ask rinidinger

((I couldn’t help but try and string this all the shennanigans together- Hope you guys don’t mind. Hand patting went all the way around with 56 paps from:

mustache-and-mushrooms kitchel itcamefromtheglade ask-a-lone-wanderer without–sound luxannaeterna timeforatruedisplayofskill shadowprincemalzahar kayron-the-shy eliminate-zaun-gray sona-and-friends ask-iceborn-shyvana nithhaiahh askfireannie aatroxthedarkin-blade iloveudarius the-primordialburst summonerkannu flinttheblazemage askbirdbrainswain resolute-smite piltoversnerd dianamoonfall askvoidwukong noxiancorrosion theenforcerofpiltover askgeneraldardar techmaturgists-like-pastries techn0kami drills-of-defiance cantcatchmecoppers theblackangel07 sharing-the-torment power-of-the-stars threshdad ask-yorick-mori the-prince-warden askthestarchild project–zed asktheabysskogmaw rinidinger ask-quinn-valor ask-chibi-lulu ezplorer-exreal (2x) ask-the-purple-minion strong-hero smolvoidling checkoutmysmashhits mortalshaco letsuseallthecolors ionianlightning scarletgunslinger mylittlechimera askkarthusthedeathsinger the-shadowmanzed

Thank you all for adding your hands to the hand bin- I will now use them to Frankenstein Sona into a multihanded instrument being. <3))

colaxpepsi inspired me to do this! It’s a bunch of Yordle ocs! (apologies for those I forgot)

Top to bot, left to right:
kumo-the-yordle, asktheragamuffin, maraschinotheconjuress, Jet
rinidinger, Clovis, zauniteyordle, ask-mimilittlewitch
ask-buxton, summonermedirby, orangetheyordle, and Fredrick!

(Also, 3 girls? For shame tumblr!)

blarging2000s-deactivated201512  asked:

That's the weirdest/ most surprising things you've seen come out of heimee's hair?

The fabled tale of Marry Poppins is known even here in Runeterra, and I SWEAR ON IT that Heimer’s Hair has a portal into the void. 

At least I finally convinced him to debug his D.I.N.G.E.R. It was a freaking klepto for a while and kept stealing random things found around the shop.