice people on this but here we go! 

1.If you want to improve your art, try drawing something like a prompt or a certain action in mind, once u’re done, tell yourself, is this how u want it to look? does it look stiff? sometimes when i draw something i kept on thinking “aww I’ve just finished drawing this, I don’t want to redraw it again.” or “I don’t want to erase this part because it took me a long time to finish it even though I don’t like how it looks”, don’t set your mind like that, you wont improve that way. Here’s an example i did, though it’s not that great but it will do:

this was the first drawing from the ask of daniel bleping, it looks stiff and somewhat expressionless not to mention less dynamic compared to this one:

look at his eyebrows and his stance, this one looks less stiff, not perfect but it was an improvement, so it’s fine.

2. Redraw something. Usually I saved a lot of artworks (i mean a lot of them), like fanarts or official arts, or even from real people, just so I can redraw them. It’s okay to think, “but if i do that, it wouldn’t be my own art style.” it’s fine, your art style comes after no matter what, you’ll find it. Sometimes when u redraw them, and mix up the styles you’ll get your own!

3. you don’t have to draw them seriously either. It can be something stupid, or just a doodle. Don’t keep on thinking “I need to draw today, I need to draw everyday.” u can draw, but think about your needs first. Ur wrist will start to hurt if u keep on drawing. Just a small doodle will do u wonders!

4. Watch videos from Youtube. I do this, even now since i’m still in the process of learning. I watch Mark Crilley too! Though his art style isn’t my cup of tea, it’s still okay to follow his steps and make it in your own style! Also it’s free!! I did bought books on how to draw (it was useful but not that much to me and it costs me a lot)

5. LOOK UP AT REFERENCES!! Some people hate doing this, even I did. But it’s really helpful! Even great artists do this. Don’t be afraid.

6. Every artists hate their work, that’s normal. You may not like your own work, but others will like it. I don’t like how my art looks most of the time, but here we are. Don’t be sad from this, you’ll like it eventually. It comes slowly.

7. Some days when your art looks horrible, draw them out. The only way out of horrible art works, is to draw them out.

8. practice!! I know everyone is already tired from hearing this but there’s no other way or a short cut to improving your art. I’ve been drawing for 6-7 years (sometimes had to postpone during high school?? like stop drawing for a long time because I’ve been busy with exams). I’m still learning, artists that have been drawing for longer years are still learning and practicing. No matter how long you’ve been drawing, you’re still learning.

9. If you’re the type to sketch messily, try cleaning it by lining. This helps you have a cleaner and more distinct art work, and helps you develop smoother lines.

there we go! how i went through years and years of pain and agony from drawing merged into one posts in a not specific order, i might forgot some things but these are what i mostly did and still do.

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I'm so happy I saw your adorable maxpres because you and your blog are great~ And for Neil and Harrison, how about Neison? Or Nerrison/Narrison? (Lol idk, just some random ideas) anyways, hope you're having a great day you beautiful human!🌸💖

tbh i thought about Neison too!! cuz if u put nerrison/narrison it’s like harrison with nerris!

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Hey I was wondering if you would like to help me out with something. I'm writing a bunch of short campcamp story's, and I've already posted one, the only problem is I've written half of two other story's, and I've gone blank on what should happen next. Would you want to help out?

it depends?? im not too good when it comes to making stories?? i literally make anything just more gayer