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Homestuck Question: Could you describe Roxy and Jane's friendship for me?

Oh man, it’s been 50 years since I got a Homestuck Theory question!

*cracks knuckles*

I personally feel like a lot of the relationships in Homestuck are…I wouldn’t say “up to interpretation” because that’s the kind of language spouted by those who engage in sexuality erasure, but they’re definitely something that can be viewed differently from person to person. Now, I’m not saying this applies to relationships like Rose and Kanaya by any means, because that’s clearly a concrete relationship right there, I’m talking more so about character interactions and how people interpret them. Tone can be read and conveyed so many ways, considering Homestuck is heavily text based. Homestuck is a lot like a text that says “I’m fine.”, it’s hard to tell what the intended tone is sometimes!

Case in point: Roxy’s feelings towards Jane.

Roxy’s interactions with Jane are presented a lot like a white wineo Mom telling one of her straight “girlfriends” that she looks sexy. Roxy was introduced as predominantly heterosexual, hinting at crushes on both Dirk and Jake. While her early interactions didn’t elude to this as much, later on, she was definitely more flirtatious with Jane. This is where tone confusion comes into play. On one hand, you could take it as Roxy being genuinely attracted to Jane, which there’s plenty of evidence supporting, such as her making similar comments to Dave about how hot Jane is. On the other hand, you could take it as her being…well…that white wineo Mom that makes comments like that in a completely straight manner. One could say she was making such comments to Dave for the sake of talking Jane up to him. She fully supported Jane pursuing a relationship with Jake, and even opted not to pursue one of her own in Jane’s favor, even though she was attracted to Jake as well.

Without throwing any form of romantic relationship into play? Roxy definitely genuinely respects Jane and wants her to be happy. They have an incredibly strong friendship, and arguably one of the strongest friendships among the humans, even though it wasn’t explored too terribly much in canon. Their friendship lacks the kind of flaws that friendships such as John and Dave do. While John and Dave are certainly close friends, their friendship is flawed in that John has a lack of understanding when it comes to Dave’s personality traits, which separates them a bit on an interpersonal level. Hell, when they met up for the first time, one of the first things John asked Dave was if he “turned gay”. Jane and Roxy’s friendship lacks those flaws and lapses in understanding. Or, at the very least, we saw so little of them that we never got to see any flaws in their friendship.

It’s certainly hard for me to write retrospectives on characters like Jane and Roxy, because they were treated as minor characters after they were introduced. I’d argue that while Dirk had major character development, the other three’s character development was either incredibly rushed or only existed to move other plots forward. A majority of Roxy and Jane’s character development wasn’t so much about developing them as characters as it was about moving Her Imperious Condescension‘s plot forward.

Here’s hoping we get future snapchat updates featuring these two!

After the game, Dave asks Roxy to void him up some apple juice. 

“Just don’t think about pee while you do it,” John adds.

Roxy freezes; how do you not think about piss after someone says something like that. She thinks her hardest about apple juice, fearful that other thoughts will slip in. A bottle appears, full of yellow liquid. 

Roxy and Dave stare at it with trepidation. 

“Goddamn it John,” Dave says


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