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“Jake?” Renesmee asked, eyebrows furrowed. “Hey Nessie” he smiled as he walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. Renesmee smiled as she hugged him back. “Why did you sneak through my window? You are allowed in the house” she laughed as they pulled from the hug. “Besides you’re a werewolf in a house full of vampires, they’re gonna smell you” she chuckled, Jake let a laugh pass his lips as he shook his head. “I wanted to ask you something” he nodded, taking her hand. Renesmee looked at her hand in Jacob’s before her eyes rested on his with a smile on her lips. “Would you like to go on a date?” he asked arching an eyebrow. “Jake I’d lo-” Renesmee was quickly cut off by the sound of someone clearing their throat. She turned to look and saw her dad, standing in the door way of her bedroom. “Hey Edward” Jake said, looking downward momentarily. “You know she’s right, it’s really easy to smell you” he teased playfully. “Dad” Renesmee said, trying to stifle a laugh. “I’ll leave you alone, just one thing” he said looking at Jacob. “Don’t hurt her or-” “Or you’ll hurt me?” Jake guessed. Edward laughed and shook his head. “No, but Rosalie might” 

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I feel so sorry for Renesmee. She's a victim of child neglect, now that you think about it.

It’s really hard for me to form an opinion on Bella and Edward’s parenting style. 

There’s an off-chance that Renesmee came out of the womb with perfect intelligence, morality, and emotional maturity. In that case, B&E’s uninvolved parenting style is fine. There’s nothing they could teach her, since she’s fully-developed in every category that matters. 

… but the text – which is really-super-extra-pro-Renesmee– doesn’t support that reading. She bites Jacob. She’s impatient. She loves attention and praise. She doesn’t seem interested in learning. She mostly interacts with people who like her immediately, pointing to a deficiency in social skills. There’s a lot for Edward and Bella to work with here! Their lack-of-involvement isn’t doing Nessie any favours. I guess we could assume that the rest of the Cullens will pick up the slack, but the most mature members of the family (Carlisle + Esme, Jasper, and Rosalie) are either uninvolved or so enchanted by Renesmee that they won’t actually reprimand her.

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“I’ll let you in on a little secret. I fell in love with a human.”
“What?” Renesmee asked.
“It’s true. They were…timeless. They were called (Y/N). They were the types who had the patience and enthusiasm to build a house of cards and I loved that. Nothing got them down. No one could break her but she still allowed herself to cry, to feel emotions. That, to me, is the strongest thing a human could do. To have the strength to be honest with themselves and allow themselves to cry.

(Y/N) died, far too young might I add. Some, like myself, would say they barely lived. They live on however, their memory lives in those who knew them. Small pieces of them remain with us.

They’d be happy about that, much like every other human. They’d be happy to know that their existence meant something and they wouldn’t be forgotten. That is very human indeed.“

I’d Do Anything For You (Demetri Volturi Imagine)

Request:  Imagine Demetri having a wife in his human life and finding her with gold eyes, allied with the Cullens. Perhaps with a happy ending? Where he switched diets? 

2nd Request From rosa-berberifolia: Could I pretty please have a Demetri imagine? He needs more recognition for being total eye candy!! 

(Y/N) P.O.V 

I am a friend of the Cullens so when they asked me witness as Renesmee not being an immortal child I took their side right away. So now here we are standing in front of the Volturi. Even though my loyalty lies with the Cullens I feel a pull towards a member of the Volturi. No I can’t be with one of them I always told myself never to get a mate after the death of my husband Demetri, well I think he’s dead now I haven’t seen him in like what 1,000 years. 

As I look at the Volturi and their witnesses I see Demetri with red eyes looking into my eyes. No he drinks from HUMANS. Humans have never done anything to us, I mean all vampires were once human. Ever since I woke up from my transformation I’ve always and I mean always drank  from animal’s. 

Demetri P.O.V 

(Y/N). She’s here and a vampire, but she’s standing with the Cullens, and she has gold eyes. She drinks from ANIMALS. I mean her eyes are beautiful and all but does she have to drink from animals. But I still feel a pull towards her my mate. After a century of not being with my wife it feels so good to se her gorgeous face again. 

At the end of the confrontation with the Cullens I stayed and so did (Y/N).

“Your still stunning” I told her.

“And you drink from humans. What have humans ever done to you. You know you were once a human too” She started yelling at me. 

“I’ll change my diet if I have too, to be with you again” I told her.

“And what about your coven” She asked. 

“I’ll leave. I’d do anything for you” I told her. She then ran up and hugged my oh how I love her scent. “I love you” I said.

“I love you too” She said.

WOW. I like had a Demetri feels attack(if that’s a real thing) writing this. Hope you liked it Anon and  rosa-berberifolia

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Which sounds better: Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Renesmee Carlie Cullen-Black or Renesmee Carlie Black?

Personally, I like the alliteration of Renesmee Carlie Cullen, but then, I feel like the whole last name thing is more fraught than that? What Nessie calls herself as an adult really depends on what species she feels close to. I could see her choosing between Swan and Cullen, with Black being a distant third. I don’t know how welcome she’d feel among the Quileutes– which would push her away from using “Black”–and taking a spouse’s last name isn’t necessarily a Cullen tradition either.

(I’m going to be so petty for a moment and say that ‘Carlie’ as a stand-alone name sounds so juvenile to my ears. Carlie-short-for-Carla is fine. Ditto Carlie-derived-from-Charlotte. But just Carlie? With no formal option Renesmee can use when she’s an adult? Ehhhhh.)

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Am I the only one who doesn't really see Renesmee being a lesbian or bisexual? I see her either as straight, either as asexual, for some reason. Exception is @frozeninfinity's Fan Fic "Chaotic" on Wattpad (previously known as: "Count The Hours") and "Wooly Clouds" again on Wattpad.

I completely understand why people headcanon Nessie to be either lesbian or bisexual. First, it gets Jacob Black out of her romantic life non-violently. Given that Sam/Emily are a couple, in spite of her initial disinterest and that whole clawing-up-her-face incident, escaping the imprinter’s feelings unscathed is a real concern. (And those feelings are heavily implied to be eventually-sexual, even if the imprintee’s romantic preferences are unknown, per the Quil-Claire segment in BD.)

Second, Twilight is sorely lacking in sexual diversity and it’s hard to introduce any without breaking up any of the established couples. (Gender diversity leading to sexual diversity is still possible within the confines of canon, however.) Making Renesmee primarily interested in women keeps the narrative intact. Also, bisexual! or lesbian!Nessie is growing into her sexuality in a modern context, which is an easier story to tell than that of, say, 1930s!lesbian!Rosalie. 

That said, I think there are perfectly good stories to be written about straight!Nessie preferably not with Jacob and asexual!Nessie. Honestly, she’s so undefined in canon that just about any version of her has potential. 

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Do you think Renesmee will aspire to have a family on her own someday and be a mother (like her mom) or she would go different route? Fanfics in which she separates from Jacob are really cool, by the way. They're different and refreshing. I can't imagine her always wanting him next to her. I would get annoyed by his non-stop presence if I were her.

I have this pet theory that Renesmee will grow up and have a relationship with one of Aro’s hybrid experiments. It’s keeping with the conflict-averse spirit of the series: two warring families brought together through marriage. Plus, as you say, it gets her away from Jacob’s constant presence and doesn’t run into the weird implications of a young woman hooking up with the guy who raised her. 

As for children, I’m unsure how Renesmee would feel about the prospect. On the one hand, I imagine that she wants to be normal, and having a family is certainly that. On the other, who’s to say what her children will be? Actually, hybrids reproducing is apparently Joham’s mad-scientist dream, so that would be extra disincentive. I guess it depends who she ends up marrying? And how she feels about her own identity then?

(I will say this, though: I find the theory that Nessie’s kids will defeat the Volturi really disconcerting. There’s this push for her to hurry up and have magic-salvation-twins already, because everyone dies if she doesn’t. That’s not romantic or sweet at all, in my opinion.)

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Realistically, Renesmee should have been born mute. Or maybe she could have been autistic? Let's see how would have The Cullens treated her if she wasn't their perfect little daughter they always put on pedestal.

[Hopefully it’s okay that I combined these answers into one! They were dealing with similar ideas, so I went ahead and talked about them together.]

On the one hand, I’m pretty uncomfortable with the literary theme of a family having a child with a disability and learning moral lessons as a result. I’m glad SM didn’t go there. On the other, because so much emphasis is placed upon vampires being scientific in Twilight, I initially thought Bella’s undeniably horrific pregnancy should have had scientific repercussions. 

Contemporary research suggests that maternal diet during pregnancy– and, more specifically, starving during pregnancy– can have a negative impact on the child’s cardiovascular health, tendency to get diabetes, propensity towards obesity, and even their mental health. And, because these effects are epigenetic and stem from mutations in the child’s genetic code, they are heritable by future generations. (Jacob and Nessie’s hypothetical twins might not do so well in the genetic lottery, in other words.)

Obviously, if SM applied this principle, Renesmee would be at a significant disadvantage. You don’t want cardiovascular issues if you’re growing quickly and reliant upon a rapidly-beating heart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, SM went the “Nessie is perfect” route. 

Ultimately, I don’t think “scientific vampires” have much to do with SM’s world-building. I doubt she ever brainstormed their properties or how they differed from the traditional, magical vampire on anything but a superficial level. Rather, a key theme in Twilight is contempt towards humanity*. In more “supernatural” universes, vampires have spiritual/magical limitations– crosses, holy water, garlic, etc.– and humans have value beyond their physical abilities, by having a soul for instance. By getting rid of that, SM made Bella’s choice a lot easier. Bella was becoming a superhero, not sacrificing something significant. 

[*Although the theme of The Host seems to be ‘yay humanity!’, so I feel like SM grew as an author or got a better handle on the implications of her writing before publishing it.]

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What makes you think Renesmee is not interested in learning?

This is in reference to the linked response, for anyone who’s curious.

In BD, we don’t really see Nessie learning through play, the way actual kids do, or sitting down and reading deeply about some topic, which is the adult method of learning. Sure, she likes novel bedtime stories, but there’s no push to teach her science/math/history/languages, and no desire on her end to pursue that knowledge. It’s a really weird piece of characterization; I was under the impression that being smart/having a smart kid is a nice bonus sometimes because it makes certain skills easier to acquire, not an end-goal in and of itself. 

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What do you think could build up Renesmee's character as she grows older? And even when she stops growing?

I think Renesmee’s character could be built by two kinds of experiences: those where she’s treated like an ordinary person, and those where she has to wrestle with moral dilemmas. 

The ‘normal person’ thing is double-edged. On the one hand, it’s probably positive for Nessie not to receive any unusual privileges for a while. When the first three months of your life are full of people lining up to quite literally die for you, you’re going to be a little entitled. On the other, because Renesmee is so rare and special and different, being treated like an ordinary young woman might be nice. She’ll feel that people are making friends with her on her own merits and that those friendships need to be maintained through kindness and empathy. 

Second, I feel like a lot of Renesmee’s character growth will come from her figuring out her place in the world. Is she a vampire? Does she get a free pass–biologically speaking– to eat humans? And if she isn’t and doesn’t, then how does she reconcile all those carnivorous friends her family relies on? How does she develop a moral compass? Answering those questions in a way that satisfies her will be a huge part of her personal development. 

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Shameless self promo: soon writing a fanfic for #thepeopleofsociety featuring Sarabella Black - the stereotype of Renesmee and Jacob's daughter (admit it, Sarabella and EJ are stereotypes).

Honestly, I love fics that play around with established fandom-wide tropes. Definitely send me a link when you’re done, if you’d like :3