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Arceus scrapes his front hoof against the ground repeatedly, like a bull about to charge, but it seems to be an excited gesture... ! To all the small legendaries on this blog who are around-- "How lovely..! Blessed be, my young ones. Grow strong, for I believe in you!"

Wow, Reshi is honored! Thank you for this blessing!!

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*opens ur mouth and looks inside* what do you have a sore throat or something?

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Hi! I'm reshiram! Just call me reshie! I can take a human form any time I want. How are you, you little electric sweetheart?

Alola! Reshiram? Azzz in the Legendary Reshiram from the Unova Region??!!

I didn’t know you could do that! I have no such data of thizzz in my recordzzz! May I please take some photozzz?

I am doing well, Reshie! Thank you for asking! Though for some reason people are accusing of being ticklish. I thought I was on Tumblr, not Ticklr. Zzzt.

How are you, Reshie? Zzz-zzzt?

(( The most disturbing and somewhat cute crack babs.
It is decided, Keldeo must never breed…ever. They are truley a legendary species for a reason–

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These were really fun ;; o ;; Some are shiny cause Kel-dumb is a shiny themselves. Im still doing some cracks if ya want any-these are good warmups! ))

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What's the best way to learn how to sew so I can cosplay?

The best way to learn depends on how you learn.

  • If you learn well by seeing things done then youtube tutorials are a good option.
  • If you learn through reading then there are many online resources for teaching sewing, there are books you can buy or free ones available at libraries
  • If you learn through working with materials it might be good to find a tutorial and try it out
  • If you learn best by having someone guide you, look for sewing classes in your area or find a friend / family member who could guide you.

Though a combination of those methods is also useful: learning through reading, seeing the technique being used and then finding a tutorial and doing it yourself.

I suggest checking out the Sewing Basics section of the tutorial list. It has tutorials for learning to sew and specific parts of sewing (such as darts, adding zippers and sleeves) rather than full pieces of clothing (pants, jackets). 

Best of luck!