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girl, crossed out

Girl, but crossed out.
Girl with the phantom limb except
without any of the missing pieces, without
a recognizable war. Girl learns the word
or lockjaw or sorry and
they all mean the
same thing.
And what about the heart the size of
the fist? The
teeth clogging up the
rapid pulse.
but with the name chewed off-
dirty. The grenade is her mouth but
someone had to teach her
how to use it.

Prompt:  AU | The 7 in high school together?
by @lillytalons
  • Percy’s the skater and swimmer, he’s had a crush on Annnabeth since they were in middle school. They became closer through their mutual friend, Grover. She started helping tutor him because he was having such a hard time and she understood the dyslexia. They started dating in high school. 
  • Grover left to be a foreign exchange student in a third world, and help make the world a better place. He still keeps in touch with Annabeth and Percy though, they’re still best friends and the whole group has met him, either before he left or through skype. 
  • Annabeth has no idea how she ended up being friends with the rest of these crazy people, but her and Piper ended up on a school project once, and actually got on really well despite the different social circles. Piper dragged her out to be more social, and so her and Percy got mixed into the friend group. 
  • Jason’s the quarterback, VP of the student body, and also slightly (extremely) rich though he doesn’t spread it around. His dad is really powerful, but also super strict, so while Jason’s grades are almost as good as Annabeth’s most people don’t realize he’s so good. He definitely doesn’t give off the studious vibe. 
  • He stumbled onto one of Piper and Leo’s pranks on a cheerleader one day. He disapproved at first, but they told him exactly what she had said about Piper’s absent mother and mysterious father. He ended up helping them and never got out of their shenanigans. 
  • He and Annabeth end up with a sort of odd friendship, once Annabeth got over her competitiveness, she and Jason started helping each other with their relationships. They would go to each other for advice with the other gender, and it ended up working really well. 
  • Hazel came along with Nico to one of the movie nights, and was thrilled when they chose Disney, even though everyone else groaned when Percy chose Finding Nemo. Apparently it wasn’t the first time and it happens every single time Percy is allowed to pick. Frank was smitten right away but tried to act natural. Hazel ended up coming to all the movie nights, and hanging out whenever they did anything outside of school, she was in a different school because she lived with her mom, not her dad like Nico. They had different mothers, but became extremely close, Hazel helped draw Nico out of his shell. 
  • Frank and Percy met each other at like a family gathering which never really happens for Percy and Sally but one of Frank’s relatives found some sort of relationship that connected them so they got invited and Sally figured-why not? 
  • Frank and Percy were some of the only teenagers at the party, and recognized each other vaguely from school. They ended up getting along well despite the fact that they didn’t share a whole lot of interests and still have no idea how they’re related. I mean, Frank’s Canadian-Chinese and Percy has some sort of islander blood? 
  • Leo and Piper met at a correctional summer camp, some sort of random wilderness thing, and as two mostly non-malicious trouble makers they ended up being friends. Piper could actually laugh at Leo’s humor and Leo was a surprisingly useful accomplice in pranking mean teachers and students alike.
  • The records of their last day prank are still sealed, and only the group knows what happened. The rest of the student body only hears vague references and inside jokes. The full story was disclosed one night when it was past midnight and they were all at the stage of sleeplessness combined with a sugar high that matches being drunk. 
  • Nico while not always part of the group, especially with the pretty large age gap for high school, ended up there because of Annabeth. She was struggling with her Italian class one day- languages were really not her strong suit-especially with dyslexia, and Nico corrected her pronunciation without thinking. She immediately latched onto the poor freshmen and asked for tutoring. In return she helps him with his math, and the group just added him in. 
  • Nico became closest with Jason and Reyna, it helps Jason’s dad is like crazy powerful like Nico’s so they both get the pressures of needing to be perfect, have the best grades, etc. Reyna is pretty similar, though she puts the pressure on herself, she’s the student body president, and worked a lot with Jason since he was the vice. 
  • No one really knows why Reyna, the sole senior is best friends with the sole freshmen, but they all just sort of go with it. One time Reyna and Nico traveled down the coast together after Reyna graduated. When they got back, Nico-in a Hawaiian shirt no less- Reyna was less tense and Nico was much happier. 
  • Reyna still hung out with everyone on their weekly movie nights and was one of the only ones besides Percy who could really calm Annabeth down when she was panicking over exams. She understood that Annabeth couldn’t just turn it off, she needed an outlet and a way to refocus, she needed a confidence boost, and Reyna would act like a study budy, quizzing her until Annabeth realized she knew the material and could pass the test. Reyna went to community college while everyone was seniors, saving up money and getting recommendations for the ivy-league college she wanted. 
  • The whole group was constantly doing movie nights, scavenger hunts, night games at parks, that sort of thing. They got into more trouble than their teachers and parents liked, but they also protected younger kids from bullies and made sure that the creeps stayed away from the parks (the perfect place for capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, and good old fashioned tag, if you couldn’t find the group, check the nearest park), so they got away with more than anyone will admit. 
  • They all stayed in contact after high school, despite some of them being across the country. 
Actual Conversation in the Poseidon Cabin
  • Percy, holding up a blue shirt and a green one: Blue or green?
  • Jason, considering: The green matches your eyes, but the blue matches your skin.
  • Leo, perturbed: Don't you both have girlfriends? Emphasis on the girl.

xpegasusuniverse  asked:

Do you like Harry Potter, if so what Hogwarts Houses do you think each of The Seven + Nico, Reyna, Will, Thalia, and Grover would be sorted into.

Um, Harry Potter is my shit so yes!

  • Percy- Hufflepuff, no doubt. His loyalty to his friends was the most deciding factor to put him in this house.  
  • Annabeth- Ravenclaw, duh. Do I really need to say more?
  • Jason- Gryffindor most likely. If you don’t think he’s brave, daring, and has chivalry, then bite me.
  • Piper- Slytherin. She’s a badass girl who shouldn’t be dealt with. I mean she is practically the definition of a Slytherin but she’s not evil.
  • Hazel- Hufflepuff. She’s very loyal towards her friends.
  • Frank- Gryffindor. Even though he’s shy and quiet, he is a natural born leader, making him braver than the average Hufflepuff.
  • Leo- Ravenclaw. I mean he built a ship of gods sakes! By himself! 
  • Nico- Slytherin. Always seen him as one.
  • Will- Hufflepuff. Literally the definition of one.
  • Thalia- Gryffindor, just like her brother.
  • Reyna- Slytherin. Do I really need to say more?
  • Grover- Hufflepuff. Loyal through and through. 

I return with more pjo/yj crossover with frank as gar/beastboy, hazel as terra, and reyna as mal/guardian (thanks @prongsapolloson who I totally owe for that one, good call tags are a blessing friends) 

When I’m done w this i’m going to do a compilation post of all of them w my explanations (heres pt1)
bonus red arrow frank bc I was torn

To the person who had sent an ask

about how reading the book felt like an AO3 fanfiction when it came to Nico and Will’s relationship. I accidentally deleted your ask, I am sorry.

But my response was is that I believe the reason it feels that way, is because Nico is comfortable and happy around Will, and around the campers of Camp Half-Blood.

In the Blood of Olympus we are left off with a Nico di Angelo who was forced to come out (ahaaa) of his shell, to strangers who he had to accept as friends. He was upset, unhappy, and not in a good place.

6 months later to the Hidden Oracle, and he’s healthy and happy and comfortable. It’s hard to swallow the sudden change. You’d expect to find hesitation in him at certain points, a sharp eye looking for anyone who loomed at him wrong. Instead we have a happy, smiling, and comfortable Nico.

But maybe he is hesitant, not completely comfortable. Why didn’t we see it? Well Apollo never had a one on one session with Nico. He never really cared for Nico to notice such things. As far as he knows, he’s a Hades kid whose off-putting, unsettling. Why would he notice such things? Jason or Reyna would, but Apollo is not them.
Also his main concern isn’t Nico or Wills relationship. He wasn’t about to dig so far deep into it. He just accepted it as fact and said his son’s taste was odd.

So anyways, the off-putting thing about this, is the happy, smiling Nico. I’m glad he’s finally getting to live as a young teenager with normal teenager issues (well as normal as it can get with a demigod), instead of racing against the end of world, doing underground work and ignoring his very self.

I like this Nico better and it’s good to see him healing, and that it took him over the course of 6 months to adjust to his new home. I’m glad he’s sharing a part of himself with Will. A boy who seems to becoming one of his best friends, while being significant other. It’s healthy. Nico is healthy. Getting healthy. Closer then hes ever been sense he’s met Percy Jackson.

That’s probably why him and Will feel like their part of an AO3 fanfiction. Because they are healthy, which isn’t what were used to for our Nico di Angelo.