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Ask Democrats if Mitt Romney should continue fighting for what he believes in, and the resulting laughter could power a city for a month. Ask Republicans the same thing about Obama, and their dumbfounded looks could only be described as “otherworldly.” See, to the opposition, those people aren’t “fighting for what they believe in.” They are the personification of evil whose only goal is the total destruction of the morally sound.

From the other side, they’re not heroes – they’re zealots, because they refuse to compromise, and compromise is what allows humanity to function. And compromise starts from recognizing that the other guy has the same “True heroes never back down!” bullshit going through his head. Even the fucking Ku Klux Klan believe that what they’re doing is morally correct. So do people who bomb abortion clinics, or protest at military funerals, or scream “God hates fags!” under picket signs that look like they were written in blood and feces. Adolf Fucking Hitler fought to the death for what he believed in, and it redefined our perception of evil.

So if you want to “never stop fighting” for something, how about going on a lifelong crusade to make absolutely sure you’re not the Hitler in this situation?

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idiotprofit-deactivated20170224  asked:

Do you think Mitt is sincere about the flag, pandering, or it doesn't matter because he tweeted the words regardless?

Man…we are really cynical right now, aren’t we? This is like the fifth or sixth message of some sort asking if Mitt Romney was being shady or if he did enough with his Tweet about South Carolina’s Confederate flag display. Some people (not you, @idiotprofit, there were people who were far more negative about this issue than you) asked if Romney was being sarcastic or ironic about the issue! Mitt Romney? Sarcasm? Irony? Sarcasm and irony are not compatible with Mitt Romney’s software.

I think Romney was sincere. He’s definitely not pandering since most of the people in his party think the Confederate flag is just fine flying over the grounds of South Carolina’s state capitol. He made a statement that I felt was quite clear and very strong for one of the most prominent Republicans in the United States. Let’s look at his Tweet again:

Some people suggest that he was being wishy-washy by saying, “To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred.” I don’t agree. That’s an accurate statement. Not everybody believes that it is a symbol of racial hatred. Many people do. It doesn’t change the message he is sending. The language is very direct: “Take down” the flag. “Remove it now”. That seems pretty damn straightforward to me. I don’t have any questions about Governor Romney’s feelings about the situation; it’s all there in less than 140 characters. 

We’re really in a bad place if a prominent American leader says something RIGHT and we spend all day stripping it down and trying to find the holes or wondering about the sincerity of remarks that I’m guessing most of us also strongly agree with.

Come on, guys. Let’s not have such repugnance for the opposition that we immediately look for ways to attack even when they say things we AGREE with! We’re on the same side on this one. We can applaud the guy for saying something we agree with – even if we never voted for them and even if we’ll likely disagree with the next thing they say.

Cruz is on Fox pulling a Mitt Romney, asking why our Air Force has less planes and Navy has less ships. Not understanding that precision strikes against an insurgency requires less resources than rolling thunder in Vietnam. He’s calling for carpet bombing of Syria.

How is it conservative to want to balloon military spending and ‘make the sand glow’? How is that small government?

lmao @ the GOP and Trump pissing off Jorge Ramos. You done fucked up. Kiss that vote goodbye. Not that you were gonna get that vote anyways…but you don’t piss off the massive viewership that is Univision. Jorge’s viewership is massive.

The GOP might as well hand the election to the Democrats because you’re not going to win without the Latino vote. Ask Romney how that turned out. Don’t forget that recent data shows the nominee will have to win nearly half the Latino vote (more than 40%) to win.