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The Daughters of Sappho - (Their Names In The Photos)

Simiscura is home to many rich and famous public figures and celebrities, among them are “The Daughters Of Sappho” a modeling agency made up of six sims, whom despite the group name are all unrelated. These sims are very popular and well known among fashion bloggers, designers, and celebrity journalists. They have held the eye of the public for over two years now, and are some of the first to be invited to high profile celebrity events and shows. The daughters are fierce, confident, and fashion forward. They all have unique and varied personalities, but share the same love of modeling.

The manager and unofficial leader of the group is Adora Alaniz. This creative, bold, and ambitious sim was a single child born to a wealthy mother. Adora’s mother passed away after getting food positioning, from eating a poorly made dish of puffer-fish nigri. Adora’s mother left her a large sum of money, and a beautiful 8 room home in Oasis Springs. There was a long time when Adora wasn’t sure what to do with herself all alone in that big home, she spent time taking photographs of the beautiful landscape outside, and overtime found that she had developed a passion for it, and wanted to pursue freelance photography.

Adora worked on her style, and her favorite subjects to capture behind the lens were sim women. Adora felt less lonely when she was holding up a camera, and taking photos of someone. Her style was unique, she would interview the sim women who came to her wanting their photo taken before the shoot, and she would tailor their hair, makeup, outfit, and scene to suit their individual personalities perfectly. This made Adora’s sim’s photos stand out among the rest, and her photography blog started to grow in popularity, overtime she became well known. Work was steady, and things were going normally for Adora, always wrapped up in her work. Adora was awaiting a client she had previously spoken too via email about a photo shoot, and was happy to finally hear that client knock on her door and stroll in. The client said her name was Roxxy, and she sat down in the chair across from Adora, work desk between them.

Adora started to interview Roxxy, asking her personal questions, trying to learn more about her as she always did with her clients. Roxxy was different then most who came seeking Adora’s photography services, she exuded sexual energy, and every word that fell from her lips was naturally seductive. The way Roxxy carried herself was alluring, and her flirting was immediately obvious. Roxxy didn’t try to hide the fact that she was attracted to Adora, looking her up and down as she leaned onto the desk, boldly inserting herself into Adora’s personal space.

This situation was new, Adora’s clients didn’t usually hit on her, so she pretended not to notice and continued to ask Roxxy questions. Roxxy went on to talk about how she enjoyed showing off her body, and she casually stated that she was looking forward to posing nude. Adora maintained her poker face, that was something she hadn’t done yet, she had never considered taking naked pictures of sims. Adora continued to keep her cool, and smiled, happy to accommodate Roxxy. Adora was really feeling the heat that Roxxy was bringing into the room, and the image of her new client sprawled onto her desk nude was almost enough to make Adora sweat, almost.

It was clear to Adora that Roxxy would be best suited with a risque photo shoot, something racy, with closeups of her mouth and neck. She asked Roxxy about her hobbies, and preferences in hair and makeup. Roxxy took her time answering every question, she had a way of talking that made you focus in on her every word, and had you almost anticipating what she would say next. She twirled her hair around her fingers and leaned back into the chair, slightly sticking out her breasts and fixing her gaze onto Adora, asking when she could start.

Adora almost hesitated, Roxxy’s sexy pose was throwing her off. She set up a photo shoot and watched Roxxy strut out of her office, looking back at Adora one last time before closing the door behind her. Adora felt like she could finally breathe, and was left feeling hot and heavy.

The day of the photo shoot came, and Roxxy met Adora at her house in the basement where all of the equipment was setup. Adora had decorated it to suit Roxxy exactly, with expensive white faux furs, and rose gold accents. The outfit Adora chose was a beautiful white lace set of underwear with thigh high lace stockings, with nothing on her chest but a gold body chain. Roxxy got dressed in the bathroom, and when she emerged Adora was speechless. She couldn’t help but marvel at Roxxy’s glamorous appearance. Roxxy posed on a gorgeous white couch, with a rose gold fur blanket sprawled out on top, her arms above her head, with her body arched and the thin gold chain laying delicately on her bare breasts. Adora began to photograph Roxxy, letting her camera caress every inch of Roxxy’s curves, lingering on her mouth, and gliding down her neck to her belly button. Adora got closer to Roxxy, and the blonde’s eyes seemed to light up with the camera on her, there was something about this photo shoot that felt more… intimate.

When they were done Adora edited and uploaded the photos, and they were a huge hit online, Adora ended up using some of them as cover photos on her blog. Roxxy made appointments with Adora more frequently, and the two of them started to get to know each other very well. Adora learned that Roxxy was a serial romantic, a very promiscuous flirt who loved to seduce sims. Roxxy was straight forward, and at times very vulgar. The more comfortable she got around Adora, the less reserved she was. The two started to become very good friends, and it eventually lead up to Roxxy sleeping over Adora’s house quite often.

Roxxy loved poetry, but was most infatuated with Sappho and all of her writing, and would come over and read it to Adora while she edited photos online. Adora spent all of her free time with Roxxy, and was happy not to feel so lonely anymore. Adora didn’t want that feeling to go away, so one night while Roxxy lay at the end of Adora’s bed in nothing but lingerie, Adora asked the flirty sim if she would like to move in. Roxxy was surprised, the two of them were not dating and hadn’t even fooled around yet, but she was more then happy to accept, and was excited to live in a beautiful home, with a beautiful photographer.

Roxxy moved in, and she liked to laze around the home wearing next to nothing, and Adora would snap random photos of her when she wasn’t paying attention, during times Adora thought she looked the most beautiful. Adora started to notice that Roxxy made up a lot of the photos on her blog. The two of them began to discuss different models, when Roxxy made a joke about moving other girls into the house “in the name of sappho.” A light bulb went off in Adora’s head, what if she really did rent out the other rooms in her house to models that she would have access too at all times? She could start an agency, and run it out of her house, maybe even renovate the home to be more luxurious for better photos? Roxxy loved the idea, especially the thought of living with other girls and having access to a hot tub.

The two hopeful girls discussed it all night, until Roxxy came up with a name for their agency, and the “Daughters of Sappho” were born.

The next few months were spent doing interviews with different models that the two girls could live with and get along with, and looking for modeling coaches that could train Roxxy and the others to walk down the runway, and learn all of the in’s and out’s of being a famous model. These sims would have to be unique, and stand out among the rest with interesting personalities that would make for some truly amazing photos. Adora and Roxxy were able to come across some very different and wonderful models who are not only their roommates now, but a part of their group. Adora is very protective of all the girls, and tries to personally attend most photo shoots to ensure that their pictures are only taken from the most flattering angles. The daughters have struck down any other modeling competition that dares stand in their way.

The “Daughters of Sappho” are:

Roxxy - Roxxy is very promiscuous, and flirty. She has no qualms about going into the details of her sex life during interviews, and often ends up getting bleeped most of the time. She’s vulgar and raunchy, often flirting with the interviewer, leaving them hot and heavy when she leaves. Roxxy’s romantic flings are a hot topic of conversation on talk shows and late night TV, with everyone going on about who she will be bringing up to her bedroom next. Roxxy loves the attention, and wouldn’t have it any other way, proudly showing off her dates in front of the paparazzi, never dodging a question. Roxxy is an open book, which has made her the most requested model to interview out of the group. Roxxy is also the only one in the group to have posed nude. The adult magazine “SimBunnies” reached out to her upon seeing Adora’s risque pictures of Roxxy, and for a time she was on the cover of their magazine, and she has hopes to make it there again. Roxxy’s flirting is also extended to the other girls in the house, Adora and Matilda being the ones she hits on the most. Adora smiles and rejects her politely, Matilda on the other hand loves to tease Roxxy, never letting it go any farther then that. On top of being a huge flirt, Roxxy is a party girl. She loves to dance and drink, her parties are exclusive, and require purchasing an expensive pass just to get in. Roxxy’s parties always end in her taking a sim (or two) up to her bedroom for a more…private interview. Roxxy walks second on the runway, and the entire crowd can feel the heat when she steps into the room. Her poses are sexy and edgy, and she is most requested by adult magazines. Adora is fully aware of the type of energy Roxxy brings to a photo shoot, so she is sure to tailor them to suit her very sexual tastes, with revealing outfits, and suggestive poses. Roxxy is popular with risque content creators and sex bloggers. 

Annika - She is dainty and sophisticated, everything Annika does is carried out with elegance and grace. She floats down the runway with the delicacy of a beautiful specter, with fans aimed at her on full blast to make the sheer fabric of her pastel dress, and her thick raven hair billow behind her in the wind. Annika captivates the audience with her poise, and her photo shoots are usually taken in pastel settings, with lots of silk, satin, and transparent fabrics. Annika is a loner, who has always enjoyed the lack of public speaking that comes along with being a model. She is easily overwhelmed by social interactions with strangers, Adora is aware of this, and sees to it that the interviews Annika does agree too are made to be short and sweet, and she makes sure that Annika is not swarmed by fans before and after events. Annika walks last on the runway, ending the event on a spectacular note, because Adora knows to save the best for last. Annika’s pictures are very popular among pastel/aesthetic bloggers, and she has already been on the cover of SatinSims magazine. She is highly requested for abstract and feminine photo shoots. Adora messaged Annika online when she saw her selfies on her social media profile, they were so pastel and pretty, she had to interview her. Adora was immediately taken by her in the interview, despite Annika seeming very shy and having a difficult time opening up. Annika’s soft spoken and shy demeanor has not stopped her popularity from rising, and she is the most requested model for magazine photo shoots during the spring months, on cloudy days where the wind is softly blowing and she’s photographed gently strolling through grassy open fields, dress blowing behind her. Annika’s photos are always perfect, and hardly need any retouching of any kind. She’s a ‘get it right the first time’ kind of model, and Adora loves working with her. Annika is doing her best to open up around the other girls, and they hope to be as poised and elegant as she is in photographs.

Zoey - She’s a prankster. Zoey loves to play pranks on the other girls and they know to avoid her entirely on April Fools Day. Zoey used to be a comedian, but switched to pranks when she realized she lacked the comedic talent needed to do so. Pranks didn’t require her to actually be funny. Zoey’s famous for telling bad jokes, and during interviews she’s sure to make it an awkward experience for everyone who has to hear them. Zoey’s puns hardly ever land, and she’s made many a sim cringe at her poor joke telling skills, her pranks on the other hand, are almost always successful. Zoey loves to prank the celebrities that attend Roxxy’s parties, and it’s become such a tradition that they have started to expect Zoey’s pranks, and even look forward to them. Zoey is a little bit awkward and not very good at carrying a conversation, but she’s always sure to cheer up the other girls with her silly antics when they’re feeling down. She’s been there for each and every one of them with a bad joke to brighten the mood, which is the only time they’ve come to appreciate her odd sense of humor. Zoey gets on Roxxy’s nerves the most, but Roxxy has learned to just roll her eyes and move on. Adora met Zoey at the library, when she caught her putting whoopee cushions on all of the chairs, and Adora was surprised at the amount of money one sim was willing to spend on whoopee cushions for a prank, but it was rather funny when you would hear them going off throughout the library at random times. Adora approached Zoey and was amazed by her blue green eyes, they reminded her of a tropical forest that she had never been too, but looking into them made her feel like she was there. Adora’s offer was simple, be my roommate and let me photograph you for money. Zoey had a very “Eh, why not” attitude about the question, and agreed. Zoey’s photo shoots are full of vibrant colors, and are very playful, she often sticks her tongue out in a lot of them. Zoey walks first on the runway, because she knows how to pump up the audience and get them excited to have a good time. Her runway walk is fast and fun, often making silly faces as she poses, still managing to look stunning while she does. She is most popular among college pranksters, who hang her photos in their dorms. Zoey is often requested during the very beginning of summer, doing lots of silly activity photo shoots, like double fisting popsicles while riding a skateboard, sticking out her tongue at the camera, looking like a very playful, and very pretty summer babe.

Matilda DeLeon - Formerly a master mixologist, Matilda was approached by Adora at the bar after waiting on her and the other daughters all night. Matilda had impressed Adora with her bottle tricks, charismatic personality, and drop dead gorgeous appearance. Matilda is now the group heartthrob, with many of the fans having crushes on her, which they assert on Valentine’s day, flooding Matilda’s mailbox with letters and gifts. She reads every last letter, and keeps the very best ones tacked up on the cork board in her room. Matilda is a hopeless romantic, with a love for red wine, soap operas, and passionate romance novels. Matilda can be dramatic, but is truly a charm to be around and easy to develop a crush on. Matilda has only been on a handful of dates, and her relationships don’t last longer then a month. Matilda has been called clingy, and is known to do extravagant things for the girls she is dating early on in the relationship. One time, Matilda paid for a small jet to sprinkle rose petals over an outdoor dinner on the beach that she had planned for her very first girlfriend. It scared the poor thing away, who thought it was a bit much for a first date. When interviewed, Matilda goes on and on about finding her ‘one true love’ somewhere in Simiscura. She has dreams of being swept off of her feet by some wonderful sim, like the princess in a fairy tale being courted by the hero, although she’s the one that usually can’t wait to do the courting. Her photo shoots and pictures take place in romantic settings, with dimly lit backgrounds, and a focus on her dreamy brown eyes, that when lit up by candle light are enough to make any sims heart start racing. Matilda is of course most requested for shoots during the month of February, and she is featured on the covers of dating magazines, where she gives tips to better improve a sims love life. Matilda walks third on the runway, and when she does the crowd usually throws roses her way. She still enjoys mixing wonderfully flavorful drinks for the celebrity parties that Roxxy hosts. Matilda loves to tease Roxxy, knowing full well that Roxxy would love nothing more then to bring Matilda up to her room, but the chances of that happening are very, very slim.

Aiko - It was a little after midnight, and rain was softly falling onto the pavement, when Adora spotted Aiko leaning up against the cement wall of the club she was leaving. Aiko was smoking a thinly rolled cigarette, and turned slowly to look at Adora, staring at her while she blew smoke out of her mouth. Adora was mesmerized by her neon green eyes, and she decided to send the other girls home in a cab. Adora wanted to strike up a conversation with who she saw as another potential model. The girls left, and Adora confidently strolled right over to Aiko, who kept her piercing green eyes on the approaching girl. “I couldn’t help but notice you all alone over here, aren’t you worried about getting wet?” Adora said, casually striking up conversation. Aiko chuckled, “Aren’t you worried about talking to strangers in the rain late at night?” she responded cooly. “Not when they’re as beautiful as you,” said Adora, “Then it’s a business opportunity.” Aiko raised a brow, and was surprised by Adora’s boldness, even more so when she asked Aiko to join their group. Adora explained what would be required of her, and told Aiko she would have to move in. Aiko laughed, telling Adora that she had been cooped up in a studio apartment, working nights serving drinks at the club. “You could quit right now, and have your own room in a nice house.” Adora explained. Aiko laughed, and without saying a word walked back into the club and started to head towards the bathroom. Adora followed confidently, waiting for an answer. The two of them stood in front of the large bathroom mirror behind the sinks, facing each other. Aiko’s bright green eyes were even brighter under the fluorescent bathroom lights. “I’ll join,” she started to say “but there is one thing i need you to understand,” Aiko continued in a low tone, as she turned to face the mirror. Adora looked at Aiko in the mirror, and her eyes widened when she noticed that Aiko had no reflection. She turned back to look at Aiko, and saw that she was now smiling, revealing two rows of pointed teeth. “I can only work night hours,” Aiko continued, “I hope that’s not a problem.” Adora paused for a moment, then she took a step towards Aiko and held out her hand for Aiko to shake and said, “That’s no problem at all.” ~  Aiko is the fiercest addition to the 'Daughters of Sappho’ by far. Aiko has been described as 'frighteningly beautiful’ by all who write about her.  Her presence is commanding, and she carries herself with a dominant vibe that is immediately noticeable to all around her. Adora stuck to her word and has Aiko working only night hours, and she is sure to keep a steady supply of plasma packs flowing into the home, which Aiko has her own personal fridge for. The other girls are aware of Aiko’s vampirism, and it’s a closely guarded secret of the groups. They are all very defensive of their vampire friend and fellow model, and she of them. Aiko’s photo shoots take place under the light of the moon, with her standing in front of moonlit lakes and fields. Aiko’s photos are serene and beautiful yet shrouded in darkness, with a silent eeriness to them. She is the most popular among Gothic sims who see her as a Gothic fashion icon, she is careful never to smile too big, and has mastered talking without fully revealing her teeth, much of this is attributed to the fact that her eyes on their own are so distracting, one would hardly notice her teeth. She hides her pointed ears under her long dark hair, which she only wears up in the comfort of the home. Adora wasted no time investing in expensive enchanted mirrors, which vampires use to see themselves in. Aiko is the most popular during the fall months, including Halloween, and she walks fourth on the runway before Annika, leaving the crowd in awe and silence. Aiko is very pleased with her new position, and shows it by working hard to make money for herself and the group.

Adora has announced that the daughters are seeking two final group members to add to their agency. The news shocked the public, and has garnered them even more attention then before. The girls have to be different, and able to get along with the other girls in the house. They have to compliment the group, and Adora is working hard to find them.

The “Daughters of Sappho” have opened many doors with different opportunities, and have only one way to go, and that’s up.

anonymous asked:

how often do you think Jim made a joke about 'playing doctor' with Bones

Ohohohoho. Plenty, Anon. I think the answer is plenty.

But that’s not the worst thing. Hell begins when Jim starts answering questions of “What do you have planned for the evening, captain?” with “Oh, you know, Dr McCoy and I are gonna play doctor.” 


“Captain, you seem agitated. Is everything alright?” 

“Yeah, yeah, I just didn’t sleep well last night. Dr McCoy and I stayed up late playing doctor.” 

Cue stunned silence on the bridge.

Of course, Bones unknowingly chooses that moment to come to the bridge with a pad in his hands and a frown on his face and all heads turn to him. It takes him five seconds to take in the scene and Jim’s sly smirk.

“What the hell did you cook up this time?”

“Me? Nothing.”

Uhura clears throat.

“I think I understand now why you seem so tired lately, Doctor.”


“Well, all that late night activity… it must leave you exhausted.”

“What in God’s name are you talking about, Uhura? Jim–where are you going?”

“I have a thing to do in the engi–”

“Jim, come back here, you infant! What did you do this time? Jim–!”


“Kinda hard to sum up entirely who you were in one conversation,” Kaerabelle says after swatting Sonic’s arm away. “Try asking us about specifics.”

[You heard the cat. Help Braixen find out who he was. You may ask Sonic, Kaera, Roxxi, and Dew. Keep in mind, Roxxi doesn’t understand Pokemon.]


Ok today I got this really wicked idea for a drawing and instantly started sketching it. But i didn’t have any idea about who the character in the picture would be (it didn’t look like Costume) and I remembered that I hadn’t done anything for this lovely lady in a long time. So, I asked for her permission and when she gave it I continued to form the sketch in Roxxie’s image. And this was the outcome!

It might not seem like much to some artists that might be very used to drawing hair and/or using colors to create shadows. But this is really a big improvement for me. 

I’ve made three versions of the picture:

1# is the finished product

2# without the bubbels

3# without background

and I also made a step by step thing so I can remember what I did for another time. But now you guys can also see how the process went.

I’m not entirely sure that I’ll use this style a lot in the future because it takes a long time to do, but the thing that actually was the hardest to do was the lines for the hair. For some reason does my tablet not allow me to use pen pressure to make the lines thinner nor thicker, so to make the hairy effects I had to use the eraser a lot and it took time.