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Jeremy: And as for our team name? Hmm…probably Team Pixel? Or Team 8-bit? Something to do with video games!!



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Oooh, that’s a great idea!  I’ll try finding some nice purple and lavender flowers!  Thanks so much,  @rioludaily !

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A woman with long, red colored hair was walking through a town late in the evening when the Manectric and odd looking Riolu at her side turned towards a figure in the shadows. "Oh? Who is this?" The woman asked as she walked up to the Pokemon. "I haven't seen you in town before. What is your name?" She asked. There was something off about her though... she did not smell like a human... nor did the Pokemon with her. They smelled like the wilds, of tall grass and trees and oceans.

While curious at the first sight of the Manectric and odd Riolu, Sev immediately got defensive when the human appeared.  His crest flared, and eyes narrowed, weighing his options.  However…he could tell something was off.  He wasn’t sure what, but it was something.  He looked again to the two pokemon, noting their lack of distress around this human.  Perhaps that was the oddity?  They didn’t smell like the city, either, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.  

He took a step back, but let go of some of the tension in his body.  If the Manectric and Riolu weren’t afraid, then why should he be?  When he finally spoke, the words were slow and still tense.  Were a human to hear him, his voice was mechanical, somewhere between avian and canid, but of course a fellow pokemon would hear words.

“My name is Sev.”