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No problem ! I remember reading a previous ask of yours about Vongola 10 getting hit by the TYL bazooka and seeing their s/o with someone else leading them to break things off. Eventually they witness the same scene and realize it was their own fault. Instead of letting their ex go, could you write about them pursuing them and making amends even if their interfering with their s/o current relationship ? For Hibari, Yamamoto & Ryohei ?




Walking away was more difficult than Takeshi thought.

Even as he neared the exit of the bar he could still hear your laugh… Soothing and enough to make his heart soar. It took everything he had not to turn back and drag you over in his embrace.

As soon as he was out of the bar he took a lungfull of the cold air outside. Memories of you forced him to lean against the wall beside the bar’s door. He wished he smoke like Hayato but being a former athlete stopped him from indulging. He guessed it was better this way.

That night he slept the night away and dreamed of you. Of what the two of you had before all this happened. He woke up feeling empty. Alone.

When he walked in to report to Tsuna that day he caught a glimpse of Hayato taking a smoke out in the gardens. He tried to conjure up his usual smile.


Hayato nodded back at him before returning his eyes to the gates where one of their lower subordinates was talking to a stranger.

“What’s going on?” Takeshi asked curiously as came near the bomber.

Hayato flicked his chin at the scene with the stranger before speaking through his cig. “Just a low level nobody trying to get into the Vongola. Nothing new.”

Takeshi squinted and blinked towards the gate again and his blood turned cold when he recognized the stranger talking to one of their men.

It was the man you were last night.

“Oi, Jyudaime says he’ll be staying in tonight so you don’t­― Hey! Where are you going?!”

“I’m taking the day off! Tell Tsuna!”

He got in his car and called Shoichi for your last known address. He was at your front door in a matter of minutes.

When you opened the door to him you weren’t expecting to see Takeshi standing there with his eyes sharp and glinting like a blade looking down at you with an urgency that made your heart pound hard.

“I need to talk to you.”

That voice. Rougher and finer than what it was all those years ago made your body tingle with familiar want. But the memory of him kicking you out of your life woke you up from the secret longings of your heart and you attempt to slam the door in his face. He held it open easily with a hand on the frame.

Please!” he said through gritted teeth as he kept the door open. “You’re in danger!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Leave me alone!”

You stumbled back when he pushed the door open fully and walked in with determined strides and you were left shaking as you stared right back at him. Never did you think you’d see him again. Never did you think your feelings for him was still so strong.

“I think you need to leave,” you tell him as calmly as you could. “I’m expecting my fiancé to come by today. I don’t want him to see you here.”

“Leave him.”

The order caught you completely off guard and you look up at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. “What…?”

“Leave him. He’s not good for you. Leave him before you get involved with him further.”

You shook your head slowly, trying to wrap your head around what he was saying. “What? How do you get the nerve to tell me that…? How could you just barge in here and tell me that?!”


“I know what he is.”

You watched as Takeshi’s anger deflate and turn into confusion. “What?”

“I know he’s an assassin. When he and I got together I found out after I overheard him talking to someone over the phone.”

Takeshi’s eyes took on a wild sheen. “THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM?!”


Takeshi’s fist punched a hole in your wall as his eyes filmed with tears and his breath ran ragged. “IF THAT WAS THE CASE THEN WHAT THE HELL DID I LEAVE YOU FOR?!”

You blinked back at him in confusion. “What?”

He covered his eyes with one large, calloused hand to hide his sudden tears even as he laughed half hysterically at the situation. “I left you because I didn’t want you to get involved in this world…! I left you because I wanted you safe! If you were going to end up with someone like me anyway then what was the point of all my sacrifices to keep you safe all these years?! What was the point of forcing myself not to come crawling back every time I thought about you?!”


He removed his hand from his face and you broke at the bitter, half mad grin on his face as he looked down at you. “I’m sorry. But now that I know being a hitman is something you can overlook then… I don’t care if you’re with someone else. I’m taking you back. How can I possibly let go of you now…?”


He was just about to leave when another woman blocked his way and out her arms around him, giggling in the same way you have been just now. Absently Hayato wondered why the sound you made seemed much more pleasant to his senses than this lady rubbing herself against him.

“Hey, handsome~ Where are you going? Want to play with me?”

“I’m not interested. Go away.”

“Awww playing hard to get? Come on now, I’m lonely~!”

Hayato stiffened as he heard another giggle coming from you and he couldn’t help but glance your way as the man you were with started leading you off somewhere.

“Well, looks like that guy is up to his old tricks again.”

Hayato glanced at the woman still clinging to him like a wet shirt curiously. “What do you mean?”

She smirked. “That guy’s scum. He’s dealing with that new date drug. Makes a girl giddy and hallucinate while he carts them off to be auctioned somewhere. I think it makes them imagine and see their biggest fantasy. Looks like he’s found his newest merchandise.”

At that Hayato’s breath caught in his throat. His blood went ice cold as he remembered his thoughts when he first saw this scene for five minutes ten long years ago. Without uttering another word he shook the protesting woman off of him and went after you. He caught you and the scum as he was about to put you in a taxi. Hayato pulled the man off of you by the collar of his coat.

“Hey, buddy, what’re you―”

Hayato punching him in the face stopped the man from finishing his sentence and was left ignored as he rolled on the street in pain from his broken nose. Hayato then pushed into the cab with you and told the taxi to take him to his address. As the taxi moved he cradled you against him. The fact that you weren’t protesting and was still giggling while you snuggled up to him was proof that you had indeed taken some drugs. The faint smile of alcohol told the silver haired bomber that that scum must have mixed the shit in your drink while you weren’t looking. Still…

It was so good to feel your arms around him again. He couldn’t stop himself from burying his face in your hair and breathing you in. You gave out that sweet little giggle again and buried your face in his chest. It made Hayato hold you tighter.

When you arrived at his apartment he lifted you in his arms and took you inside. As he lay you on the bed to let you rest you clutched him tighter to you and the word you whined made him freeze in his tracks.

“Hayato…” Hayato looked down at you and his knees weakened at the sight of your tears even as you kept in smiling. “You’re back… I’m so happy… I love you… Don’t leave me again…”

He almost took you, right there and then. The only thing stopping him was the fact that he might hurt you along with the drug that you had taken. Settling you on the bed and prying your fingers off his shirt he covers you in a blanket and lies next to you, waiting for you to wake up. And when you did and recognized the man beside you you screamed and tried to get away. Hayato pinned you down on the bed.

“What the hell, Hayato?! Let me go! Ugh… I feel dizzy… What the hell did you do to me, asshole!”

“Tch, you’re screaming at me like that now after you kept calling my name all night? You never change, you’ve always been so stupid!”

“Stupid?! Who are you calling stupid, you idiot! You’ve got no right to call me that!” even as you screamed tears poured of your eyes as you tried to struggle underneath him. “Damn it, let go! You’ve done enough to me already! I’m tired of thinking of you! I’m tired of loving you! Let go!”

Hayato’s eyes softened even as he leaned down and touched your forehead with him. “God, I fucked when I let you go, didn’t I? I actually thought you’d be happy with someone less screwed up in the head than me. I’m wrong. So fucking wrong.”

Your eyes widened at the words you have only dreamed of hearing after all this time. Words that made you wake up feeling empty and aching when you wake up the next day. It didn’t even feel real…

“Ha… ya… to…?”

“Take me back,” he whispered against your lips as he did so, looking you directly in the eye with a pleading gaze you had never seen on him before. “Please take me back…”


Ryohei pounded into the punching bag like a man gone wild. Several of the gym members gaped as the stitches started breaking at the seams and sand startled trickling on the floor. Every punch thrown into the large bag made it fly into the wall. Sasagawa Ryohei was known around the gym as someone who was a generally good natured guy so seeing him act so… violently was unnerving. Everyone stayed away.

Ryohei wasn’t even aware of the attention he was getting. He had been in a bad, melancholic mood since this morning. Ever since he dreamed of breaking up with you with no words of proper explanation. Merely the evidence of witnessing a future where you did not choose him to be by your side. The fact that he had been a wreck over you for the last ten years didn’t help. He would always be rattled with melancholy when he remembered your name.

The memory of your shocked and hurt face made his next punch sharper and the punching bag gave in, ripping in half and the sand inside burst out like a bomb. It rushed him right back to his senses.

Sighing he went back to the bench where he left his towel and water tumbler. Moments later he took a shower and was on his way out of the gym when his attention was caught by the sound of a gentle laugh. It froze him with its familiarity.

Slowly he turned and saw you there handing a water bottle to a stranger. Another man who smiled right back at you. Ryohei’s heart stopped. Was he still dreaming? Wasn’t this the same scene he had witnessed from ten years ago?

Envy ate at him even as he repressed the violence in his heart. He let you go because he wanted you to be happy, right? He had no right to take back what he said now…

But he knew that man although he had never really looked at him properly! He was a well-known polygamist around here in the gym! You were probably the third woman seen to visit him at the gym this month. There was a rumor that he even asked his girlfriends for money to feed his luxurious addictions. Ryohei had never thought highly of him and ignored him most of the time.

Ryohei watched you leave after the man kissed you on the cheek. It felt like a punch in the gut. And as you turned around he saw your eyes widen as you stared back at him.

Ryohei watched your eyes reflect surprise, then sadness and then you bowed to him with a plaintive smile before attempting to pass him by the corridor. You never were one to make a scene. You have always been so quiet, so gentle and understanding. The complete opposite of him. He found no other person who can compare to you all these years. And for that he suffered.

To find out that you were giving yourself to such garbage…!

Before he could think about it he had your wrist in his hand and dragged you out of the gym.

You tried to protest. Your feeble attempts at forcing him to release you drowning in futility. When he finally had you locked in his car he clutched at his steering wheel, trapped in the pregnant silence that ensued.

“You don’t have to force yourself,” you broke the silence, taking pity on him after a while. You knew how much he hated silence. “I’m alright, Ryohei. How about you?”

He looked down and stared at his pedals before he could gather the strength to explain. “I’ve been… missing you. All this time.”

The words made tears burst from your eyes and you tried to desperately blink them away. You had known him to always be a completely honest and straightforward person. The kind of person who lost nothing by telling the truth.

“I see…” was all you could give. What else could you possibly say at this point?

Ryohei gritted his teeth. Even after all these years you still didn’t know how to get angry. It used to frustrate him before but afterwards… Afterwards you became his special place. A secret place where the Sun could lay in peace and not be burdened with its own brightness.

“That man,” he began haltingly but eventually he sucked in a deep breath and continued. “He’s not good for you. He’s in a lot of relationships right now. He… isn’t the kind of guy who’ll treat you right.”

You remain silent. Your heart heavy and leaden.

“I… I mean if you have to be with someone, at least be with someone who will treat you right! At least let it be with someone who will hold you above everything else!” he slammed his forehead on his steering wheel in a desperate attempt to collect his thoughts and alleviate his desire to offer himself to you again. “Please! At least find someone who deserves you!”

“How could I do that?” you whispered as your tears finally ran their course down your cheeks and Ryohei looked back at you in alarm. “How could I do that when all I’ve ever wanted was you…?”

The boxer stared at you in pained helplessness, evaluating the extent of his screw up. He wanted to hit himself. He would have too if he didn’t know it would scare you.

“I don’t know the real reason why you broke up with me, Ryo… All I knew was that we were happy and something changed that. I understand you wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t concerned for my well-being but, Ryo… Even if you say you don’t want me anymore, I know…” you turn and met his disbelieving eyes with a certainty that shook him to the core. “I would never find another man who would ever hold me above himself like you did while we were together. I believe in you; I always will. And I want you to be happy.”

You give him one last smile before you turned and attempted to open the car door to leave but the boxer pulled you back to face desperate and pleading eyes that looked deep into yours in a way you had never seen before. Sasagawa Ryohei was a bright Sun of overwhelming good cheer and happiness. He had wanted for nothing in his life. Seeing him look as though he were hopelessly chasing a dream was something you have never thought possible.

“Take me back.”

Your eyes widen at the request. “W-what?”

“I’m not letting you go back to that man,” he began in a rough voice, bordering on violence. “I’m not letting anyone touch what’s mine again. Your place is by my side. I am never going to let you go.”

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Ok but Dad Reborn raising Fem Tsuna, braiding her hair, letting her paint his nails, wearing a bracelet she made for him, Tsuna making Leon a scarf for winter. Biromantic Fem Tsuna bringing home attractive friends and Reborn being a suspicious over protective dad. With godparents Lal and Colonello-Kes

I don’t usually like genderbends but holy shit this is TOO ADORABLE!!!

And since we’re making Tsu a girl, let’s go ahead and even the odds in his guardians:

Boys: Lambo, Mukuro, Hayato, Takeshi

Girls: Chrome (obv), Tsuna, Ryohei, Kyoya

- Hayato gets really flustered the first time he sees Tsuna in dying will mode, so the first thing he does after he accepts her as his boss is to buy her some inflammable boxer shorts and a camisole bra because that’s hella better than her in her panties and the cute frilly bras she likes to wear

- Reborn raised Tsuna to be able to kill anyone who even looks at her funny, and they’ve never really been too hung up on nudity/revealing clothes, which is why neither of them are exactly disturbed by the consequences of dying will mode. It’s a necessary step to take so that her body gets acclimated to using so much sky flames in such a short time, before she starts using hdwm.

- Students at school start calling Tsuna a slut because of her running around half-naked, and none of her guardians are having any of that. They know Tsuna can look after herself, but she shouldn’t have to all the time. They see how much it hurts her, and they don’t want anyone hurting their Donna. So they fight. And they send anyone to the hospital for so much as breathing funny around her.

- Sasagawa Ryouka is captain of the boys’ boxing team because she’s so powerful that none of the girls could give her a decent sparring match. She eventually starts a movement that ends up making all the clubs in her school (and later in all of Japan) co-ed.

- Ryouka immediately LOVES Hibari because her name is Kyoko and she has the same name as Ryouka’s little sister and obviously anyone named Kyoko has to be a good person.

- Chrome is a lot more outgoing because there are other girls in her immediate group of friends and even though she’s still closest to Mukuro, she gets along better with the other guardians instead of always being grouped together with Kyoko and Haru who, while good friends, aren’t exactly part of Tsuna’s inner circle.

- Big sister Ryouka who is gorgeous and buff and doesn’t care much for dressing up (is in fact mistaken for a guy pretty often) but is so caring and protective that a lot of girls actually have huge crushes on her even though she’s also really loud and kinda annoying.

- No slut-shaming or pressuring girls into things at Nami-Chuu because if you do Hibari Kyoko will rip your fucking throat out and she’s absolutely gorgeous but everyone is fucking terrified of her.

- Tsuna still has a crush on Kyoko. And once Ryouka becomes her guardian, she also has a crush on her for like an hour because Ryouka’s so pretty and amazing. But then Tsuna learns to love her like a big sister.

- Most of the girls in Tsuna’s group are completely shameless and it’s beautiful. If Ryouka needs a pad, she will literally yell down the hall to ask Tsuna if she has one. Chrome is completely mortified at first because her mother raised her not to talk about girl things and to be docile and quiet and obedient. After spending time with Tsu and the others, she learns to get over it.

- Tsuna’s guardians totally have sleepovers at her house all the time, and Reborn doesn’t give a shit that there are boys sleeping over at his house or that they’re all so affectionate with his daughter because he handpicked Tsuna’s guardians and he knows none of them would ever do anything untowards to her. And not to mention that he knows they’re all kinda terrified of him.

- On Valentines day, they all totally pretend to be couples in order to get better deals at restaurants and the amusement park and stuff. Usually the pairings are: Mukuro and Chrome, Hayato and Tsuna, and Takeshi and Ryouka, but sometimes they mix it up just for the hell of it and it often leads to hilarious results. Everyone at school is confused about who’s going out with who. 

I’M SO SORRY KES. I know you wanted cute arco!parents and lil Tsu, but the plot bunny got away from me XDDD

This AU is from now on gonna be the genderswap AU and will be added to my AU list shortly. Ask my more about it if you guys want!!!

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Jealous asks are the bessssst so please jealous reborn, yamamoto and mukuro pleaaaaaase thank you guys!!!!!! we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



-Reborn is too old to deal with petty jealousy most of the time, his s/o would of course be trusted completely. The rest of the people around them trying to take Reborn’s lover away from him..will set off his alarms
-He’s a very touchy jealous man, wrapping his arm around his s/o and purring in their ear while staring down the newfound rival attempting to get near his lover
-If his cuddling and affection still doesn’t eliminate the problem, Reborn is not afraid to step it up and make out with his s/o, or completely leading them away from the area to somewhere semi private while making it perfectly clear what he’s planning on doing to them
-The unfortunate soul that STILL doesn’t back down will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly, either by Reborn’s hand or a bullet to the skull
-He can be a bit childish, especially when it comes to people he hasn’t done a background check on
-If it’s a personal friend of his s/o, Reborn won’t be as outwardly aggressive. Instead he will just take up more of his s/o’s conversation time and attention to make the rival feel as unwelcome as they are
-Voice will drop an octave or two, keeping his s/o focused completely on him and no one else
-Tends to become more flashy and more open with his feelings, trying to prove himself once again to his lover
-If he’s forced to pull his s/o out of the place, the next area they are alone he will remind them exactly why they are his
-Hickeys become way more abundant


-Yamamoto is a sly jealous man, usually talking a bit louder with his s/o and how wonderful they are and how lucky he is to be with them all while placing his body between the new rival and his s/o
-His smile will turn colder and more hostile the longer the rival sticks around, striking fear into anyone who dares come near
-Yamamoto will never back down, insisting that the unwelcome rival will be the one to leave the area
-Once words are swopped and a rival intends to fight him, a few swings of the mafiaso’s bat will be implimented to great effect
-Uses the time to show off for his s/o, proving how strong he is and how he can protect them
-Any rivals who come too close but don’t start a fight end up on Yamamoto’s watch list, and if they try to get in the way again they will be eliminated for good
-Very skilled at making the murder look like an accident, or even completely destroying the body
-Openly flirts and kisses his s/o every moment they are in a public space, but keeps it to handholding when he doesn’t feel particularly threatened
-Only relatives or higher up Vongola members are allowed to come near when he feels he’s being challenged.
-Will not hesitate to ask Gokudera or Ryohei to back him up


-It’s not often Murkuro will go out in public with his s/o without some form of illusion in progress
-He will make it impossible for anyone to approach, making it appear to others that Murkuro and his s/o are impossible to reach no matter how much the rival walks towards them
-He isn’t a very affectionate man, so when he feels threatened he shows it in other actions
-Just simple things like walking closer to his s/o, talking lower and closer to their ear, light touches and brushes to their sensitive skin
-Definitely the type of man to buy something expensive for his s/o to flaunt how well he can provide for them
-Wil go as far as create a thicker illusion to shield them both from the outside world as his touches become more intimate
-Adores marking his s/o up and covering the marks, so that the both of them know exactly how claimed they are underneath the fabrics and makeup
-If he sees his s/o getting confronted by a rival, Murkuro will come up behind the rival and say in a menacing tone “Is this person bothering you, my dearest love?”
-Anger will be impossible to hide when he feels threatened, and he will not hesitate to kill if they get too close
-His s/o will be shielded with illusions of course

((I did a combination of both; I hope that’s okay! Funny enough I had to look up a Kangaroo’s diet because I had no clue what they ate. It’s okay tho because my google has been ruined for a while so one more weird search won’t kill it lmao. But thank you so much for the love!! We love you guys for all the support you show us! Keep being awesome! <3))

Superbi Squalo -
“You have a shark!?” You shrieked, trying to keep in the fear you felt for the beast. You watched as it did a lap around you and Squalo, floating around in the air as if it was the ocean with no problem at all. Panic started to creep up on you, making you wring your fingers together in nervousness.

“What did you expect?” He questioned, scoffing a bit before Alo swam up next to him so he could give the shark a quick pet before it kept swimming. For a second, you had thought that beast would take his other hand with how it flashed it’s rows of teeth.

“I don’t know!! Not a shark though!!” You cried out, biting your lip before Squalo sighed a bit aggressively before calling Alo back into his box.

“There, he’s gone. You can stop freaking out now.” He grumbled, annoyed that you would reject his own box animal. He knew, deep in the back of his mind, that it was logical to freak out over a shark, but he had hoped you would have been more accepting.

You seemed to notice this, letting out a deep breath to calm yourself. “I don’t hate sharks; It just freaked me out a bit, okay? I’m not going to tell you to get rid of him anyway.”

“Yeah whatever.” Squalo huffed, even though on the inside he was a bit happier to know that you could live with this.

Xanxus -
You loved Bester, since the moment you saw him you knew the giant liger wouldn’t hurt you. He was actually very protective over you, always following you around whenever he was out of his box. He even took to laying his head in your lap, allowing you to pet his head and ears without any problems, whereas Xanxus was barely allowed such a thing.

It wasn’t really much of a surprise to see you doting on the beast as if he was a common house cat. You always fed him the most expensive of meats because you knew he loved them, just like his owner did, and don’t even get Xanxus started with how you would cave and feed him your whole steak if Bester so much as looked at you at dinner.

It got to the point where Xanxus kept Bester inside of his box for as long as he could, displeased with his box animal for stealing your attention and food, but there was times where he needed to let his liger out.

“(Name). What did I say about feeding Bester?” Xanxus spoke, annoyance showing through his tone as he watched you cut up a steak you had prepared especially for the overgrown house cat.

“Not to, but do I ever really listen?” You teased, a smirk on your face as you continued your task before feeding the ‘good boy’ as you said. “Besides, he’s a good boy! He deserves to be treated nicely, isn’t that right Bester?” You cooed, rubbing your face on the top of his head as he ate the food you set out.

Xanxus scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you feed his pet. If anyone ever asked, he hated it but deep down he actually really loved watching you care for his pet.

Kyoya Hibari -
“You have a hedgehog named Roll?” You squeaked out, almost choking on your words with the sheer cuteness that was Kyoya Hibari’s box animal. You watched as the tiny creature stared up at you, wiggling its nose a bit in your direction which only made you even more overwhelmed with its cuteness.

Kyoya had nodded, a small smirk on his lips that you didn’t even notice with how caught up you were with this cute animal in front of you. You had instantly crouched down to get closer to Roll’s height, wanting nothing more than to hold the tiny animal close to you even though it would do you some harm. Hedgehogs weren’t the most cuddly creatures out there, even though they were super adorable.

You had held your fingers out to Roll, watching as the tiny thing sniffed at them before sneezing in such a cute way that you let out an “Awh!!” with how cute it was. You felt as if you were to die now you would die very happy because of the small animal before you.

Kyoya had let out a chuckle, amused with how taken you were with his box animal. He was a bit surprised that you were in love with Roll, but somehow it made sense. Roll was incredibly adorable and you seemed to love cute things so it made sense in a way.

Eventually you had coaxed Roll into your lap, somehow not injuring yourself on the spikes that protruded from Roll’s back. You wanted nothing more than to pet the creature, but you knew that wouldn’t be good for your hand so you settled on gently rubbing its forehead.

Ryohei Sasagawa -
“So, what does she eat?” You had asked one day, watching Kangaryuu as she stood by Ryohei in the dinning room. He was setting the table at that moment, while you were the one bringing out the dinner.

“Mostly plants, and stuff like that. Kangaroos are herbivores.” Ryohei had laughed, a little amused by the word herbivores but you were more caught up in your interest in Kangaryuu to get the joke.

“So, lettuce would be acceptable to feed to her?” You continued on, feeling bad for Kangaryuu since she would just be standing around as you two ate. Sure, you could have asked Ryohei to put her back in her box, but you honestly didn’t like it when she was.

“Probably, yeah. Why?” Ryohei had questioned, watching as you quickly went back into the kitchen to cut up some lettuce for your dinner guest. When you had finished with your task you went right back into the dinning room.

“Because if she’s going to be here while we eat, than she should be eating too.” You had said simply, setting the plate of lettuce in front of her with a smile on your lips. “I don’t think it’s right to not feed her 'cause she is practically family!”

Ryohei laughed, a true smile on his face at the logic you had just laid out. He was happy that you cared so much about his box animal, finding it very cute how much you loved Kangaryuu.


This is in response to @yourmoontothenightsky ask:

Thanks again for the message!! Here’s what I got so far. First picture is supposed to be Fem!Tsuna and Male!Kyoko… Mukuro and Chrome could just do a faceswap lol. I don’t have anything yet for Lambo… and here’s a bit of explanation for my interpretation of their Fem!versions:

Gokudera - In canon, Shamal said that Gokudera imitated his hairstyle…because we all know Gokudera idolizes Shamal (at least during his childhood). For Fem!Gokudera, I think she will take Lavina as her role model instead and this is why she imitated her hairstyle (even without knowing that Lavina is her mom). To complete her punk look she also has dark, heavy makeup.

Yamamoto - Fem!Yamamoto maintains the short hairstyle because it’s better for playing baseball.

Ryohei - Similar reason as Yamamoto’s.

Hibari - I imagine Fem!Hibari would be like a yamato nadeshiko, complete with pale skin and long, dark hair, and has impeccable skills with tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement and biting people to death.

By the way, I was thinking of appropriate names for them and I just realized that Kyoko and Hibari could just do a name swap!! Sasagawa Kyouya and Hibari Kyoko rofl

※ Second part

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10th Vongola Guardians + Shouichi + Spanner + Byakuran + Dino: reaction to discovering his S/O has a tattoo down their spinal cord (e.g.: accidentally catches them undressing and finally notices)

I really like the “finally notices” part, because you know they’re all oblivious as anything.

Tsuna:  “HIEEE!!!  What’s that?”  Tsuna was more surprised than embarrassed for walking into your room while you were changing.

A tattoo,”  you raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend’s antics.  “I’ve had it for a couple of years now.”  You added nonchalantly.

Tsuna’s face was stuck in an expression of shock as he focused solely on the colorful masterpiece that spread out from your spinal cord.

Gokudera:  Gokudera first saw it at the beach from behind.  His eyes, at first, passing over the person with the bright colors down their back.  However, when you turned and called out to him, your boyfriend nearly dropped the drinks he had been carrying.

Running up to you, he immediately bombarded you with questions regarding your art.  Eventually, you had to tell the bomber to calm down.  While he did, you were still amused to find that he kept trying to sneak glances at the tattoo swirling down your back.

Yamamoto:  It was a hot day, so hot that you had ended up changing into a thin tank-top.  Yamamoto found you lying on the floor, watching tv.  Through the thin fabric, the bright colors of your tattoo were visible.  Turning to greet your boyfriend, you found him staring at your back.  It took a moment to realize what he was staring at.  

Before you could say anything, Yamamoto reached out to brush his hand over it.  “This is really cool, Y/n,” he grinned.  “I should get one too.”

Ryohei:  You were dress shopping for a Vongola party when Ryohei saw the tattoo.  You had tried on a halter-top.  From the front, you lvoed it but you weren’t sure how it looked in the back with your rather large tattoo.  Turning, you asked your boyfirend what he thought. There was a stunend silence and you realized that this was the boxer’s first time seeing the tattoo.

Slightly nervous, you asked Ryohei what he thought of it.  The boxer’s “EXTREME!!!!” quickly put you at ease.  He insisted you get the dress, eager for you to show off the tattoo.

Lambo:  Lambo stared at the tattoo for a solid minute.  He had accidentally spilled water on your back and in trying to dry your shirt and back, ended up seeing down the back of your top.

It’s…so…pretty,” he said haltingly, eyes big, still looking at the picture painted over your spinal cord.  He immediately wanted to go show everyone so that they knew how cool his girlfriend was.

Hibari:  Hibari saw it as he was helping patch you up after a training session - having refused to let Dr. Shamal have anything to do with you.  His head tilted as he looked at it, not sure what he thought of it.  He had never really had much an opinion on tattoos.  However, he did not appreciate that someone else had marked you in so permanent a manner.  At the same time,seeing the colors contrast against your skin interested him in a way he didn’t understand.

You raised an eyebrow in a silent quesiton - unable to read the carnivore’s facial expressions.  “I’ll do your next one.”

Mukuro:  You weren’t buying it at all.  There was no way that Mukuro had “accidentally” come into the bathoom right as you were drying off from your shower.  Thankfully, the only article of clothing you were missing was your short.  Even as you raised a disbelieving eyebrow, you noticed that your boyfriend’s eyes were focused on the mirror behind you.

Walking up to you, Mukuro turned you around.  Rolling your eyes, you did as he wanted, jumping slightly when you felt his hands start to run over the inked drawing on your back.  He caused another jump when he whispered into your ear.  “Well, this is an unexpected development.”

Shouichi:  Shoichi just stared, having never expected you to have a tattoo.  The fact that he had walked in as you were changing completely out of his mind, which was busy trying to process the fact that you had a tattoo.  “What,” you laughed, at his expression, looking rather like he had been smacked by a two-by-four.

Y/n,” he breathed.  It was like as soon as he had broken his silence, he couldn’t stop talking.  “Did it hurt?  Why’d you do it?  What made you choose this picture?  How long have you had it?”

Spanner:  Spanner paused in putting the electrodes on your body when he got to your back.  He tilted his head, analyzing it.  You weren’t sure what he was trying to figure out, however, still confident that you could answer his questions.  But, you also knew that your mechanic boyfriend liked to figure stuff out himself so you let it alone.

After a few minutes, he continued to put the electrodes on your back, still not saying anything about it.  You didn’t question it and forgot about it.  Hence, you were surprised when a week later, Spanner showe dyou his latestest invention and engraved on the metal was an exact replica of the picture on your back.

Byakuran:  You had managed to get Byakuran to play a game of truth or dare with you.  In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea, nor something that you’d be eager to do before.  However, in your defense, you were dying of boredom and you were at least certain that playing the game with Byakuran would relieve you of that.  You weren’t however expecting the question, “What’s the most rebellious thing that you’ve ever done?”

You didn’t have to even think before turning and pulling up your shirt so that he could see the brightly colored tattoo that was spread out over you back, having made the spinal cord the central part of the picture as well.  You grinned at the shocked face that he made and for a few minutes, he wasn’t even able to say anything not having expected.  He, loved it, of course, and would constantly pester you after so that he could keep seeing it.  (He also ended up buying tons of new clothes that would show it off.)

Dino: Dino found out about the tattoo when you made an off-hand comment, mentioning it, at some point when you were talking about his own tattoos.  After you said something about it, he had to see it.  Eventually, he convinced you to show him.  

Even as you showed it to him, he started talking about it, admiring the colors and the shading.  The picture just really suited you as well, Y/n.  And “wow, I need to get something like this as well.”  

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Hey! I was just reading through your Genderswap AU and I was wondering how the Varia would react to Tsuna and half her guardians being female? I can see the Varia doing their best to keep up with the powerful girls (Tsuna, Kyoko, Ryouko, Chrome) and the boys as well.

Hmmm. You know, I think that more than anything, the Varia would be more concerned about the fact that Tsuna is Reborn’s daughter, rather than her and her guardians’ genders. But here, some headcanons about the Varia and the rest of the mafia interacting with Tsu and her guardians:

  • People tend to underestimate Tsuna and her guardians, because both she and her strongest guardian are female so “lol that means the men can’t be that strong haha”. Cue the boys of the family just shaking their heads sadly because that is the number one way to bump yourself to the top of the girls’ kill list.
  • When Kyoko says her catchphrase “I’ll bite you to death,” please note that the correct response is not “kinky.” Because instead of a short, week-long stay in the hospital, she will break all four of your extremities and kick you in the nuts multiple times, and then as she grinds her foot into your throat while you choke, she’ll ask, “Am I still kinky now?”
  • Big sis Luss gets along fabulously with the girls, but she’s horrified by Tsuna’s terrible sense of style, so she takes it upon herself to teach Tsuna about fashion.
  • Chrome is a trans girl.
  • Xanxus literally does not give a shit that Tsuna’s a girl. He doesn’t even blink twice. He turns out to be a lowkey feminist, and he’ll smack his guardians across the mouth if they say anything sexist. It ends up being a bonding point for him and Tsuna once Xanxus gets over his whole parricidal rebellious phase.
  • Tsuna and Squalo bond over hair care hacks. Kyoko pretends she doesn’t care, but she’s always hovering a few feet away, listening intently, because her luscious black hair takes a lot of maintenance, and she sees it as a representation of her pride, so it can never look less than perfect. Ryouka still keeps her hair short and buzzed on the sides because it’s more convenient that way when she’s fighting.
  • Protective great-great-great-grandpa Gio watches over his precious grandbaby through the rings, whispering secrets in her ear that her conscious mind can’t pick up, but that sink into her subconscious and help her grow strong. Gio instills in his granddaughter the lazy confidence of a lion, the grace of a tigress, the majesty of a jaguar.
  • When Timoteo announces Tsuna as his heir, half the Vongola rises in protest. But Timoteo silences them with the ease of long practice. He’s old now, the only one who remembers anything about his mother’s reign, but he looks at Tsuna, and sees Daniela in her. And he knows she’s the Donna the Vongola needs.

Ahh thank you! I’m glad you love my blog. 

Sorry this is really late tonight. Also, sorry that this is going to be the only post tonight. I had problems with my internet. I also had to stop crying after the end of Your Lie In April (Definitely recommend watching it but have tissues handy) Also under the cut for the length of the request. That’s also why it took so long. Also, I didn’t include Mukuro since him and Chrome have the same box animal. The only idea I had for it seem cuter with Chrome than Mukuro :\ but if you want Mukuro’s just shoot me a message. I’ll come up with something.

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hi can i ask you about kimura ryohei facts? ^__^

Well….. to be honest, I don’t know that much about Ryouhei lol so I only know the general stuff about him…

And I’ll gladly point you into the direction of one of his fans here, tatsu-to-mamo-no-atm for more info… >w<)v But here are some I found out about him:

  • He joined Gekidan Himawari at the age of 3. (Same agency as Mamo)
  • As every one already knows, this man cannot function without alcohol. I think it’s pretty obvious with his Twitter handle, @Ryouhey_Drunk LOL And he is now in the process of converting Eguchi Takuya and Okamoto Nobuhiko to be his drinking buddies.
  • His hobbies include reading books, watching movies and listening to music.
  • Apparently, locusts can be eaten, and his grandfather likes them a lot, so when he tried to make Ryouhei eat some, he ran away. (Who wouldn’t?!)
  • His family owns a toy store.
  • He also has a cat in their family home and loves to dote on it.
  • As a part time job, he used to be a tutor for grade and middle school students, usually teaching Japanese and sometimes, English.
  • He has three open piercings on his right ear and one on his left. He had one pierced in a hospital when he was a student and some by himself, using safety pins (which I, as someone who has lots of piercings, do not ever recommend! D: ).
  • When he was in middle school, he liked to play soccer a lot and would usually spend his lunch break and every after school to play but would not join the soccer club because he “just would like to play and not practice”.
  • He introduced himself as Alibaba’s seiyuu in the Magi Majaragan event, just to piss off Kaji-baba. LOL
  • And this, happened backstage of said event:

anonymous asked:

It's the anon that sent the ask that confused you. I meant to ask how the Vongola would react to rescuing a civilian and that person ends up becoming their s/o. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Okay, thank you.  Sorry for not getting it the first time.

Tsuna:  Tsuna wasn’t sure how he got into a relationship with you at all.  After he had saved you, he had gone to check up on you once.  Apparently, that was enough for you to decide that such a nice guy shouldn’t always be so serious.  This led you to tracking the Vongola boss down - much to Tsuna’s surprise and Gokudera’s displeasure.  From there, you made him take breaks for picnics or for a day at the park, just trying to get him to be able to relax.  By the time he realized what was happening, he had already fallen way to much in love with you to even think about backing out.  After he realized, he made sure that he gave you a protection detail as well as getting you trained in self-defense, though he made sure that Reborn, Lal’ and Hibari had nothing to do with your training.  He tried not to be overbearing but there were some days were you had to tell him to back off with the protection detail.

Gokudera:  After he rescued you, Gokudera had started yelling at you for “being an idiot, seriously don’t you know how to run.”  Still pumped up on adrenaline, you yelled back.  The yelling match eventual turned into an awkward conversation full of pauses and “sorry for yelling at you” “it’s okay, after all you saved my life.  thanks for that by the way”  “don’t mention it.”  As you were leaving, Tsuna encouraged his storm guardian to walk you home.  Tsuna had to fight back a smile at how quickly Gokudera agreed - just to make sure Y/n got back safely, you know they almost got themselves killed once today.  Neither of you are exactly sure how the relationship progressed, but after it started becoming serious, Gokudera definitely taught you how to fight in multiple different styles. 

Yamamoto:  The relationship started with a “Thank you for saving my life”kiss.  Jacked up on adrenaline, you gave the swordsman a nice long kiss on the lips.  Taken completely aback, but rather liking it, a blushing Yamamoto asked you if you would be willing to see him again.  Agreeing you offered to treat him to dinner at the local sushi restaurant - not realizing that he happened to be one of the Takeshi’s involved in it.  Laughing about it when you found out, you decided that it must be fate and became determined to make the man yours.  After you two started the relationship, you always referenced how he saved you by calling him “your hero.”  A plus side was that always caused him to blush when he remembered what happened after.  He was pretty protective of you, seeing as the first time he had ever actually seen you, you had nearly died.

Ryohei:  Ryohei insisted on healing you and than making sure that you were okay after he rescued you.  It was then that you started talking and you found that you both found the other’s company appealing.  Ryohei asked you out before you left and you said yes in a heartbeat.  You moved to the relationship pretty quickly.  Ryohei was protective of you, but not to an excessive degree.  If you were going out for longer than a couple of hours than he made you promise to text him every so often just so he knew you were okay.  You both always looked back fondly on how you first met because he rescued you.  When you had kids, it was their favorite story to hear.

Lambo:  Lambo demanded that you repay him some how.  A few parts of grumbling on your end and you ended up making him dinner.  He was so impressed with your cooking that he started inviting himself over constantly for a meal.  From there, he started watching movies with you when he had free time.  Next thing you knew, you were texting him when you got bored and you would meet up outside of him just coming over for a free meal.  Eventually, you realized that you were in a relationship when people started targeting you to get to Lambo.  After that, Lambo became extremely possessive of you.  Literally, he tried keeping you away from the other guardians excepting Tsuna, and absolutely refused to letting Reborn even meet you.  However, he couldnt’ keep you completely away because he also wanted to gloat about how his partner was better than everyone else’s s/o.

Hibari:  You were terrified when Hibari first saved you.  After all, the Hibari Kyoya did everything to defend the peace of Nanimori - and the victim in incidents was often counted as disturbing the peace as well.  However, the former disciplinary committee chairman did not attack you and actually made sure that you were okay - kinda…well, he stood there until you managed to get yourself up and going home.  The next hing you knew, you were constantly being stalked by former disciplinary committee members.  Finally, you finally managed to build up enough courage to speak to Hibari about it.  When you talked to Hibari, you were unable to figure out why he had men following you in the first place - but you were able to get him to call them off, with the agreement that you’d text him once a day, and meet up with him once a week. You were so shaken up by it that you didn’t realize that this was the carnivore’s way of asking you on a date.  The relationship with him meant that you were back to being followed daily - except when you were with Hibari himself.  He was very protective of you, dealing with any threat to your safety himself.

Mukuro:  The real reason Mukuro had even gotten involved in the first place was because something about him had interested him. After the first instance, he kept finding reasons to show up when you were around.  That was how the relationship ended up starting.  After the relationship began, Mukuro would be pretty protective of you, always remembering how he had to save you.  He would also constantly remind you of his saving you when you tried to get him to do stuff that he didn’t particularly want to do - like go to your cousin’s wedding.  He was also always extra worried about  you when you went out (not that he would ever admit to it) because, if you had already been attacked once, what would happen now that you were dating him.  

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How does Tsuna and co. reunite with Ryohei?-Kes

So the Namimori guardians (Kyoya, Ryohei, and Takeshi) all happen at once, and here’s how it goes.

Before the whole incident, the three of them hadn’t really know each other. They’re in different years at school, so they never really had much chance to interact with each other, and if they had seen each other around school once or twice, they wouldn’t have remembered.

So none of them know, at first, that the others are from the same town as them.

So when they’re sent back to their birth world, it really hits them all hard, and in different ways.

Ryohei, who always found it hard to cope with losing his precious little sister so abruptly, and who always wondered if she ever got over his disappearance, or what kind of woman she grew up to be, is of course overjoyed to be back with her. The joy lasts all of ten seconds before it’s quickly replaced by a crushing grief. Because whereas before he had only had to deal with the loss of one sibling, now he’s lost seven, and the pain isn’t any less for them not being blood related to him. After decades spent looking after five younger siblings, he now only has one, and he ends up overcompensating just a little, suffocating his younger sister with his protectiveness and in turn causing her to grow up sheltered and naive, ignorant of the ways of the world.

Takeshi, who’s always been the popular kid, the one everyone wants to be friends with, but who, even at his young age, had felt so completely alone even when surrounded by a sea of people. Takeshi who had finally found people who understood him, and who didn’t care about him only for his athletic abilities. And after spending years working in the shadows as his king’s sometime spy, it’s disconcerting to suddenly be thrust back into the spotlight so completely, to never have a moment of blessed darkness in which to recover, and put his best skills to the test.

Kyoya, who’s always been so good at being independent, who never cared about forming close relationships with other people because they inevitably tried to chain him down. And who had, by some happy miracle, found people to protect and care for, who would never even dream of restricting him, people who gave him a home to return to without, in turn, imprisoning and suffocating him. Kyoya who had for years been the one in charge of keeping his kingdom safe from enemies, and who know channels that impulse into keeping crime out of Namimori.

The only reason the three of them don’t end up becoming quite as bad as Hayato is because by some miracle, they find their way back to each other a few weeks after being thrust back in time.

Ryohei is protecting his sister from a bunch of older kids who had been giving her a hard time, when he hears someone click their tongue disapprovingly, and a the familiar catchphrase of “I’ll bite you to death.”

He stumbles, his breath catching in his throat, and by the time he’s able to focus again, the bullies are gone, and there’s an older boy with raven black hair standing in front of him, staring at him with what others would mistakenly call hostility, but which Ryohei can identify as relief and incredulity.

Ryohei is somehow able to tell his sister to go back home, and wait until she’s out of sight before he breaks down crying, clinging to Kyoya’s shirt as the older boy awkwardly pats him on the head, trying to be reassuring in his own way. It’s the last time Ryohei lets himself be weak.

It isn’t more than three days later that the two of them (who have spent as much time together as humanly possible since being reunited) stumble upon a friendly baseball game at the park, and see a familiar brunet waiting in line to bat.

“TAKESHI!” screams Ryohei as soon as he sees him, and Takeshi turns around, looking as if he’s seen a ghost. As soon as his eyes land on the two of them, Takeshi abandons the game without a look back, much to the confusion of his teammates.

He’s crying and laughing as he launches himself at Ryohei, and it’s only his and Kyoya’s death glares that keep the other members of the baseball game from harassing Takeshi for leaving the game early.

The three of them form a slightly unhealthy co-dependent relationship. Takeshi especially gets really panicky if he doesn’t spend at least an hour or two with the others a day, and Kyoya and Ryohei don’t do anything but encourage this.

The three of them are still so hurt from losing the others, especially from losing their beloved king, that they’re terrified of losing each other as well.

And then three years later, very soon after Tsuna is reunited with Hayato and Reborn, Tsuna’s mother decides to move her family back to her childhood home, the little town of Namimori.

Hayato (who’s come to live with them through a convoluted series of events) is still extremely protective of Tsuna, and really prickly when anyone but Reborn or Nana comes anywhere near his king (though Nana soon loses her privilege when Hayato sees how she treats Tsuna).

Within hours of arriving in Namimori, Tsuna and Hayato unwittingly stumble across the other three and it happens like this:

Nana sends them to get takeout for lunch, since they’ve only just moved there and there aren’t any groceries in the fridge.

Tsuna remembers seeing a sushi restaurant from the car while they were driving to their new house, so he and Hayato go there.

And while they’re sitting, waiting for their order to be finished, Takeshi comes downstairs from his bedroom to let his father know he’ll be going out with some friends.

And then he sees Tsuna and Hayato sitting in his father’s restaurant, and he freezes.

He pinches himself a few times, absolutely certain he must be dreaming.

Because there’s just no way.

Then Tsuna stands up, all wide eyes and trembly lips, blinking fast like he’s about to start crying.

“Takeshi?” he asks, his voice a little raspy.

A sob escapes from Takeshi’s throat as  he attacks Tsuna in a tight hug, still disbelieving.

He doesn’t let go of Tsuna for the next half hour, even when he moves to give Hayato a one-armed hug.

Or when Ryohei and Kyoya show up to see what’s taking him so long, and Takeshi has to move so that Tsuna can have his reunion with them - Takeshi keeps a death grip on one of Tsuna’s hands, and Tsuna doesn’t complain.

The five of them spend hours sitting there in the restaurant, talking excitedly and catching up.

Hayato has to walk away for a second to call Tsuna’s mother and apologize that they got caught up in something. Takeshi watches after Hayato anxiously until he comes back to sit with them again, worried that if he goes too far out of his line of sight, he might not come back to them.

Reborn shows up soon after in his suit, prim and proper and smiling indulgently (or at least his equivalent of it) at the children as they fold him quickly into their group. He has to excuse himself for a short while to pay for the order Tsuna and Hayato had placed, and take Nana’s share of it back to the house.

Takeshi feels his throat close as Reborn walks out the door, and he finds he can’t breathe until Reborn walks back in ten minutes later.

Tsuyoshi doesn’t exactly know what’s going on, and he’d be a bit worried, but that haunted, grief-stricken look he’s grown accustomed to seeing in Takeshi’s eyes has lightened considerably with the arrival of these two strange new boys, so he doesn’t question it, just thanks whatever god is listening that his son is finally happy again.

Things aren’t alright yet, because they’re still missing three of their number, but it’s better.

And about now they’re starting to find themselves hoping that somehow, just maybe, they might one day be whole again.

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Hello~ uh can I get the Vongola Guardians on an Icecream date with their S/O and maybe they accidentally left their wallet at home? something along those lines... Love your blog ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ~ I don't recall coming across this one yet > >

Of course and thank you sweetie uwu

TSUNA: “That will be $7,” the man at the ice cream stand said, lazily glancing at Tsuna as the boy fished through his pockets. You stood beside your boyfriend, licking your ice cream when he suddenly groaned. “Of all the times to forget my wallet it had to be now…” he muttered, coming up empty handed. “Er, I hate to ask ______-chan, but did you bring your wallet?” Nodding, you licked your ice cream once more before pulling out your wallet, handing the ice cream man the correct amount. “Thank you,” he grumbled before shoving the money in the cash register before calling out, “Next!” You and Tsuna hurriedly moved out of the way before he gave you an apologetic smile. “Sorry I forgot my wallet. I promise to bring it next time!!”

GOKUDERA: “Two chocolate ice creams,” Gokudera ordered over the counter. The man working handed him two cones and then proceeded to give him the total cost. But when Gokudera went to grab his wallet, he froze. It wasn’t in his pocket where it should be. “Gokudera?” you said, giving him a questioning look. “Shit,” he muttered as he frantically frisked his pockets in an attempt to make his wallet appear. “I left my wallet at home…” Sighing softly, you pulled out some money and paid the man, taking both ice cream cones before taking a bite of Gokudera’s ice cream. “H-hey!” “You owe me now~ The least you could do is let me have some of your ice cream.”

YAMAMOTO: Sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, Yamamoto gave you a small, apologetic grin. “Sorry, ____-chan, I forgot my wallet. Mind paying?” You rolled your eyes a little before nudging his shoulder, handing him your ice cream so you could pull out the proper amount. Handing the money to the man, you thanked him before the two of you stepped outside the ice cream shop. You took your cone back from Yamamoto and took a bite of your ice cream. “Ahah, again, sorry about that. I’ll remember it next time,” he promised, taking your free hand in his own. You squeezed his hand, taking another bite of your ice cream before nodding. “Okay, remember not to forget!”

RYOHEI: “Noooooo!!” Ryohei bellowed as he literally turned his pockets inside out, only to find them completely empty. “My wallet is gone!!” Your eyes widened slightly as his declaration and you hesitantly grabbed his sleeve. “Did someone take it from you?” you asked, eyes shining with worry. Ryohei thought hard for a moment before he realized…”Oh, I left it at home. It’s sitting on my bed.” Sighing with relief, you tipped your head back. “That’s good.” “But, but how are we going to pay for the ice cream??” Ryohei asked, pointing to the cone you were holding in your hands. “I can pay, don’t worry about it,” you said as you pulled some cash from your wallet and handed it to the ice cream man. Ryohei visibly relaxed before chomping down on his ice cream. “Thanks ______.”

TYL! LAMBO: “Crap, crap, crap, crap!!” Lambo whined as he patted down his pockets in a frantic attempt to find his wallet. “Can’t find it?” you asked, worried as you quickly licked the side of your ice cream as it started to melt down the side. “It’s not in my pockets,” Lambo groaned as he put his face in his hands. “Guess it’s on me then,” you said, handing him the two ice cream cones you were holding as you paid the man for your treat. Pouting, Lambo handed you your ice cream as the two of you walked away, chomping on his own as he sulked. “Don’t worry about it Lambo, you’ll just have to buy me two cones next time!!”

HIBARI: Hibari’s eyes widened ever so slightly when he realized his wallet wasn’t in his pocket. Grumbling quietly, he casually stuck on hand in his pocket while he gingerly picked at his ice cream. “You pay,” he basically commanded as he went to a nearby park bench to wait. Sighing heavily, you pulled out your wallet and paid the man, thanking him for the ice cream before joining your boyfriend on the bench. “Why’d you make me pay?” you whined, taking a lick of your ice cream. Hibari just grunted, continuing to eat without giving you an answer. “Whatever,” you muttered as you gently rested your head on his shoulder and ate a bit more of your cone.

MUKURO: The minute Mukuro realized he had forgotten his wallet at home, a fake grin became plastered on his face. Once you two had picked out your flavors and as you waited for the man to serve you, Mukuro turned to you, that same grin spreading across his lips. “Darling, would you mind paying? I seem to have forgotten my wallet at home…” he said, still giving you an angelic smile. Rolling your eyes, you huffed before pulling out your wallet. “You forgot last time too…” you mumbled, handing your money over to the man. “I’m pretty sure you’re just ‘forgetting’ on purpose now…”

CHROME: “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Chrome spluttered once she realized she had forgotten her wallet at home. She kept bowing her head to you, completely flustered as the man behind the counter confusedly held out the two ice cream cones. “Chrome, it’s okay. I can pay, it’s not big deal,” you said, grabbing the cones from the man. Offering them to her, she took them from your hands and waited patiently, head drooping down as you paid for the ice cream. “I’m sorry,” she said again, handing you your ice cream as you left the store.” “Stop apologizing. I told you it was fine. You’ll just pay next time, okay?”

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For the Genderswap AU! I can see Decimo- Tsuna and her guardians going around the streets in Italy helping widows, prostitutes who were forced into the profession, kids and any other female or child that needs help. Like Ryouka and Kyoko teaching self defense and Chrome teaching them how to be unnoticed. (I didn't forget about the males, but I kinda wanted to focus on female troubles at the moment.)


I am in LOVE with everything about this!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THIS TO MY ATTENTION.

  • Tsuna starts a women’s shelter under the name of the Vongola’s cover company because she wants to help these women, but she knows how damning it can be to have your name tied to the mafia.
  • She and her guardians go undercover, and they handpick all the employees working at the shelter, and they visit often to make sure that the vulnerable women at the shelter aren’t being mistreated.
  • Tsuna goes out herself and talks to the women, lets them know there’s a way out. And these women, they come to love Tsuna intensely. They can do whatever they want with the second chances they’ve been given, but almost all of them to use that second chance for Tsuna.
  • Some of them decide this life is not for them. They accept Tsuna’s help, and as soon as they’re back on their feet, they leave the nest, with a thousand thanks and hugs and kisses on her cheeks, and tears. They go out into the wide wide world that is now open to them.
  • But so many others stay, because they see the woman Tsuna is, and they know that she is the woman they want to die for. A lot of them start working for the shelter, so they can help more women like them. They fundraise, and think of ways for the shelter to become self-sufficient. And over the years, it grows. In secret, it grows. Underground, it grows. Because it wouldn’t do for anyone unsavory to know too much about it. But women look out for each other, and they talk. They whisper in hushed voices, and casting wary glances over their shoulder, about a place that will take you in, no questions asked, if you really need it. A place that will get you back on your feet, and make your wildest dreams come true. A safe haven for your children.
  • Within a decade, Tsuna knows every deal made in shady alleyways, every whisper breathed on the streets. Because her women, they are smart, and they are stealthy, and they are many in numbers. And not all of them are happy just helping with the shelter. Some of them join the Famiglia. 
  • And the mafia whispers about the vixen of the Vongola. Cunning and intelligent, they’re as deadly as they are beautiful.

orchid-tea-party  asked:

No problem ^^ How about how all the guys (Vongola plus chrome) being jealous when they see you talking w/someone they don't know of the opposite gender? (ノ_<)

Yay for jealousy~! Second ask that includes Chrome :D ~! Btw, I made these as if the boys and Chrome were in a relationship with you~!

Tsuna: He really wished he could be rational. I mean, it’s not like you were cheating on him by talking to other guys. He couldn’t shelter you so much as to forbid you from talking to other men. But as he stared at your form, the distance between you and the other guy shrinking as you joked around, he couldn’t help the envy stirring in his heart. Why was he getting so close? Wait… Was he moving in for a hug?! Before he could stop, he found himself standing next to you, your hand grasped firmly in his as he stared up at the guy who he considered competition, challenging him. You merely giggled at his show of possessiveness, making a point to kiss Tsuna’s cheek. He felt his cheeks flush slightly before gazing at the guy you’d been talking to, eyes triumphant. Then, you introduced the guy. “Tsuna, meet my cousin! He’s visiting for the week!”

Gokudera: He didn’t like this. Not one bit. Why the hell were you giggling around like some child? Especially at some sketchy guy that was getting much too close to you for Gokudera’s comfort. The guy had shown up at the gate of the school, looking for you. Now Gokudera was staring maliciously at the two of you from the side of the school building, smoking a cigarrette, his glare burning holes into his head. When the guy then leaned over, placing his hand on your head as he laughed heartily at something you said, he felt something snap. He threw his cigarrette to the ground, stomping it out before walking up to the two of you, quickly tearing away from the guy’s hand, Gokudera’s hands wrapping around your middle as he shot the guy a dirty look. “Goku-kun… Why are you glaring at my brother like that?” Oh shit.

Yamamoto: It took a while for Yamamoto to decipher what he was feeling as he stared at the two of you. I mean, the boy rarely ever felt something so… heart constricting. But watching you talk to a much older guy, blushing slightly at what he was saying to you, his smile couldn’t help but fall as his eyes took a serious edge. He never thought that he’d be the jealous type. He was pretty confident in your affection for him, being reminded every day by you. But now, all he could feel was the green monster constrict his heart as your blushing face darkened. Yamamoto quickly waltzed up to the two of you calmly, playing off his intrusion with a “What’s up!” greeting to the guy in question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and placed a kiss on the side of your head. You smiled at his jealousy, especially since it was so out of place. The guy you were talking to was a teacher, who’d been complimenting you on your papers.

Hibari:Tch,“ was the only sound that came from Hibari as he stared at the both of you. His eyebrow twitched as you smiled at him, hand reaching out for something. The grip on his tonfas tightening as the scum passed you a piece of paper, the guy chuckling slightly with a hand behind his head. Wait, a piece of paper? If the paper had what he thought was written on it, that bastard was dead. Hibari quickly took action, briskly making his way over to where you both were before snatching the paper and crumbling it up, throwing it to the side before grabbing your cheeks in his hand, planting a rough kiss on them with his eyes closed. When he knew you were too into the kiss to notice, he opened an eye, glaring at the boy until he scurried away, terrified to face the wrath of the Namimori demon. However, you couldn’t understand why Hibari was so mad. Or why he had to crumble up the notes you had let your classmate borrow.

Mukuro: For once, he wasn’t laughing his weird, arrogant laugh. All he could do was stare, hoping to glare holes into the bastard’s head. Who was he to think that he could stare at you like that? Only he was allowed to lay eyes on you. And of course, you didn’t make the situation any better by laughing at what he was saying. Finally, Mukuro had enough of this situation and waltzed up to you, wrapping an arm around your waist intimately, glaring at the guy in front of him. The hair on the back of the guy’s head stood on end, Mukuro’s glaring intimidating. You didn’t take notice as you kept talking to him, albeit a little happier at having your boyfriend there. I mean, it was innocent conversation with a classmate about how hard the test in Chemistry was.

Ryohei: The boy couldn’t be more obvious in his jealousy. As soon as he’d seen you talkng to a new guy, he had walked over to you, stepping behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your head as he stared at the guy in front of him, assessing him. “Hey babe, who’s this?” Ryohei asked, pressing a kiss on your shoulder as he glared at him childishly. When you introduced him as your tutor, Ryohei didn’t hesitate to stick out his hand. “Well, hello. I’m Ryohei. I’m [Name]’s boyfriend, as well as the captain of the boxing team. Maybe we should do a one-on-one match sometime?” He couldn’t help the smirk when the boy shakily declined. All the while, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

Reborn: Reborn’s eyes narrowed as he watched you converse with this man. Who was he? And why were you getting along so well? He didn’t appreciate the way he was staring at you. Or the way he said something and you quickly blushed, looking down. When he’d had enough, he popped up beside you, tugging at your sock. You glanced down and smiled, picking him up. What you failed to notice was the death glare he sent at the boy. “Ciaossu,” He said when the boy commented on the baby in your arms. Scowling at him, Reborn quickly placed a hand on your breast, squeezing. You squealed and scolded him. But he couldn’t help but smirk. The parasite quickly left, a blush on his face. Reborn didn’t care if he was the boy you tutored, he didn’t like you being around him.

Chrome: She couldn’t pinpoint what she was feeling in her stomach right now. Seeing you talking to that guy set her feelings array. Were you having more fun with him than her right now? Chrome’s self esteem began to fall slightly, watching you laugh with this boy as you patted him on the back. But her head snapped up, cheeks pinking as you called her over. You’d noticed her when she was busy trying to figure out what she was feeling. When she stood next to you, you gripped her hand and placed a kiss on her cheek. She felt her face flush red, averting her eyes at your affection. You simply laughed before turning to the boy in front of you and grinning. “This is Chrome, my girlfriend. Chrome, this is my teammate.” Chrome felt her blush deepen. So he was just a teammate? Thank goodness.