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Rune Factory Asks
  • Because I haven't seen many around so why not?
  • 1: Favorite Rune Factory game?
  • 2: Favorite game console for RF?
  • 3: Favorite character from any or all Rune Factory games?
  • 4: Least favorite character?
  • 5: Favorite preloaded pairing?
  • 6: Favorite non-preloaded pairing?
  • 7: Favorite LGBTQA+ pairing?
  • 8: Do you prefer farming or fighting?
  • 9: Which game has the best fighting/farming system?
  • 10: Which game as the worst?
  • 11: Which game has the best plot?
  • 12: Which has the worst?
  • 13: What is your favorite monster?
  • 14: Favorite non-marriageable character?
  • 15: If you could change any aspect of any of the games, what would it be?
  • 16: What's the most underrated ship?
  • 17: What's the most overrated ship?
  • 18: Which character would you like to learn more about?
  • 19: Out of all of the games, which setting/island/town, etc, is your favorite?
  • 20: When given the option, do you play as a girl or a boy?
  • 21: What is typically the first monster you befriend when you start a game?
  • 22: On a scale of one to ten, how good are you at finishing dungeons?
  • 23: Do you play for the plot or for the marriage?
  • 24: Which game would you recommend for someone who hadn't played any Rune Factory games before?
  • 25: Which branch of the De-Sante Coquille family do you like the best?

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how to be butch without having to cut off your hair because you grew it out that one time you felt femme-y and it was a lot of work


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Do you think a lot of Quinn fans have shed some tears when seeing Rupert in public? I mean if I was waiting on him in a restaurant or store or passing him in the street, I'm not so sure I could hold my emotions in check, especially in the first month or so post-death. I'd love to hear his stories. I'm sure he's respectful though. But I bet he's had to give some hugs to complete strangers. Don't you agree?

I think we forget how tiny the viewership for this show actually is.

I’d be willing to bet Rupert has had only a handful of fans who have approached him directly.

Also… in NYC it’s pretty much NOT okay to approach celebrities. I was once approached by Gabriel Byrne who was lost in Central Park on his bike and I still pretended that he was a tourist from Iowa… and then later had a mini melt down with my walking buddy.

A bored Boy tending Sheep cried “Wolf!” to get attention. He did it again and people came. A third time and the Boy was ignored. Goodbye flock.

A liar will not be believed, even when telling the truth.

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Rf getting protective of GA because of Ventus trying to flirt with her

On the walk back to the Tower of El, Ventus kept stride with Rena, giving her flirtatious smiles.  Rena steadily looked ahead and pretended to ignore him.

Raven dropped back to walk with them.  Eventually, as Ventus put his hand on Rena’s shoulder and she stepped away, his rage boiled over.

“Enough!  Can’t you see she doesn’t want your advances?” he snapped, putting himself between Rena and Ventus.  He ignored her surprised look in favor of staring down the Master of the Wind.

Ventus tilted his head. “Ah-?  Elves have a way of flirting that humans don’t.”

“Maybe,” Raven conceded.  “But I’ve known Rena for long enough that I can see she doesn’t care for your flirting.  She’s just too nice to tell you until you cross one of her boundaries.  But it’s annoying me to watch, so stop!”

The rest of the Elgang had come to a halt by now.  Raven hated the feeling of everyone’s eyes on him, but he stubbornly kept his gaze on Ventus.

Ventus looked rather surprised.  His fairy sighed something and sat on his shoulder, pinching his ear.

“Are you her boyfriend or something?” he asked.  Raven felt the Arm nudging at him, demanding he teach this elven El Master a lesson.  Rena’s hand on his human shoulder made him shake off that voice.

“No,” she said in reply to Ventus.  “And he doesn’t need to be.  He’s right.  I’m on a mission from the Elders, and I can’t afford distractions such as boyfriends.  I’m sorry.”

Ventus seemed to relax.  He gave a rather awkward laugh.  “Well, you should have said that,” he chirped, and spun to face the rest of the Elgang.  “Well?  Shall we go to Senior?”

When everyone else started walking, Raven felt Rena’s hand slide down to his human wrist.  He looked at her.

“I meant what I said,” she murmured.  “I know you have feelings for me, but… Wait until after the mission.  Let’s not complicate things.”

Raven nodded wordlessly, and they both hurried to catch up to the Elgang.

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Not sure if you can answer this but I'll ask anyway. RF said that he wasn't sure how many episodes he would be on in S2. One or 2 perhaps at the beginning? Do we know if AFG knew from the beginning that Quinn was black ops? Or did he decide it after RF's first couple of episodes? He must have known early on since casting FMA would have taken some time, right? Thanks!

Join us for a walk down the memory lane of interviews and media from 2012 til today:

We know that Rupert wasn’t told much when he first joined Homeland.

“When I first read for the role I had one scene, and didn’t get any more information than that until I had moved to North Carolina. When I landed, having uprooted myself and home, I phoned them and was just like, “guys, should I be getting a flat? Should I buy a car, or rent one? Are we here for a week or a year?” Nobody would say. It was very clandestine, actually. Very true to the show in many ways.” (x)

He spoke about it again in a 2015 interview he gave during shooting for Season 5 in Berlin:

“Friend’s auditions were remote and obscure, the actor sent lines that he’d speak into a camcorder while standing on the building site that was then his home. His sister spoke Danes’s lines. When he was hired, Friend flew out to the US not knowing who his character was… Drip-fed scripts, he slowly worked it out. “I knew that my character’s job was going to be to kill Damian Lewis’s character, Brody. But then – and here’s a bit of industry politics for you – Damian wins an Emmy. So the network realises everyone loves him. ‘He’s the best actor on television now! We don’t want him killed off.’” Poor Quinn. A hitman without anyone hit.” (x)

Apparently Alex Gansa had plans for Quinn to stay longer on the show quite early, at least this is what he says in this interview from 2013:

AVC: “Where did the character of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) come from? Was he in any way a response to Claire being pregnant and not being able to do all of the big action scenes?”
AG: “Not at all. We were, again, looking ahead to a Homeland without Brody and wanted to bring somebody into the mix that offered Carrie some male energy to bounce off of. That was really the impetus for Quinn’s character.” (x)

Then season 3 opened with a Quinn scene, which was a huge tell about Quinn’s growing presence in that season.

Q: “Season 2 of Homeland was all about the “doomed love affair,” as you’ve put it, between Brody and Carrie. What is Season 3 about?
Gansa: “I really think Season 3 is about the toll that is exacted on intelligence officers doing their work. On Saul, on Carrie, and on Peter Quinn.” (x)

And Gansa even defends Rupert and his character when being asked about a successor for Damian/Brody in 2014:

AX: Did you ever consider bringing in an actor of Damian Lewis’ stature to play a new character to fill the void left by Brody’s death?”
Gansa: “You know, we obviously talked about that, but I think we’re bringing such a strong ensemble back to Season 4 that we really didn’t need to do that. Also, we have Rupert Friend, we have the character of Peter Quinn there, who is hovering around the edges of Carrie and I think waiting to see when Carrie might be emotionally available for a relationship of some kind. Carrie has a process of grief to go through first before she can go through something like that, so we’re working on it.” (x)

They knew Quinn was black ops. They insisted on seven auditions with Rupert. They flew him in early in season two to see how his chemistry would be with Claire. Then they decided to keep Brody alive. Despite this they kept Quinn with a bigger storyline and promoted him from guest to a supporting character. By season 4 Quinn’s presence and importance in Carrie’s life was overt and clear.

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Felix, I agree with those anons. I know the UKpress is trash. But serious press also have the job to tell honest news right? Like BBC etc. If they all know that it's over and that MM is using the RF and the RF is allowing her to do so (which make the RF look horrible and a bad representing of the country),why aren't the serious press outing this bad behaviour? I'm from the Netherlands and our press would have openly called out our RF. Why don't they step up and openly ask responsibility from RF?

Yes it’s true that the press needs to tell the truth like all the legit media sites but with tabloids it’s not the case and it’s been happening for years. I like the way the Netherlands do it because it would be good to call them out and ask Harry what is going on but the UK tabloids are doing this to pressure Harry to end it because they know it’s over and want to go after her. 

At the moment the BRF have taken control and have slowed her down by her pap strolls and it’s on schedule to end. If I didn’t hear this I would be asking the same questions.

Have a great day.

Thanks piece😊👍

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Guys, can we get a summary of BTS things you know versus speculate? Thanks 👍🏼 ... we need Drama and are under no circumstances watching canon Drama sans Quinn aka S7-8

Anonymous #2: I see a lot of comments saying that Claire had probably something to do with RF’s departure from the show. I honestly don’t get it. Is there anything that could point this way? or is it just that we are all so deeply hurt by what happened to Quinn and RF that we are trying to put the blame on someone. IMO it’s Gansa who decided that Quinn would be killed off and since he couldn’t get his way in s5 he stepped foot in this one.

Anonymous #3: As far as Rupert’s contract/salary being an issue what about Mandy’s? Do you think RF was making more than MP? As far as the ask about MP/RF BTS drama I was one of the asks about it. To be clear in my ask I never said MP didn’t like RF. I just feel Mandy is a diva& is well known as a difficult actor. Any BTS drama I think would be about Rupert getting more screen time and becoming the male co-star instead of him.

What we can say: It’s not as it appears on the surface, Rupert had some tough conditions before agreeing to come back, the dynamics on the show are dysfunctional.

What we’re fairly certain about: The writers’ intent was to honor the Carrie/Quinn romance more fulsomely than was shown, and there was never any unprofessional actor vs. actor behavior.