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#238 - For anonymous x5

Filling the prompts “reader is in a indie rock/pop girl band that’s starting to get big and they go radio 1 and do a live lounge cover of a catfish song and then Van sees it and makes it his mission to find reader b/c wow your band is super talented and he might’ve fallen in love with the way you sing his songs bonus one of the group members is like a female bondy i.e. super snarky and a little weird” and “reader and Van (and maybe the boys too) participate on a charity event with kids maybe??” and “reader wanting to take van along to a punk show in the pit and although that’s not really his scene, he goes anyway to make sure the reader doesn’t get hurt ??” and “one where you admit you have a celebrity crush on van on TV or radio and van is buzzing about it and finds a way to meet you or something like that?” and “One where the reader is on a TV show with van like never mind the buzzcocks or something like that”

Bonus mini request for watching the lads play football and for Van calling out sexism.

Note: Three things. One, the fic is a little choppy at the start, but bear with me. Two, I know Buzzcocks doesn’t run anymore, but it’s fiction, so… Three, this is the fic I tried to write smut for. It didn’t work out, so we’re still on break from that. Sorry.

“Drum roll, please…” and Sid drummed her hands on the table top quickly, melodically. “7 by Catfish and the Bottlemen!” The studio of people erupted in cheers and laughter.

“Now, we’ve had Van and the lads in a few times. Ever met them?” Clara, host of Live Lounge, asked. The girls all looked to you, smirks on their faces.

“No. No, we haven’t. Just really like what they’re about. Bit like us, I think. Just make uncomplicated music meant to make people happy and dance or whatever, you know?”

“Don’t hurt that they’re all well fit too,” Pippa added.

“Fuck, Pip. We’re tryna’ not fall into the girls get into music just to be close to boys stereotype,” you said. Sid snorted. There was some heavy Lana Del Rey imagery in that.

“Sorry. But. He is your celebrity crush, innit?” she argued.

“Oh, that’s a topic. Celebrity crushes! Now you lot are on the A list-” and another snort from Sid, “-are you any closer to those crushes?” Clara asked.

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