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So a couple people came asking about that novel with the RinLen marriage and kaimei baby.

The novel is called Fire◎Flower 君を好きにならなきゃ良かった (I’m glad that I love you)

It looks like this

It is the final book in the Sakura no Ame series. While the Ame books focus on Miku, the Fire Flowers seem to focus on the romances between Rin and Len and Kaito and Meiko. What’s even better is that the dude who draws these novels is the same dude who draws the v3 boxart for the crytons.

Here’s a close up on the happy family for those who asked

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't mean to come off as rude or demanding or expecting, so sorry if I do! I was just wondering if you take requests to draw at times? If you do, can I request White Edge Len x Melancholy Rin? If not, please ignore this, and thank you for your time!

omg youre not rude at all!! just for u my kind friend i will draw white edge x melancholy UvUb

i dont think ive seen these two shipped before actually but oh boy i think it could be really cute…!

anonymous asked:

Would you ever draw rinlen with punkish and reactor? I find they kind of fit together in a strange way? Or black star and bluemoon? Sorry for wasting your time

I’ve actually never drawn reactor and I had some time from class so i figured i should!! it was surely not wasting my time please do not worry i love when people ask me these things aaaa <333

Just for u my anon friend!! punkish and reactor:

and some blue moon/black star <3

I hope you enjoy them ^q^!!