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Reese & Rina

Aiden & Redux

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[[ 4/4 ]]

Saying hello 10 times

Rina: So many people!
Reese: …

Rina: Huh? Oh! No, -Reese- is the one with lovely eyes! *She said this and turned to Reese, patting his shoulder* This is Reese and- huh, wait, you said he has a nice jacket… so were you complimenting him both times? *Rina let out a little pout* Don’t I get a compliment too? It’s only fair!

Reese: *Sighs softly then looks at Dantae* Don’t mind her. Thank you for the compliment. Oh and, well… we’ll be staying in the overworld for a while, but we travel, so we won’t stay in one place, no.

Rina: Thank you~ *her eyes arch a little as if to indicate that she was smiling. Having nothing better to do with the flower, Rina stuffed it in her mouth and ate the blossom, spitting out the hard and bitter stem*

Reese: *he looked curiously at the other’s outstretched hand. Handshakes is not something Reese had the knowledge of, so at first he thought he was being given an item, like Rina had been, but after seeing none he felt a tad dissapointed, not that he’d admit it.* Ah… hello there… *he finally spoke, seeming a tad confused.*

Rina: *She tensed up a little when she felt something brush against her hand, but once she looked down her gaze was met with the sight of a big fluffy creature.* Aaahh!~ * She squee’d lightly and placed both of her hands on the fur before ruffling it up lightly* Foofy foofy foofy~ so foofy!~ *Rina giggled lightly, not even hearing the other greeting her.“

Rina: Ello! *She waved cheerfully at the odd-looking creature* So, what are ya? *Rina asked bluntly.*

Reese: Rinaa… *Reese whined, bothered by the rudeness of her bluntly stated question. He knew better than to lecture her about it now though, so he just let it go.* Ah, yes… Well, you know our names, might we ask yours?

Rina: *she reaches out for the other’s hair before Reese has a chance to stop her and ruffles it a bit* Oh gosh! Is that a creature? Is it dead? Is it stuck on your head?

Reese: *he quickly pulled Rina’s privacy-invading hands away from the other’s head and with an apologetic expression he spoke* Sorry about that and ahh… thank you for the warm welcome. I am Reese and this ender here is Rina.

Rina: Oh yeah, Hi! *her eyes arched in a pleasant smile*

Reese: A far lander? *he asked then saw her outstretch her empty hand. What was it with people doing that? This must be some sort of habit? He’ll find out later, too prideful to ask directly.*

Rina: What are far lands? Are they far? *She asked instantly, not stopping to consider the obvious answer. *How do they look like? Do you get there through a portal? Is it a fancy name for the end?

Rina: Hello there yourself! A-aah, you have a fuzzy thing on your head as well! Is.. is it hair, it’s called hair, right?

Reese: Hello. *He nods lightly in greeting, letting Rina run her questions.*

Reese: Hello *he nods lightly then quietly looks over the markings. Although curious, he doesn’t voice it.* We are Reese and Rina, nice to meet you.

Rina: *she looked at the other curiously before walking up to him and placing her hands on his cheeks. Lightly she squished them together then turned his head to one side then to the other.* Oohh~ your markings! You must’ve been something fancy in the end!

Reese: *Flustered, he quickly pulled her hands away from Spirit* Would you quit touching other people? It’s rude…

Rina: Ah do what ah want. *with a huff she crossed her arms*

Reese: Nice to meet you, we are new here as well. *he looked over at one of them, getting a bit uneasy.*

Rina: *She was not fond of how one partly resembled a human, so she didn’t seem as energetic as she had been with the others. Actually, she kept her distance this time.* Hello…

Reese: Likewise, Blink. We are Reese and Rina.I suppose you could call what we had lived in a tribe, yes… So in a way we are tribal enders ourselves.

Rina: Oooh… I haven’t seen you before… so I suppose you came from a different end than we did… wonder just how many ends are there… *she looked down a little, now distracted by her thoughts.*

[Mage here; sorry we didn’t get to draw out each and every hello. With 10 greetings, it’d be bothersome xD; Plus dwarf’s tablet pen is a little broken, making it difficult for her to draw properly, so she sketched the top image out and I inked and colored it in… I’ll admit, I got a bit lazy with the coloring, i apologize… Anyway! I tried my best to give you all proper and satisfactory written replies, hope that’ll do?

aaand… in unrelated note, my birthday’s on the 5th of may, so I expect cake to flood my inbox CB ]