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He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<

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Would you be down for Riza with a side braid/waterfall braid with her hair down around her shoulders? I loved your half-ponytail drawing so much ^_^ bonus points for a scrib of Roy teaching her how to braid

About an hour earlier:

You KNOW I had to get some bonus points nyahahaha 

As you can tell from the quality, I guess you could say art block has me burned out :’D (lol get it? Burned? Like toast? XD hahaha help me)

*throws this into the void and curls up in shame in her corner of Shay’s breadbox until Royai week*


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hi!! i just found your blog and am currently sobbing over your artwork. its breathtaking! youre really talented, and im so glad you love our military dorks as much as the rest of us. if this intrigues or inspires you, would you consider drawing roy and riza meeting for the first time? if not, i completely understand, just food for thought! have a wonderful day, and thank you again for your gorgeous art!

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Royaiii and 27!

Royai - “I’m Pregnant”

“Before you kill me,” Riza says grimly, gingerly wiping her bleeding lip.  “Please just let me tell the Colonel something.  One last thing…please.”

Roy stiffens from where he is also bound to a chair, just across from Riza.  The slimy-looking man who had captured them makes a show of lightly stroking his chin in thought before saying, “you have one sentence.”

Roy feels a coil of apprehension settle in his gut.  His team was supposed to have been here by now, this entire mission was supposed to have been in their control.  But right now, he and Riza sit in this musty warehouse, bleeding, bruised, and seemingly about to die.

He lifts his gaze to meet Riza’s, and finds comfort in her warm brown eyes.  She gives him a look, one that he knows means trust me, before opening her mouth.

And nothing could’ve ever prepared him for what came out of her mouth next.

“I’m pregnant.”

Roy feels his jaw slacken, his eyes widen, and his entire posture slump.  That didn’t make any sense…his pain-glazed mind thinks hard for a moment before it clicks.

Just then, just under the satisfied and repulsive laughter of their captor, who is saying something about the irony of that sentence, or whatever, Roy can hear the faint sound of metal scratching within the lock.

Seconds later, the rest of his team bursts in, Havoc quickly using the butt of his gun to knock out the men as he approaches the leader, who he tells to step away from his superior officers, and put down his knife.

Within seconds, Fuery has untied Riza, who quickly comes over to him to untie his own ropes.

“Are you okay, Colonel?” She asks.

“Fine,” He replies.  “But what you said, Lieutenant?”

“The code-word, for when the guards were closest to the door.”

Roy can’t help the smile that’s spreading on his face.

“Havoc was outside for the past little bit, then?”

She nods in confirmation.

“But why that?” He gently grasps her wrist as she finishes undoing the knot, keeping her in front of him.

“Because it needed to be something noticeable from everything else, something that is entirely unexpected…”

“Not ‘I love you,’?” Roy whispers.

He watches as a quick shadow of embarrassment crosses her face before she meets his gaze.

“Havoc think that’s too reasonable,” she laughs quietly.  “He said we’re too obvious, that that would be expected.”


Roy smiles softly and squeezes her hands.  Riza looks back to him and shoots back a quiet quirk of her own lips.

“Well, I’m glad you’re alright, Lieutenant,” he says, bending forwards to press a brief kiss to the corner of her lips, where a quick flick of a knife had caught her just slightly hours before.

“You too, Colonel.”

Too obvious, huh, Roy thinks as he watches Riza cross to where Havoc stands.

As much as he hates to admit it, but maybe the chain-smoking Lieutenant had a good point.

The thing with Roy and Riza is that they don’t have to get sexual, romantic, or even touch each other at all, for it to be clear they have chosen each other as partners in a common goal for a long term, possibly for life. In this partnership there’s trust, respect, communication, affection, and even need.

This much is established in the series. So, does the fact that there’s no conventional sign of courtship make this ship any less canon?

she who walks the edge of darkness

A/N: So this is a rough little drabble based on this amazing piece of art by @ask-royai-lty. I’m sorry Bi, but I just couldn’t resist writing something to go with it after you dedicated it to me :’) 

I think I have a Lust!Riza problem lol

“Are you sure about this boss? Do you really think she’s down here?”

Roy had never been more sure about anything in his life. The destitute dungeon of a lab they had found themselves wandering through reeked with the stench of a cover-up. The too clean, broken beakers and dustless pieces of paper littering the room they had stepped foot in were telling.

The laboratory had been recently used.

“I’m sure,” he replied as he stepped cautiously over a pile of broken glass to stand in the center of the room. He scanned over the dusty desks and peeling walls, looking for anything that would point him toward where exactly Riza would be.

He saw a shadow shift in the periphery of his vision and he jerked his head around. Havoc responded to his sudden movement with a gasp, his weapon raised and pointed toward the corner Roy had focused his attention on. But after a few moments, when their eyes both adjusted, they found that whatever Roy had seen had been a figment of his sleep-deprived mind.

Roy staggered a few steps forward and slammed his hand against the wall to steady himself. The innumerable nights of sleeplessness he had suffered through were beginning to take its toll on him. No, three days, he reminded himself as his vision cleared and the dark spots that had dotted it began to clear. Though it seemed like it had been a lifetime since she had vanished, it had still been less than a week.  The military, the one entity he had begrudgingly put his faith in for the support and materials necessary to find her, had continued to drag its feet until he was left with no other options but act on his own accord.

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What would you think would be Roy and Riza's, Ed and Winry's, Al and May's, and Ling and Lan Fan's favorite sweet movie to watch for a romantic evening in their home?

Roy & Riza:

The Princess Bride

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you can thank @theysangastheyslew for this headcanon 

Ed & Winry:

Westside Story

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Ed wants to watch Shakespeare but Winry hates the ‘speaking in poetry’ crap. 

Al & May:


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Little disney loving dorks. 

Ling & LanFan:

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Be honest….these two love fight movies. 

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Roy learns the true meaning of hearbreak the day he asks, half-joking, "If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?" and Riza replies, with no hesitation, "Your mustache."

“Really?!” he asked, sputtering. “Not even our workplace status so that we could finally date?”

“Nope!” said Riza cheerfully.

“Not even my history as a war criminal?”

“Nuh uh.”

“Not even–” Roy swallowed. “Not even my foot fungus?”

Riza met his eyes, and her own were suddenly as cold as watered steel. Roy shivered.

“Sir,” she said quietly, terribly. “The mustache is a fungus of the soul. It is the demon that lives in my sleep, infesting my waking hours with the knowledge that when I close my eyes, it is there. I cannot look you in the eye. I am forced to gaze slightly to the left of your face whenever we talk, but even then–I can see it. I see its shadow quiver with every word you speak. Sometimes I lie awake at night and try to remember a time before the mustache, and it is like trying to remember a life that has never been mine.”

Riza stopped. She took a deep, shuddering breath. Roy just stared at her, his jaw working.

“So…you’re sure you don’t think it’s just the tiniest bit sexy?” he asked, giving the mustache a flirtatious twirl. Riza reached for her gun.

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Hey, just dropping by to say that your art is out of this world! <3 I can't stop looking at that beautiful coloured piece where you drew them as fuhrer and first lady. Thank you for creating such perfect Royai content and please keep being awesome! :)

No, thank you for being so nice! I just can’t with these messages! They just make me so happy. 

In fact, for being so nice, I’ll reward you with the doodles I did after I drew that piece you mentioned :D

Now aren’t you glad our first lady’s around to make these VERY important decisions? 

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For that drabble thing, could you write royai #6? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


6 - “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

After an incredibly long, tiring, and particularly testing day at work, Riza couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of a hot shower, a large mug of her favorite tea, and a few chapters of that new romance novel that Rebecca had sent from East City.  The perfect evening.

So, Riza was understandably frustrated, and sure, shocked, when she, after greeting Black Hayate and taking off her uniform jacket, walked into her bedroom to find it already occupied.

Possessing a composure she wouldn’t have ever expected herself to have in this scenario, Riza simply sighs, dragging a tired hand over her face before she looks her superior officer straight in the eyes.

“Colonel,  is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Roy Mustang has the grace to look embarrassed, and Riza fights down a laugh at the extreme uncertainty that paints his features.

He clears his throat before addressing her.  “Ah - Lieutenant…”

She watches him with raised eyebrows, a sign of her growing impatience.

“I uh…” he swallows.  “I lost a bet, with the men.”

“Mhmmm, and what exactly was that bet, sir?”  Riza thinks back to the team’s poorly-concealed laughter and whispering during the day - something that had driven her patience extremely thin, and suddenly can see the pieces clicking into place.

“Breda said that he didn’t think I could finish all of my paperwork for today and tomorrow in the time from lunch to the end of the day,” Roy supplies, tugging her thin sheets further up on his bare chest.  Riza focuses her eyes on his face, not on where his legs from toes to mid-thigh lay exposed on her mattress.

“I said I could, and then Havoc made it a bet, and the losing side was to…well…be lying naked in your bed when you arrived home.”

Riza thinks to the way that Roy had left the office, right at the 0600 mark (not unusual), but with a flushed face and a half-hearted excuse of having to get home for something.  Fuery’s bright red face, paired with an impish grin, made a lot more sense now.

“I see…” Riza replies.

Roy nods sheepishly.

“I did really think I could do it, Hawkeye,” he continues.  “Finish the paperwork, that is.”

He scowls before continuing.

“But Havoc and Breda got Falman to hide half of today’s in your desk while we were at that meeting with Grumman.  You were delivering today’s paperwork to Sheska when Havoc went and opened your desk, took out the few reports, maybe three, and said that I’d lost.”

Riza fights down a laugh at her teammates antics, but refrains, Roy is already thoroughly embarrassed.

Shrugging, Roy says, “so here I am.”

“And how long do you stay here?” Riza asks.

Roy’s face reddens and Riza suddenly fears the worst.

“The night.”

Sighing, she crosses over to where Roy’s civilian clothes lay on the ground beside her bed.  She picks them up, and holds the bundle towards him.

“All due respect, sir,” she says as he takes them.  “Get the hell out of my bed.”

Roy nods quickly, and goes to stand, prompting Riza to quickly shut her eyes.

She hears him pause in the doorway.  “Couch?” He asks.

“Couch,” she says sharply.  Riza waits until she hears the quiet pads of his bare feet retreat into her living room, before plopping down onto her bed, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

There would be no Friday bar-night tomorrow for the men, oh no.  Instead, they would be finishing paperwork for through the coming Tuesday.  That would teach them to ever do something like this again.

So much for that perfect evening.

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Can you please write more of royai/fma au. It's my guilty pleasure.



“They’re testing my patience, lieutenant. The Colonel mumbles trying to complete the stack of paperwork his lieutenant oh so graciously informed him that needed his attention.

“And you would like me to..?” She drawls out, amused. She’s trying to make it seem likes she’s not hovering over him, but she is. He always finds an excuse to not finish his paperwork.

“Control them.” He retorts as its obvious. Lieutenant Yaoyorozu just shakes her head.

“Sir, I’m sure you are aware of your rank.” She jokes lightly “They’d listen to you before me, I’m sure. They’d have to.”

“I beg to differ, Bakugou doesn’t exactly seem to care. ” Todoroki almost huffs and Yaoyorozu smiles remembering Bakugou calling out the General during his visit to the barrack. It’d earned the second lieutenant desk duty, but he still hadn’t apologized. He was a skilled alchemist and soldier, just a bit imprudent and unruly at times. Or as Colonel Todoroki preferred, embarrassing. Positively disgraceful.

“The only person here he isn’t feral to is you, Lieutenant.” There’s a pause and Todoroki’s head pops up, eyes narrowed, looking at her in mock suspicion. “There isn’t anything I should know about you two, is there?”

She rolls her eyes and decides he’s earned another stack of paperwork, if only for payback.