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Hello! Can you draw Thalia + Reyna? Ur art is amazing!!! :D ;)

Hiya! I sure can (they’re holding hands)

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"Why does Rick think I'm straight?" -Reyna

well when rick was making the character he saw her as straight, ig that’s obviously his choice. he did say though that he listened to bi and lesbain women who told him to avoid that stereotype, and that it does not mean Reyna is straight in canon. we can interpret her how we want. me, as a lesbian, i appreciate tht rick didn’t just cave into the fandoms requests and kept the character as she was meant to be. personally i dont see her with anyone, shes strong independent and i love her for who she is. and if i were to interpret her as anything id interpret her as bi. hell i interpret percy as bi. so this post is all over the place because i dont want much discourse on this blog and i want to get it all in one post. i will say rick is trying, he is not the devil for considering his own character straight, and we should all (both sides) stop being so aggressive towards each other. thisll probably be my only discourse post if you want to talk to me about it, message me. that being said i love you all!

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headcanon where the seven, grover, and nico all go to the same school and try to act like normal teenagers

  • They all try to have lunch together. They’re friends and for eight period out of the day, they don’t get to all see each other.
  • Some of the other students don’t understand why Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Frank, and Piper hang out with the rest of them. They are considered the most “normal” out of the group. 
  • They get into a lot of “fights” with other students. But those “fights” are them fighting monsters disguised as students. 
  • Percy tried out for the swim team and made it. Everyone would go cheer him on for his home meets. 
  • Nico was still a major outcast. He knew that no one, besides the eight people he went to school with. All of them were starting to make friends with other students but him and it was humiliating. 
  • Grover was still trying to cover the fact that his legs were goat legs. Percy was glad to have his best friend at school with him as he tried to find other demigods.
  • Hazel being in the 21st century school system wasn’t what she was expecting. She felt like she was learning about what her life was suppose to be like and glad she missed most of it. Also the looks she got from people as she held Frank’s hand was unsettling.
  • Leo was always in the technology department. He was always talking to his teacher about his new invention and bouncing ideas off of each other.
  • Reyna taking over the Student Body Government within the first few months of being in school because she’s a natural born leader and has so many ideas to help the school.