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Can you pretty please write a PJO Hogwarts AU? And can I choose the houses? I'm going to list my house choices but you of course do not have to stick with them. Nico: Slytherin Percy: Gryffindor Jason: Gryffindor Reyna: Slytherin Hazel: Hufflepuff Frank: Hufflepuff Will: Hufflepuff Annabeth: Ravenclaw Piper: (I honestly don't know. You choose) Leo: Gryffindor And solangelo of course. Please? *puppy dog eyes*

Your wish has been granted in the middle of me studying for my exams.

(This will also be posted on my AO3)

“Ugh, this tie sucks,” Nico groaned, looking over at his two roommates, Reyna and Piper. They had, after talking to the headmaster, been allowed to share a room. Nico felt very uncomfortable with the other boys (mainly because they thought he was a freak) and his only friends from the house were Reyna and Piper. So, now, in their fifth year, they got the permission to share a dorm.

Reyna looked up. “It looks good on you, Nico. You’re way better than me at tying them, that’s for sure.”

“You guys, if we don’t get going soon, there’s no chance we’ll be able to eat breakfast before our first class,” Piper said from the door, eyeing her two roommates, one of which was straightening out their tie and the other one looking for their shoes. Her expression changed from a serious one to a wide grin. “And besides, there’s always something you can look at in the Great Hall, isn’t there?”

Nico scoffed, but couldn’t stop the faintest blush to spread over his pale cheeks. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Reyna adopted the same grin as Piper as she pulled on her shoes, having finally found them under her dresser. “Suuure, so there isn’t a certain Hufflepuff you have your eyes on?”

“No. Leave me alone.” And with that, Nico marched out of their room, past Piper and out of the Slytherin Common Room.

As he made his way towards the Great Hall alone, he let his thoughts wander. How dare they assume that he liked anyone in Hufflepuff? Well, of course he liked someone there - his sister Hazel and her boyfriend Frank - but that wasn’t important right now. He did not have a crush on anyone. Not since the admire-crush thing he had on one of his friends in second grade. He was done with romance already. No one would want a freak who happened to think that necromancy was cool. Especially not perfect blond guys with the bluest eyes in the world that helped out in the hosp- no, he was not going there with his thoughts. Not now.

He walked into the Great Hall and started to look for his friends. After each Welcome-back-to-school party, the house tables got switched out with smaller tables so that the students could sit with whoever they wanted to. Nico, with his ‘friend’ group being spread across all the houses, this was definitely an advantage for them.

At one of the tables close to the left wall, he saw Percy sitting with Annabeth and Leo and he started to walk towards them, also minding the tables around them to see who sat there.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy greeted him as he sat down and got a glass of apple juice, not really having much of an appetite like usual.

“Hey,” Nico mumbled. Then he noticed the faint bags under his friend’s eyes. “Wait, you actually stayed up last night and got your homework done? Since when?”

“Since Annabeth forced me to. We stayed in the library until it closed and then we went to her common room. I fell asleep after 11:30.” He ended his explanation with a big yawn. “And I’m not happy about it.”

Reyna and Piper joined them, followed by Hazel, Frank and Jason. “Of course you’re not. You don’t like homework,” Reyna said before focusing his attention on Nico. “You have to eat. Remember the last time you ‘forgot’ to eat both dinner and breakfast in a row?”

Nico grimaced. He had passed out in the hallway and been brought to the hospital wing where he woke up to find a student looking after him rather than Madam Pomfrey. That was an experience he would rather not repeat again, so he helped himself to a small bowl of cereal. “Happy?”

“Very,” a familiar voice said behind him. Nico turned around and almost knocked his goblet over, glaring at the person standing behind him. Of course it was him. Will Solace. The boy who had taken care of him in the hospital wing more times that he liked to admit.

“You really have to eat breakfast Nico, or else you’ll pass out again. You’re already almost too skinny and you really don’t need to drop any more weight,” Will said, looking down at him.

Nico sent a death glare back in return. “I didn’t ask for you to stick your nose into my friend’s conversation.”

Will crossed his arms. “Well, I didn’t ask for you to be such an idiot about your health either, but funnily you are one anyways.”

The Seven and Reyna watched as Will and Nico continued to bicker, eventually drawing the attention of the people sitting at nearby tables as well. They all could feel the thick sexual tension between the boys and a couple girls sitting at almost the other end of the hall yelled, “Can you two just kiss and get over it?”

Nico’s head whipped up to glare at the yeller before stomping out of the Great Hall with a dark blush covering his face and shadows making a small trail behind him.

Will looked after him with an equally dark blush before joining his friends at some other table.

Later, when the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins had Herbology together, Nico avoided Will at all costs. He couldn’t have a crush on the stupid blond. Not after Percy. No. Nope. Nix. Nada. He was done with romance and Will probably couldn’t stand him. He was just a creepy freak that had always been able to manipulate shadows, bones and ghosts to some degree. It was connected to dark magic in people’s minds and many stayed away from him. Not that he minded, people just wasn’t his thing. Period.

Problem was, Will didn’t seem to want to avoid Nico. No, that idiot walked up to where Nico was working with Hazel and asked if they could talk privately after the class was over. Nico reluctantly agreed, even if he knew Will was just going to make fun of him and his sexuality. But deep inside, Nico knew that Will wasn’t the type of person to do that. So why the heck did he want to talk to Nico then?

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headcanon where the seven, grover, and nico all go to the same school and try to act like normal teenagers

  • They all try to have lunch together. They’re friends and for eight period out of the day, they don’t get to all see each other.
  • Some of the other students don’t understand why Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Frank, and Piper hang out with the rest of them. They are considered the most “normal” out of the group. 
  • They get into a lot of “fights” with other students. But those “fights” are them fighting monsters disguised as students. 
  • Percy tried out for the swim team and made it. Everyone would go cheer him on for his home meets. 
  • Nico was still a major outcast. He knew that no one, besides the eight people he went to school with. All of them were starting to make friends with other students but him and it was humiliating. 
  • Grover was still trying to cover the fact that his legs were goat legs. Percy was glad to have his best friend at school with him as he tried to find other demigods.
  • Hazel being in the 21st century school system wasn’t what she was expecting. She felt like she was learning about what her life was suppose to be like and glad she missed most of it. Also the looks she got from people as she held Frank’s hand was unsettling.
  • Leo was always in the technology department. He was always talking to his teacher about his new invention and bouncing ideas off of each other.
  • Reyna taking over the Student Body Government within the first few months of being in school because she’s a natural born leader and has so many ideas to help the school.

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Do you have any head canons about Reyna and calypso being together?

Our Reynalypso Tag

  • They are the purest girlfriends ever
  • Like they’re both tough af on the battle field but when they’re alone together they’re….so in love 
  • Calypso will often catch Reyna sneaking a not so subtle long glance at her with the widest eyes and the cutest little smirk. Calypso will just smile and kiss her girlfriend.
  • Calypso will go out of her way to touch Reyna. She’s proposed more hair braiding than Reyna could count. Reyna always gives in though cause she loves the feeling of Calypso’s hands holding hers or in her hair. 
  • Calypso teaches Reyna how to garden, which she never really liked much before Calypso
  • Reyna calls Calypso “Callie” 
  • They always look like they’re planning something and the other campers are afraid
  • Calypso pulls Reyna closer with her braid and kisses her
  • She also makes flower crowns and Reyna loves them. 
  • Reyna overheard someone make a joke about how “Calypso was way too soft for Reyna, she was softening her too.” The girls had to hold eachother off. How they did that nobody knows. 
  • Although still mortal, Calypso retained her magic and Reyna is mesmerized by what she can do. 
  • The first time Calypso saw Reyna her face was redder then it had ever been. 
  • Calypso: Why didn’t they send girls to my island? Were they too stunning?!
  • Leo: *laughing uncontrollably* you’ve got it bad my friend
  • They forehead touch aLL THE TIME 
  • And forehead kisses…those are a good 
  • Calypso: If I run and jump at Reyna, she is sure to catch me 
    Reyna: NO I’M HOLDING COFFEE *proceeds to catch Calypso and drop the coffee*
  • They both dressed up in Roman togas for Halloween night at CJ. It wasn’t long before someone found them making out with a toga sleeve slipped over their shoulders behind some decoration. 
  • Calypso writes poems and Reyna could listen to them all day 
  • Reyna’s been through a lot so on days when she’s not feeling that good Calypso puts in a movie and cuddles with her under three blankets. (with a lot of kisses too)
  • They win “Cutest Couple At Camp Jupiter” like…every year

Hope you like these!


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talk lesbian reyna to me

Literally okay, what do people have against lesbian Reyna? Thank you for sending this.

  • Reyna is a lesbian
  • it’s obvious because she likes girls, not Jason or Percy, girls.
  • okay so I feel like she probably thought she was just too mature for crushing on boys for a really long time?
  • but like newsflash, she was just too gay for crushing on boys.
  • so when she starts to blush around girls and get all flustered she gets really irritated and feels so out of control.
  • but then… she accepts herself and she rolls with it and decides to become unapologetically gay.
  • when a girl flirts with her and makes her blush she starts to do it back 100 times harder.
  • she just really likes girls okay, and she really likes that she really likes girls, that’s the summary.
  • she’s also a butch lesbian, like that is explicitly canon.

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I love your drawings and your style so much. Do you think you could do some Reyna icons like the Wild ones you posted? xoxo

Hey there! I made this headshot for you but it wasn’t me who made the icons, you should ask @solangeloismydaylight since she was the one to make the edit