ask roxy in ponyville

must u remind me!!
i mean it sux
im eligible as fuck back home
and eligible as fuck here in ponnyville
but im not into ponies like that if u know what i mean
*looks at dirk n says nothing*
to answer ur totaly rad q’s
i do indedd have a very special somepony 4 hearts n hooves day!
but i dont think he can handle my jelly 4ever
if u know what i mean ;)

[ooc; hi from emmy!! just wanted to let you know i’m alive and well, but both efe and i are pretty busy these days. sorry for the lack of updates/asks answers!!

for now hopefully this will satisfy you guys. cheerilee…. prowr… can we say hot for teacher?/????? one smart pony, she is. roxy likes.

thanks for being patient, everyone! and thank you for over 1000 followers! you’re amazing :)]